1715 – Marking Your Territory with Al Jackson

Al Jackson - MISTER Jackson if you're nasty

Al Jackson – MISTER Jackson if you’re nasty

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed! Never Not Funny!! Sometimes, we aren’t funny talking serious stuff and snacks.

1715! Lots to talk about today! Successful = busy. Lots of Los Angelinos mad at the wind.

It’s windy.

Thanks for checking on the sign Raffi.

It’s all good. Sign is standing.

Raffi got tons of info.

Jimmy snapped his IT Band again. He did the half marathon over at Disney. Matt did a 10k. He also had some knee problems. He did it in 56:13.

Matt talks about his marathon going through the streets of Anaheim.

Jimmy’s 5k started in Disneyland.

05 – Jimmy talks numbers of people at the marathon. 13k people in Jimmy’s run.

runningshoesJimmy ended up in the G group due to a snafu. He got there at 430 and didn’t start running until 630.

He did 2:31 this time. He praises Disney for how they run the event and then the downsides of the race. So many people lead to close to 30 minutes just to do the first 2 miles.

10 – The guys talk other runners including people in Matt’s group who start off walking immediately.

His band snapped and the walk/run on the last couple miles was excruciating.

IT Band Syndrome

Oliver and Danielle were waiting for Jimmy at the 4-mile mark!

Jimmy got an Avengers medal for the race.

15 – Guys talk medals! Matt says the medal that people who did all three races got an extremely ugly infinity gauntlet medal.

Jimmy and family went to Rainforest Café to eat. Matt and fam had La Brea bakery.

They should have had Tortilla Jos.

Ship em out! Your Mexicans, your Hawaiians. 48 states as far as Jimmy is concerned.

Debating on whether Puerto Rico is a step-child. Hawaii is adopted.

20 – Puerto Rico –  Territory not a state.

Mush mouth vs Confident me.

Who’s show is this?!

Al Jackson is here! He says super hot women in Puerto Rico.

Black people do not do meth.

Our hearts are with paris but we know that. We don’t need to write a huge article about a trip we took there once.

The guys talk about facebook profile pictures. Paris and gays.

Matt wonders how difficult it is to implement the profile filter things on facebook and how they decide which issues to make it easy to support.

Blow up ISIS lets go! – Jimmy. Wherever they’re sitting, blow ‘em up.

Eliot says to call them Daesh.

25 – ISIS, ISIL, Daesh

No liberal asshole taking this seriously and send us emails. This is a comedy show!!!

30 – Jimmy talks about political correctness and people talking out about it.

Taking a break. I’ll head to 7/11 and ask if they’re worried about the sign.

We’ll be back to talk 711 and snacks!

We’re back!

Al’s parent’s had both the fiddle faddle and the ‘nilla wafers. They lived in Shaker Heights.

Get some gays into Shaker Heights.

Hilarities is near Shaker Heights but not in.

Jimmy asks where the Cavaliers played.

Gordon Gund is blind.

35 – The guys talk how much money to be blinded.

Jimmy and Al talk Lasik and needing touchups. Al got his done in Cleveland, paid cash with $50 bills.

40 – I’m off to 7/11.

45 – Back and it was a bust.

Eliot had a car accident. He rear-ending someone.

Jimmy not a fan of Eliot’s car. Eliot defends it.

Clean car is a healthy car Eliot!

Eliot’s elbow is a little soar.

Jimmy’s elbow is sore from pounding sand. We talk what it means.

50 – http://makingheadsortailsofidioms.com/2011/09/23/go-pound-salt/

Matt got ice strapped to his leg. At one point he could not bend his leg because of it.


Mr. Ben versus Uncle Ben.

More pound Sand talk – 

55 – Al talks about My Strange Addiction couple giving each other coffee enemas three times a day.

Dryer sheets??

Jimmy talks about some new snacks from Grant. Jimmy shot his scene in the black cat movie!

60 – Al talks about putting a lead vest on a kid with ADHD to remind them not to get up.

Eliot talks about doing improv and getting advice to wear heavy shoes to keep from moving up so much.

Matt starts to shit on Eliot and Jimmy starts laughing before he even finishes.

Thanks for the snacks Grant Gary! He gave us a bunch of snacks from his family’s company.

65 – Snack chat!!! Jimmy’s a snack pusher. And a mic pusher.

Jimmy’s might have a post show meeting to talk about who runs this show.

Jimmy bought two tickets to the gun show.

Grant Gary

Grant Gary

Eliot’s wearing corduroy. 

Jimmy not giving Matt a chance now.

70 – Matt is the true puppet master of Never Not Funny.

Eliot’s talking with the 7/11 guys. He’s getting a lot of info for us. Including corporate procedure? “Everyone’s asking about the sign.”

Eliot Live on Scene at the 7/11.

Eliot recounts the situation.

Al and Matt going together to the 7/11!!

Melty and Murphy?!

75 – Thanks for the delicious snacks Grant!

Lisa Goich – 

Al talks about a low capacity crowd show he did in Rochester. Photo City Improv! (Matt guessed the reason for the name being due to Kodak.)

Jimmy’s gotta pee so break time!

Al just got back from Rochester yesterday. We’ve missed him.

We’ll be back!!!

80 – We are back!

Matt and Al are about to go to 7/11.

Here we go! Matt and Al are on the move.

Never read the comment cards young comedians!! Push-ups pull ups sit ups.

85 – Matt and Al made it and are talking signs at 7/11.

Matt and Al are back. They’re reporting on what happened.

They got a female cashier this time.

90 – Al’s contribution to the bit was a wife worried about the sign.

This bits dead in the water so Jimmy won’t be heading over.

Al talks about the time a look-out gets. If you’re indicted you’re gone.

95 – Al talks about a football player who shot himself and went to jail.

Jimmy talks about his biggest fear of being falsely accused and going to jail.

The Hillbilly bear!

Hillbilly offensive term?

100 –

Henry Corden did the voice of Paw Rugg from the Hillbilly Bears – 

Jimmy talks politics with Al.


Herman Cain

Banned cartoon talk.

Matt talks about a neighbor asking if Al can dunk on a certain height.


110 – Jimmy and family have started watching Bob Ross. It gives him ASMR.

Matt explains ASMR to Al.

Bob Ross died from Lymphoma – 

The guys talk more about Bob.

115 – Al wonders what Jimmy would do if his voice stuck like Hillbilly bear in his later years.

Cajun Jimmy showed up at Downtown Disney.


Sesame Street heading to HBO – 

Will Bert and Ernie come out now that it is on HBO?


120 – Al talks about his wife’s family who are from Kokomo, Indiana. “Don’t be drinking up Al’s good shit!” someone on her family about the $20 bourbon he brought. This was at a cookout. There was a fight that broke out that lead to a court appearance. Lots of F bombs, both kinds.

125 – Al’s at the point where he just doesn’t need to do it anymore.


Sheet sex is false.


Al talks Black Mass.


See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth