1808 – Hustling and Bustling with Kyle Anderson

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello! Indeed welcome to 1808!

Jimmy is under the weather today still.

He had to go to Vegas over the weekend for the baseball draft.

Jimmy talks about his flight and having filth foots all over.

He saw some people he considered “suspect” and they all took of their shoes.

Matt apologizes for leaving his trash in the studio because it stunk up the place.

Matt tries to toss me under the bus.

Our guest is here!

He brought a driver as he is uncomfortable with Uber.

05 – Lyft v Uber talk.

Kyle talks about his Lyft problems IE Mustaches.

lyftYou earn your Lyft mustache by not raping.

Jimmy talks to Kyle about his Illness.

Sean is from Chicago AND dressed just like Jimmy.

Jimmy tries to guess where Sean is from.

It’s opening day for the White Sox.

Sean and Jimmy talk favorite White Sox players.

10 – Shoe talk!

Fantasy baseball talk.

Oliver named a team The Untied Shoes.

Jimmy sets the stage!

Kyle Anderson from Entertainment Weekly is here!

Sean is also here rather than heading out for a lunch or something.

Jimmy talks about the room smell.

Is Eliot pointing some aggression around? He had a tough weekend apparently.

Kyle’s taking time away from his EW snark to join us.

Brief Survivor talk.

15 – Dalton at EW is the Survivor guy.

If Dalton Ross follows Jimmy by the end of the show we all get $20. Eliot wonders why we are getting anything at all.

Sick. So sick.

Sick. So sick.

Jimmy’s so sick guys.

He’s got the lump and the tickle.

Matt and Jimmy talk barefeet in public. Jimmy wonders if he took his shirt off and walked around on a plane would it be okay.

Kyle talks about a guy taking his pants off on a plane.

20 – Jimmy just realized that he has met Sean before. Sean confirms this happened at WB. He writes comics!

Jimmy sings Sean’s praises. He loves this country.

He is currently writing NOVA!


Jimmy talks about the Spring Training hat Sean gave him.

Sean’s mom feels fine about the Sox this year. She’s excited about baseball this year.

Having a kid at a young age makes you a Billy.

We’ll be back!

25 – Welcome back! 1808!


Round the horn!

Matt distracts Jimmy with some Nashville talk.

Kyle got out after season one of Nashville.

They talk about the latest episode.

30 – People Vs OJ talk.

Finale is 90 minutes – http://www.fxnetworks.com/schedule/2016-04-05/Pacific?

Everyone is sad it’s ending.

Kyle talks about how everyone knows how it ends but we are still so into it.

Jimmy wanted more Greta Van Sustren on the show.

Martin Sheen OJ show is called “Hard Evidence: Oj is Innocent”


Rescue 911 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_911

Guitar Heaven – 

40 – 7E 4W for Kyle’s show.

Jimmy wonders if EW tells Kyle not to shit on anyone.

45 – Kyle talks about interviewing Pat Monahan.

Diamond Dave was a clown according to Jimmy.

Foreigner vs Van Hagar

50 – 1984 – 

Leeroy Brown! We lost him.

Welcome Sean!

Jimmy talks about a $20 side bet in the NNF Fantasy league.

Black jack talk.

Jimmy stayed at the Golden Nugget. He’s too old for downtown Vegas.

Eliot’s kickstarter has begun! Search Ilios at Kickstarter or go to ModestGames.com

55 – Talking about Eliot’s kickstarter video featuring the sexy Jessica.

Jimmy wants to again comment how crazy it is that Sean and he are dressed the exact same way.

10th Anniversary of NNF! Congrats everyone!

Kyle is a fan of the show since the beginning and Jimmy is thrilled to have him here on this milestone.

60 – Jimmy wants to talk about his scary box cutter.
(A gift from fan Ken Roberts -Darryl)

Caribeaner dream.

Bill Ocean, William Osh.

PBRB Hipster R&B?

Frank Ocean talk.

Drake talk

Jimmy talks about the Adam LaRoche situation. Apparently he is a sport hunter.

65 – We have one trump supporter in the players club.

Jimmy’s coming around to the idea that Trump gets destroyed in the general election.

Kyle talks about the race.

Jimmy talks about The Circus on Showtime.

Can Trump sustain?

Jimmy resets and introduces Kyle again!

70 – Kyle is working more at Sirius XM and on a project basis with EW. He also DJs on Alt Nation.

LA Daily is on Sirius XM 105. 4P 7E. Jimmy enjoys their show and had fun on the show a few weeks ago to promote Pardcastathon.

Jimmy heads to New York on Thursday for the Hall of Fame.

Ceremony on Friday at the Barclay Center.

Jimmy found out a surprise guest at the Hall of Fame show and he isn’t pleased by it.

Kyle talks about the popular song on Alt Nation, it’s Ophelia by The Lumineers.

Quick break and we’ll be back with a celebrity sighting!

Welcome back!

NNF-Mail call copy

Mail bag!

75 – Jimmy opens some mail from Ted Sullivan. Ted is a writer on Supergirl!

It’s a red batphone!

We’ll be back again to set it up!

We’re back. Matt set up the phone! Dial in only!

80 – Jimmy loves the Eddie The Eagle soundtrack.

Well that phone call was a dud.

Kyle mentions the first time the phone rings everyone’s gonna shit their pants.

Kyle enjoys Supergirl.

No dice on the phone. Matt’s gonna have to do some stuff to figure it out.

85 – Batman v Superman talk.

Kyle talks about his interview.

There was a time where Kyle was told he was too mean. They asked him if something was “personal” or that it was unfair.

Kyle talks about wanting to give Annabelle an F. He HATED it. The comments disagreed with him.

Matt talks to Kyle about reading comments.

Kyle knows he shouldn’t read them but he does.


90 – Celebrity Sighting! Everybody plays!

No money on the table for this one.

There was interaction on this one!

Jimmy saw this guy on the plane AND he was sitting right next to him.

The celebrity breaks the ice, at least twice, but doesn’t know who Jimmy was.

Any man over 40 who got in the plane either stared, point, or said something to him.

He is not in music or film or tv. Some TV, some hosting. He is an Athlete and a LEGEND.

It’s Pete Rose! I got it.

Jimmy talks about Pete’s airvent being on full blast and blowing on Jimmy. He and Matt perform the interaction.

Jimmy can confirm Pete Rose was being a dick and a grump but he thinks he deserves a break because of how he is treated.

“We’ll get there Pete.” – Jimmy to Pete when he mentions taxiing for a while.

AS they were getting ready to land, Pete struck up a conversation with Jimmy again. Jimmy comes around saying he is a super nice guy. They talked baseball.

100 – Jimmy confirms Pete Rose is a nice guy.

Kyle interviewed Denis Leary. Loved him! He says he is a terrific interview.

Jimmy enjoyed Leary’s first album.

Kyle might be the only person who enjoyed Leary’s show last year Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.
105 – Talking Vinyl. Patton Oswalt described it as an “ant covered bagel.”

There’s trouble out there in Vinyl city.

“Dad it’s better than the original.” – Oliver on Fuller House.

There’s something about Dice that Jimmy likes!

Dice and Sagat talk.

Indiana talk.

Kyle talks about moving out here.

Sean lives in Burbank.


Kyle used to sing. His degree is actually in musical theatre! His favorite musical is Into The Woods.

Kyle hates Rent. (but loves Anthony Rapp)

Jimmy’s sick of hearing about Hamilton, despite it probably being his #1 musical.

Pantages season – http://hollywoodpantages.com/

Actor auditioning for blind guy is here! “You are hired.” – Kyle.

Thanks Kyle and Sean!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth