1803 – Shining On with Steven Weber

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Steven Weber

Steven Weber

00 – Hello! Indeed welcome to 1803!

Jimmy didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Is it something in the air? The pollen? Santa Anas?

Matt is a climate change denier! Compelled by the senator who brought a snowball to congress. (HUMOR GUYS!)

Politics talk!

Is Donald Trump the best option now for the republican candidacy?!

Jimmy “beyonce dropped” a marathon on us! Great joke by Mike Henry.

Jimmy ran the LA Marathon and none of us knew it was happening.

They moved it up to avoid heat, only for it to be 90 degrees the day of the race.

Jimmy talks about the marathon and the excruciating IT band pain he was experiencing.

05 – Jimmy is glad he did it and when he was done he was sure he wouldn’t want to do it again. Now, he’s like it’ll be fun to do again.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Jimmy’s history with 5k 10k half marathons and now a full marathon.

Jimmy gives us the route of the marathon.

Jimmy confirmed Chinatown and Black Rain.

Chinese throwing star talk. Shuriken.

Back to the race route! Danielle and Oliver showed up to cheer him on.

A listener wrote to Jimmy and said he sobbed when he finished a marathon. Jimmy didn’t sob (like a peter cetera concert) but he did get emotional!

10 – What’s the facebook protocol for sharing stuff?

Jimmy’s just an old man! He doesn’t understand any of that facebook privacy stuff.

Matt’s rocking some epic sideburns now.

Jimmy talks about Vinyl. Danielle gave up after an hour, “good luck to you.” Jimmy calls is ridiculous but he’s enjoying it.

Talking about Scorcese’s TV work.

15 – The music is great on vinyl but the opening voice over was too much like goodfellas.

Jimmy talks about the Richard Kind phone moment from the last episode.

How’s business at the Avery yard?

Steven Weber is here!!!

20 – The entire cast of Wings is alive!

Dracula Dead and Loving It

25 – Scream for me Long Beach!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Steven talks about making a Richard Kind doll and said he should have brought “one” meaning he made several of them! Actually 25 of them.

Steven tells the story. It was an intricate way to get his mom to meet George Clooney.

Steven’s mom has a bad case of “Clooney on the clit.”

30 – Apparently John Stamos knows a toy maker and that’s how he was able to get the toys made. It talks when you squeeze it! Steven talks about the origin of one of the phrases it says, “Kitty!”

Richard Kind now puts the doll on top of his Christmas tree and sends a picture of it to Steven every year.

His mom hasn’t met Clooney yet.

35 – Jimmy talks about his video with Jon Hamm pitching batman and robin with Jimmy as Batman.

Jimmy talks about seeing Clooney at an event and not wanting to fan out.

Jimmy talks about a famous Clooney story where he would drive past Ryan Stiles on the lot and flip him off, “Fuck you stiles!” Minimum one a week and often with execs in the golf cart.

Steven asks about joke stealing turning into a major issue when back in the days it wasn’t a big deal.

Parallel thinking talk. Similar jokes talk.

40 – Eliot is good! He ran into Danielle and Oliver at a board game convention.

Checkers isn’t in vogue.

Checkers is Nixon’s dog.
Socks is Clinton’s cat.

Jimmy and Steven are planning a road trip! Oh it’s canceled.

Steven with a V not a PH. Jimmy emailed him with the wrong spelling and felt awful about it.

Danielle got a free game and bought a game at the show.

Jimmy asks Steven about Leslie Neilson’s fart machine.

Apparently, Leslie was really deaf and had hearing aids that would sometimes have feedback. Without a beat, he’d reach in and turn them down.

Steven talks about the shoot and working with Brooks and Corman etc.

45 – Steven talks about his kids learning jewish history from Mel Brooks albums.

Jimmy gives his Leslie Neilson thoughts for us again. Leslie playing his comedy roles seriously is hysterical. It lost the magic when he started playing it funny.

Jimmy thinks Dracula Dead And Loving it would have been funnier without Leslie Neilson. Apparently, they almost went with Kelsey Grammar.

Steven talks about the differences between Leslie and Mel and the clashes they had.

DDAL was supposed to be a companion to Young Frankenstein but it was missing Gene Wilder and Gene’s writing.

