18B – Riding High with Chris Fairbanks


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Chris! Fairbanks!

Chris! Fairbanks!

Fairbanks! Web!

00 – Welcome!

Jimmy said 80s?

No one likes my hair today.

Hair talk.

Jimmy’s gonna murder Eliot for real! With the new show logo.

05 – Oxy still exists!! 

Give Jimmy his nice skin! He has nothing else.

Congrats on no acne as a kid Jimmy!

Jimmy had a bad zit one day so he covered it with a bandaid and lied about cutting himself shaving.

10 – Christine is here! Jimmy asks if she ever wrote him a letter about Frank Sinatra. She did write him a letter but not chastising him about Frank Sinatra.

He talks about the hate mail he got over his Sinatra comments.

George Wendt is the luckiest man in Hollywood.

Matt and Jimmy talk about him.

Jimmy got a ticket for blowing through a stop sign right outside George Wendt’s house. The cop thought he was sight seeing and when Jimmy said he wasn’t the cop got even angrier.

15 – Jimmy talks more to Christine. She’s a big fan and has listened since she was 17!

We hear a little At Seventeen.

Christine has a NNF bag! Jimmy talks gussetts!

Christine talks about discovering the show on iTunes.

Jimmy talks about the lost episodes.

Jimmy and Christine talk about why she liked the show at seventeen.

Marcy Coyote Rose buried Jimmy at their shows.

20 – Jimmy calls Chris out on his backwards cap.

Flan talk?

Jimmy talks dating with Christine!

Coffee is too personal for a first date.

She talks about her last date.

Hail Caeser talk.

Jimmy talks about what he liked about it. Brolin, Clooney reactions, tatum dance scene.

All Things Must Pass – Jimmy loved it!


Doc talk!!

25 – Jimmy talks about Christine coming to the Today Show for an autograph. She got his album double signed!

That Doc Talk theme song!

Jimmy talks about Colin Hanks’ documentary (All Things Must Pass) and a local Chicago record store chain.

Apparently only the US Tower records stores closed. The Japanese ones are still open and very successful.

More Chris hat talk!

Chris’ subway commercial talk!

30 – Jon Lovitz talk! Everyone says Jon is the funniest guy in the world.

Jon Lovitz Comedy Club is closed –

Jimmy talks about tourists trying to decide to go to the comedy club at Universal. They decide to go to Bubba Gump shrimp instead.

They used to do Conan writers shows there. It was about ten “real people” and the rest was fans of Conan.

Christine has gifts!!

Vinyl and snacks!

35 – Signed Roots albums for Matt and Jimmy.

Taking a break!

He’s gonna frame it! It’s going on the wall. He’s planning to take someone down so it’s perfect timing.

Matt and Jimmy try the snacks. Jimmy loves them!

We’ll be right back!!

(Christine B word) – Balmy

40 – We’re back!

18 B! 18 Baguette!

christineNNFJimmy’s still writing 17 on his checks! They talk about that terrible jokes.

Chris Faibanks!

Christine is a writer’s assistant for the monologue writers.

Chris had mono before he ever kissed anyone!

Zika talk!

It’s been around since the 50s!

Wall chat!

Up top brother! My word was brother.

45 – Roger Whittaker –

Jimmy played that song all day once at the record store.

The Last Farewell –

Do You Need A Ride is Chris’ podcast! 75 episodes! Jimmy has not been on one episode. He’s not happy.

50 – Jimmy gets carsick so he’s out.

Chris confirms he is a horrible business person. Jimmy talks about how they cancelled on him and never rescheduled.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle – 

Chris talks about Stewart Lee’s show.

Panty vending machines at Tower Records? Not in the doc.

Talking about the tonight show. They are on the conan tonight show stage (Christine called it the Chelsea Lately stage)

Talking about the tonight show warm up.

60 – Chris did warmup for the comment section.

Chris and Jimmy talk about the last episode of the show.

They talk about how it was a good show and should be coming back but apparently it isn’t.

100% Italian! Not living with her parents fan since high school!

Refresher time!!! Look around! Whose show is this???

65 – Matthew Perry talk!

Christine’s word was Balmy!

Eliot’s word was Biscuit! So close!!!

Chris’s word was Brisket!

Matt’s was Bonsai!

70 – Jimmy wants to talk about Eliot’s submission to be a lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots?!!?

Chris uses a tweet he did as a joke and Jimmy calls him on it.

75 – Jimmy was never up brett michaels ass. He does like CeCe Deville though!

Jimmy explains the icing of Eliot.

Im still looking for Eliot’s audition.

Jimmy talks about getting shots sent to him on stage.

80 – Talking The Fifth Wave and Chris’s new show with April, Almost Genius.

bowie85 – Talking April being upset over David Bowie’s death.

Roku talk!

Eliot: Fantastic. In response to Matt’s TV.

95 – Eliot’s auditions at time of these notes are on page 64 and 65.

Jimmy’s out!

Come on skip!

100 – Native American skate park talk.

Jimmy compliments Eliot’s voice.

Jimmy talks about karaoke and doing toby keith and billy ray cyrus.

Talking about bands that sounded like Pearl Jam and music trends.

Eliot’s kicked out of STP quickly if he gets picked.


Celeb sighting! Christine saw a friend of NNF on her flight out here.

“The only downside of 9/11 is what happened to the airlines.”

TJ Miller! Matt gets it!

Apaprently TJ Miller takes down Ricky Gervais in an interview. 

“An awful little puggish man who needs to stop yelling at Hollywood which gave him a chance’”

Jimmy guesses Christine’s airplane seat correctly!

Talking Ricky Gervais hosting the globes.

110 – Chris talks about Ricky’s choice of mic on his shows.

Chris’s uncle Skip has a pool house but no pool.

Singles – 

Amazon link

Jimmy’s gotta go! His pants don’t hurt!

Jimmy and Chris compare leg hair. They both have missing hair on one side of a leg.

115 – Vinny boombotz!

Bad hippy!

Thanks Christine!

Thanks Chris!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth