1711 – Cheering Up with Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome back to 1711! Never forget!

We’re talking my movies!

Jimmy correctly guesses the movie I watched last night. Exorcist 3!

12:45 start time from now on so when Jimmy gets here at 12:59 we can start.

Draggin’ heel is a new phrase coined by Jimmy.

Matt’s daughter and wife went to see Annie last night. Jimmy and family went on Saturday. Elise cried a lot. Zoe loved it.

Jimmy says it’s horrible. The worse thing he’s sat through.

Jimmy got screwed on Stubhub! The people used the tickets he bought.

Jimmy keeps calling us “theatre goers.”

Jimmy talks shows that could stand to lose some songs.

Jimmy hates Wicked too.

10 – theater talk continues.

Waters The Wall FilmJimmy went to see The Wall on Sunday. It was a Fathom Events presentation. The movie version effected him more than it had seeing it live. He understood it differently. Relates it to Obama ruining the country.

15 – Jimmy bought a better Chris De Burgh ticket. Got a third row seat. Great seat!

Thousands of people apparently showed up at the last minute. Jimmy says they were all Iranian. Many of the men were being aggressive and rude. Jimmy reads his texts to Danielle about the Iranians.

Jimmy puts up walls when he goes to shows with other people because of worrying if they’re having fun.

20 – Jimmy gives details about the Chris De Burgh show. Apparently, he was speaking in farsi some times. Apparently he has a HUGH Iranian following.

Apparently, Chris De Burgh and Elton John at one point were the only “Westerners” allowed to have albums in iran.

Jimmy took the time to stand next to an usher who was close to Chris so that he could tell how tall he is.

This just jumped into Nashville talk!

The guys are sick and tired of Deacon’s being a sad sack on the verge of relapse all the time.

250px-Nashville_logo25 – Nashvilllleee!! Talk. Jimmy wants more Avery. 

Back to Chris De Burgh!

Jimmy says he has a great sense of humor.


Don’t do it!

At one point Chris brought out a famous Iranian singer and some Iranian women to sing with him. The place went nuts.

30 – Apparently, at one point Chris wanted everyone to come down to the pit. The ushers did not want that to happen and they got into a tiff about it. At one point he kind of pushed or something one of the ushers and she yelled, DO NOT TOUCH ME.

Some guy followed Jimmy off the train all the way to his house but then kept walking. Jimmy was extremely nervous about it.

Jimmy loves Disco now.

Eliot wonders the ages of the Iranians at the show. Jimmy says probably 45-70, mostly 45.

35 – No sign of our guest!

Were guessing the name of the guy who sent us a package.

B Christ! Ben Christ! No winner.

He sent a jacket for Oliver.

It’s an old Kiss jacket!

40 – Turns out not that old. It’s from 2003. Jimmy loves it though.

We got the name of the character actor that Matt saw!

W. Earl Brown!

Well done gordbag?!

Jimmy talks about Andy Richie’s medical issues and the fundraising.

OneKolor.com Peter Criss shirt and the y’unnerstand shirt

45 – Horatio Sanz is here with Brian!

AirCarBooneWe talk about cars, and why they were late.

60 – Compressed Air car – 

Eddie Murphy on Bill Cosby

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Your home for all things Trump 16!

Jimmy gives the details on who we support!

Jimmy liked Eliot’s turn of phrase “bad sandwich.”

Jimmy talks more about Horatio’s Lincoln before going around the horn.

Hardcore – 

Brian was in Milk Money! –


Guessing how many movies I have

Matt – 2963
Eliot – 1313
Jimmy – 1776
Brian – 1152

Horatio – 820

2187 is the answer Jimmy wins!

Jimmy finishes going around the horn.

Horatio is in A Better You! 

85 – Horatio’s podcast is Hoorayshow.com.

Brian is one of the producers on that show.

Horatio explains his podcast.

He’s trying to keep it clean on the show for us. Jimmy wonders why.

Black Dahlia book – 

90 – Jimmy talks to Horatio about starting in Chicago.

Jimmy lays out his coaching for the cubs.

Oliver is into fencing. Horatio thinks he is gonna be a spy.

Horatio randomly brings up learning Persian. Jimmy tells him about the concert.

95 – Donny Deutsch – 

Charlie Rich – 

Into the night – 

Jimmy talks to Horatio about his plans for the day.

100 – Horatio talks about Matt’s favorite Bear Down character.

Jimmy doesn’t need to see the Blues Brothers anymore. Chicago won’t let it go.

Jimmy Buffet talk.

Jimmy was in a car accident with Jimmy Buffet’s wife! This happened in Beverly Hills! She rear-ended him.

105 – She jumped out of the car yelling she is Jimmy Buffet’s wife. Jimmy said, “you should know I am not a fan of your husband.”

110 – Jimmy asks if Horatio listens to Los Lobos. He likes Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, some Austrailian band called Tame Impala. Jimmy plays some.

Horatio does Beatles karaoke with Joe Nunez as Los Fat Beatles.

115 – Break and we’re back!

We turn on Patrick Roddy’s light box.

Talking SNL. Horatio was in the Cowbell sketch and Debbie Downer.

Horatio says that Chris Katan would be a great guest.

SNL 40 Chat! Matt wonders about Eddie Murphy and the Bill Cosby stuff.

120 – More Eddie Murphy chat and Richard Pryor talk. Richard Pryor had Multiple Sclerosis not parkinsons. 

Horatio sat next to Whoopi at the show. He talks about almost interrupting Kanye’s performance. He decided against it though. Jimmy thinks it was the right call.

125 – Horatio wonders if he would have made it if his name was different. He gave himself a nickname from My Dream of Jeanie.

He smoked pot with Keith Richards at the SNL 40.

We’re done guys!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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