1716 – Breaking Ankles with Karen Kilgariff

Karen Kilgariff

Karen Kilgariff

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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Live at the Bootleg

00 – HELLO! Welcome in to Never Never Not Funny! Jimmy’s surrounded by a good guy and a couple of gigs?

Jimmy calls Matt Jimmy Neutron. It’s bananas high. New gel!

Jimmy’s gonna measure Matt’s hair. Assuming he doesn’t break the ruler first. He is testing the shatter proofness.

2.5 inches on the sides. 3 inches post fluff. 2.5 with no flush.

A lot of NNF Listeners out at Hey Guys this weekend!

Jimmy calls them three of the funnest shows all year.

“Really really great fun shows.”

When its 60/40 NNF fans, it’s gold for daddy.

05 – Jimmy talks about the guy next to him on the plane being weird and fidgety. He let his wife sit in coach while he took first class. Jimmy thinks the guy probably couldn’t sit in the back due to his nerves.

The guys talk about letting the wives take the first class seat.

Matt had a great weekend.

devo91110 – Matt talks about the 9/11 themed wedding that guy from Devo had while Jimmy uses his 9/11 (box cutter) on the mail we got.

NNF is at Sketchfest this year! January 9 @ 11am.


We got a Harry’s gift box! Jimmy goes through it.

Quit fingering his puss!

It’s a nice Harry;s dopkit! Or a bag thing.

Shave cream, gold razor handle and blades!

15 – I got some harrys stuff!

Thanks Harrys!

Matt went to a Lakers game this weekend. He says they are a mess.

Clean that face filth. – Jimmy to me.

Matt talks about his laker gear and receiving two different Lakers raincoats.

Jimmy tries to guess Lakers players based on initials.

Eliot chimes in to Jimmy’s silence.

20 – Jimmy’s gonna boxcut Eliot.

Jimmy talks about what he’d do for dr hibbert

Karen Kilgariff is here!

Karen’s got a cool bag with bill murray on it.

Jimmy talks about Bill Murray. Jimmy doesn’t want to dismiss those misses.

Robin Williams – 

Bill Murray – 

Jimmy thanks Harry’s again. Matt says they aren’t gonna hear it.

Which is worse to Jimmy, Guilt or Physical discomfort.

25 – He talks more about first class and some 15 year old kid who had shoes as big as Matt. Clown feet!

Eliot won’t let Karen slam his head or his fingers in the door.

How much money will it cost to do that?

We’ll be back!

We’re back with a Cricket!

cricket30 – Matt hunts it down while Karen gives us live updates.

We’ve lost Jiminy Cricket guys.

Matt does his Jiminy Glick.

We mourn the cricket.

Jimmy goes on the record that anyone who supports Donald Trump is dead to him.

Jimmy compares Trump’s behaviors to Bryan Adams and Sammy Hagar.

Karen talks about the incident.

Trump protester beating

More about the Trump protester

35 – We can’t let him get in – Eliot on Trump.

Primer talk!

It Follows talk.

The Guest talk.

40 – Thumb ring! Eliot’s wearing one. Jimmy calls him on it and wants to know why.


Doc Talk –
The Cruise
Art and Craft
Dear Mr Watterson

Sam Waterston talk!

45 – More Cricket talk!

Jimmy falls asleep.

Karen: He’s fully asleep.

Eliot is here. Thumb ring is up!

Eliot’s car is all fixed up. Let’s moisturize those seats Eliot!

Eliot calls Jimmy an expert on Armor-All. Jimmy responds for him to fuck off.

Karen talks about her uncle Armor-Alling his seats so much that he slid right across a bench seat out the other side and catching and breaking his ankle.

Eliot mentions his dislike of Armor-All to complete silence.

50 – Karen talks about her car being a mess of dog hair and having to have it cleaned twice to get it all out.

Auto show chat!

Jimmy is going with Oliver this weekend. Six minutes of fun for Oliver seeing the Mystery Machine and Batmobile. After that, probably not so fun.

Talking about the spokes models at the car shows.

Itchy lizard!

55 – Actor playing a blind guy is here!

Karen used to pretend to be blind as a kid with her sister in Mervyns.

Self inflicted arm pain via table-slapping

Self inflicted arm pain via table-slapping

Jimmy hurt his arm again from slapping the table.

Jimmy did not like Unbreakable.

Karen HATED The Village. 

M. Night – 

Matt talks about being a reader.

Karen did coverage before on a film called Miner Key, about a miner who played piano.

60 – Pun titles.

The panel talks about submitting scripts to studios/agents.

Jimmy asks Karen about skydiving.

Parachute versus Bungie jumps.

65 – Naming Jimmy’s parachute rom-com. Eliot: Taking a Leap.

Hi Matt!

Karen Kilgariff is here!

Jimmy forgot his script questions. Then thinks of another one.

Jimmy read Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy’s original script for Norbit and it was atrocious.

Karen says Eddie got “caught up in the trappings.”

Karen reminds us she has a daytime emmy.

Karen was planning to go see Eddie Murphy record Raw live but once her dad found out she wasn’t allowed to go.

70 – Coming to America talk!

Jimmy Walker talk! Jimmy talks about introducing Jimmy Walker with a bad intro poking fun at his show.

Jimmy Walker would never do Dynamite even when people asked about it. Eventually he changed it to say it after he complimented the office.

Do you want to hear Henry Winkler saying “eh!” when he does a speech? Karen asks what kind of speech, is it a funeral?

75 – Karen talks about Henry Winkler being nothing like the Fonz.

He is 70!

Matt read a script by Ben Schwarz when he was reading. It was great!

Karen talks about Ben and Adam Palley’s spin on Late Show being so great.

Jimmy talks about Andy Richie. The latest prognosis is not good.

Karen and Jimmy were on the premiere episode of Late Friday together, it was hosted by Paul F Tompkins, and also had Greg Berhendt.

80 – Jimmy’s Late Friday – 

Godfrey – 

Jimmy talks about taping notes to his watch.

Jimmy talks about a horrible private party he did that lead him to keeping his setlist on him.

85 – Karen talks about running out of her act 11 minutes into an hour set and then just asking if anyone had questions about Hollywood.

Jimmy talks about one of his first featuring gigs with Larry Wilmore. He wasn’t good enough to be a feature yet.

Jimmy’s only see Larry once since then. Jimmy says he was a great stand up.

More Late Friday chat!

90 – Late Friday controversy. Where is Karen’s hosting credit?!!

95 – guys talk gigs and late Friday.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about kids instruments. Bum bum!

TV.com Late Friday

Karen used to drink and take diet pills. She is sure she damaged her heart.

Jimmy on Late Friday listing – 

Jimmy thinks that the diet pills gave him bells palsy.

85 – Diet stuff that makes you sick.

Here is the sugar free page that Karen was talking about – 

IBC Diet Root Beer makes Jimmy sick basically immediately.

Jimmy mentions Karen’s latest album: I don’t care, I like it. Available on AST Records!

Karen talks about it.

People loved the song Karen did on Conan. She talks about doing the show and calling it a “Dream set”

Jimmy talks about knowing how conan felt about a comic based on how he walked over to the comics after the set.

100 – Jimmy uses 2564 as his phone code.

Karen talks about completely forgetting her ATM Code standing in front of an ATM.

Karen doesn’t trust the fingerprint thing on iphones.

Mac Weldon is our sponsor this week.

Jimmy on TV.com

Jimmy talks about watching old johnny carson and don rickles clips at the TV museum.

Karen explains the process of watching stuff at the museum.

105 – All the Late Friday talk got Last Friday Night stuck in Matt’s head. He attempts to sing it for us.

Karen talks about her album release party at The Monty.  Apparently, that night turned into the SadoMaso Disco event.

120 – Jimmy talks about an EDM Festival that looks horrible to him. He watched a CNN special about it hosted by Lisa Ling.

Mysteryland is an edm fest.

125 – Jimmy talks his rap tastes.

Of course Wham Rap comes up! Karen wants Jimmy to perform it.

Karen talks about loving Wham and not sure if she was in love with George Michael or wanted to look like him.

Karen is surprised that Wham is one of Jimmy’s favorites. He lists his three favorite bands as Chicago, Iron Maiden, and Wham.

130 – Jimmy talks about his George Michael song favorites.


The guys don’t mind less songs.

The guys talk about Claire Bowen doing Beat of Your Own Drum at the Nashville live show.

Jimmy and Matt are really into the Nashville talk this time. Karen enjoys watching boys talk about soap operas.

Friday Night Lights talk. Karen loves it.

Drum –

Back to Nashville! Jimmy’s glad Deacon isn’t a sad sack anymore.

There is a backlog of Vinyl production apparently.

Matt loves Karen’s first album, Live at the Bootleg.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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