50 – Gene Wilder –

Steven Weber is here!

He talks about his kids. 7th and 9th grade. They curse and they’re musical. Steven calls them cool.

Steven talks about “The Porn Lecture”

Steven makes a joke right out of Jimmy’s act.

“It will fuck you up.” Steven on internet porn.

Steven talks about hearing sounds from his son’s room and he was watching Lawrence of Arabia.

55 – Steven talks a bit about his “untethered youth” and how his parents never really talked to him about anything.

Steven grew up in Queens.

Jimmy gets excited over Steven doing one of the TV Kojak movies.

Steven talks about the motivation for every Kojak scene is for him to find a place to sit.

Steven wouldn’t call him a “gifted improviser”

Wonky finger talk!

We talk about Steven’s career.

60 – Steven sings! His Go To song is You Got Trouble from Music Man. He’s been trying to get a Danny Kaye project off the ground. It seemed like nobody really knew who Danny Kaye project.

Steven talks about the people his grandfather repped in the day including Gleason,
Rickles, etc.

65 – Jimmy and Steven talk curtains and separation from the audience.

Steven’s kids are moving more towards music than acting. His younger son wept when Bowie died.

We lost Jim Bowie guys. Steven talks about Bowie’s skills with Raccoon sushi.

Campbell Scott came up! Jimmy talks about how great the book on tapes that he reads are

Steven talks about seeing Campbell doing Hamlet.

Steven is an award-winning audio reader!

He talks about his odd connections with Stephen King. He did The Shining, Desperation, and wrote and directed an episode of The Outer Limits based on a King story.

Steven talks about The Shining and asking Stephen about a passage from the book. His answer was basically about drinking.

Jimmy asks about stepping into the shoes of Jack Nicholson. Steven said this was at a time where he didn’t think things through.

Steven says that some of it was good and landed and that it is really faithful to the book. Steven says he knows what to do now and would love to go back and change things. It has its flaws.

75 – Brief talk about my new shoes. Some talk about Otto and George.

Steven and Jimmy talk about what Steven likes about Otto & George.

They also talk about Phil Hendrie. Jimmy calls his talent beautiful.

Esther Williams – 


We’re back!

We talked Danny Kaye off air and Jimmy though it was Don O’Connor.

80 – Wings was great but Steven hopes it isn’t the last big long experience he has.

He talks about doing the James Burroughs tribute and Wings getting a slight diss during the opening credits.

Steven talks about Wings.

Crystal Bernard/Peter Cetera duet?

Crystal Bernard talk! Convention talk!

90 – Marathon talk!

Steven’s 54! He looks great!

Steven talks about his dad not being funny around the house and his notes. “Don’t ever show people your profile!”

We talk about Steven’s family and the loss of his sister. We also talk about the loss of his friend Dan from Pixar who passed recently.

Dan Gerson

He talks about going to the memorial and seeing that Dan’s wife and kids had accepted the loss and were okay. It was calming and profound.

95 – What happened to Farrah Forke?

“There isn’t time — so brief is life — for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. there is only time for loving — & but an instant, so to speak, for that.” – Mark Twain

Steven talks about the crazy world we’re in now with the hatred and bickering.

Steven asks about “The PC controversy.” Jimmy talks about the controversy and that Jerry Seinfeld is right. He points out that not every 18 year old is like this.

Steven talks about finally seeing Don Rickles and how funny he was and how the
crowd was 60% non white and were laughing hysterically.

LaWanda Page – 

105 – Dirty Carson is here!

Jimmy tells a story about a meeting at E! and mentioning Carson. The woman said, “he’s grown up so much since MTV.”

Eliot reminds us that “Comedy is a self-cleaning system.”

“Essence of Pardo.” – Steven Weber.

Celebrity Apprentice chat!

Steven would never do that OR Dancing with the Stars. He talks about the difference between Celebrity and Actor.

110 – Steven loses interest in his own story. Party Down talk!

Rob Thomas – 

Bands with numbers talk!

Sour Grapes talk! Apparently it was the hottest script in town. Steven talks about it. The studio didn’t get behind the movie. Instead they backed My Giant.

Jimmy loved Sour Grapes. Matt did also.

Jimmy shows the Richard Kind doll.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth