17S – Testing the Water with Chip Chinery

Chip Chinery

Chip Chinery


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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Money Tips!

17S – Star Wars

00 – Welcome in! We’re 11 minute behind schedule due to preshow chitchat. Jimmy takes full blame. He’s under the weather and wants to blame Mexico.

Jimmy’s gonna go the El Doctor.

0630-yellowmanLots of reggae talk!

Lovers Rock
Maxi Priest

05 – The guys go to sunsplash over ozfest or edm.

Jimmy talks about Jason Thompson pulling over and getting out of the car to talk with them!

10 – Jason cant come to Mexico with them. Too attractive!

If Jason went with them to Mexico, it’s totally Entourage.

Jimmy is heading to If/Then tonight!

I saw it last week.

Jimmy Cliff is still alive – 

Here’s my top 10 – 

I run outside to get our guest!

30 – Chip Chinery is here! He’s lost 53 pounds!

Jimmy got down to 127. Chip says Jimmy has “The Thins.” Another name for AIDS.

Matt has SmileTrain news. Caitlyn screened the episode so she could tell the staff when to start listening.

Matt talks about how filthy that episode was.

Jimmy talks about Chip doing a lot of TV.

Chip says that 9/11 changed everything.

So many “great ideas” at the Republican debate.

It was basically a pep rally.

35 – Jimmy wonders what a republican does if Trump is the nominee. Vote? Vote for Democrat? Avoid the polls?

Bernie Sanders –

Arnold on Climate Change – 

Intestinal issues for Jimmy. He drank in the shower. He’d drink it from a coffee can at his feet.

Chip talks about water options.

40 – The guys talk water!

Jimmy learned a lot from Water World. He liked it.

Jimmy doesn’t care about how much a movie costs or a baseball player earns.

Jimmy talks about The Big Chill being a date movie. Now he says its terrible and the soundtrack is atrocious.

Chip is unsure the cost differences between filling a gallon jug or having arrowhead deliver.

Jimmy got a venture card because of Chip. Great deals because of it.

Guys talk about auditions asking them to bring a lab coat and a golf club.

Karen Knotts – Tied Up In Knotts

Punch up!

Conversation – 

Chip got some new headphones from amazon. He got some Samsungs. Things are good for him.

Jimmy talks about Chip’s poker games. Jimmy wants to move it to Wednesday.

There’s also too many people.

Jimmy asks Chip what he writes off in regards to his car on taxes.

50 – Jimmy thinks he’s got something viral going on. Chip wonders if he was kissing Charlie Sheen.

Jimmy says he has the thins.

Chip Chinery is here!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

17 Spendthrift! Willy nilly with money!

Chip’s got an audition in a while. Baby Daddy.

55 – TV channel talk!

star wars force awakensPick up a book.

Lincoln/Kennedy Secretary legend – 

Cheese talk!

60 – Star Wars talk!

Chip’s seen it!!!

Matt tells a story about rushing out the door when some one mentioned having seen it.

Talk about Zoe’s Christmas concert.

Josh Groban Believe – 

Matt recounts Polar Express and gets choked up about it.

Jimmy talks about watching Fresh Off The Boat and it got really close to spoiling Santa!

65 – Matt wonders when Oliver will learn there is no santa. Jimmy suspects around 4th grade.

Conan was at the star wars screening!

Chip talks more about the screening. He didn’t recognize anyone else there.

Chip turned his water cap into a cup.

70 – Chip’s the cheeseman! He does his cheese bits.

Jimmy and Chip talk about the Johnny Walker Comedy contest.

75 – Surviving Christmas – 

BJ talk.

80 – Jimmy’d have to watch.

Poker talk.

Street Fruit might make an appearance.

Everyone tries to whistle.

Taking Eliot’s taxes. He thinks his accountant wants to get out of the business. A previous accountant did the same thing. Jimmy wonders if they’re doing it to get rid of Eliot.

Chip tells a story about a manager of his saying he was getting out of the business. Turns out he wasn’t and just wanted to get rid of Chip. The guy is still in the business to this day.

85 – Street Fruit is here! He gives us some Fruit advice.

More poker talk. Change that day and shake some folks loose. #PokerNight

Casaba – 

Fruit is Kosher 

90 – Grocery talk.

Jimmy gets a text from Danielle.

Matt gets a dollar for getting the back-up word! Santa!

95 – Rob Schneider’s daughter is Elle King.

Rob Schneider was in the airport lounge with the guys.

Dana Carvey might be #1 people to come out of SNL.

Denny Dillon

Terry Sweeny (not dead) 

Chip’s S word is Sketch!

Chip was part of the award winning must see sketch show that LA Weekly called, “Okay!”

Chip’s gotta run!

Jimmy talks about knowing Chip for 30 years and wanting to get him on the show for 9 years! Chip was always hesitant to come on since he doesn’t have anything to promote.

Matt says that Chip is one of the people most talked about on the show having never appeared (until today).

Street fruit!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth