17P – Buzzing in with Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Jimmy’s here and square!

I brought tamales for everyone!

Jimmy enjoyed them

Trying Sweet Tamales!

Matt isn’t sure about it.

Jimmy can’t tell if he loves or hates it.

Falls into the love it category!

Jimmy moved his chair and got caught on his headphones.

He’s got some mail!

Matt tries to guess the weight.

05 – Jimmy suggests he read the label.

Send us stuff!

We got more love snacks from Gary Grant!

Jimmy and Eliot try some Sour Cranberries with Orange. Jimmy likes the apple better. He hooked us up!

Jimmy talks about his 2015 goals. He is only a month away from beating his candy goal. He knows what he did when he had a slider!!

Thanks Gary!


Blaine Capatch talk.

oliverLots of people have kids named Oliver apparently.

10 – Nashville talk. The guys talk about falling off a building.

Matt asks for Eliot’s input on this.

Maybe instead of complaining about Nashville talk you start watching the show!

Dirty Carson is here!

Laurie Kilmartin is here!!!

15 – “They call it Conan!” – Matt

pcat-2They’re talking Pardcastathon that’s not happening this black Friday.

A week from Tuesday the guys head to Mexico!

Laurie may or may not be wearing slippers.

They’re moccasins. She is on hiatus so she doesn’t wear a hard shoe.

She still had the price tag thing on them. She just got them from Land’s End and calls them astonishing.

Matt’s mom is always getting them slippers.

Jimmy’s mom got them Drakkar Noir cologne.

Eliot mentions that a moccasin is also a snake. Jimmy attempts to throw a box cutter at him.

Sketch Fest right around the corner! Sold out!

Bluff You on Jan 8 @ 8 tickets available.

Never forget.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

20 – Waaaaiitt for the beep.

Self inflicted knee pain via table bump

Self inflicted knee pain via table bump

Jimmy just slammed his knee into the table.

Foam roller? 

17 Phantom!

Jimmy wants me to watch Saving Christmas… 

It’s awful.

25 – Laurie says Project Greenlight is good this year. She’s only seen this season.

Jimmy likes Matt’s new Hollywood character.

My word is porridge. Matt incepted me!

He almost took out Jimmy when he pushed his mic back.

30 – Foam Roller.

targetLaurie needs some socks so she is heading to Target. A sad target over in NoHo.

Laurie wonders what makes a target sad. Jimmy describes.

Jimmy has a beautiful target near him.

Laurie wonders if Jimmy networks with the other white families.

Gunman talk!

35 – Laurie recommends Rear Window!

Prince Albert in a can.

Gay Albert?

Prince Fielder

prince albertLaurie not having baseball talk.

40 – Eliot’s business card: Eliot Hochberg: Almost Always Right.

Jimmy talks to Laurie about being on Tough Crowd.

Dirty Johnny Carson is back!

Modest Games! Eliot’s P word is persimmon.

Laurie talks about Jimmy commenting on our words.

Jimmy talks about cast member at Conan Sona and the Armenian episode.

Laurie went to Qatar and got to meet FLOTUS Michelle Obama. She flew business class on Emirates Air! It has an open bar.

Conan flew with FLOTUS!

45 – Jimmy talks with Laurie about the flight over. It’s all inclusive, thousands of tv channels.

50 – Laurie gives all the details of the trips and how it went from luxury to depressing once they got to the military housing.

55 – Laurie and Kylie did 5-8 minutes. John Mulaney was the main comedy guess.

Jimmy and Laurie praise John Mulaney. They describe him as starting on third base in terms of skill and craft.

60 – Laurie Kilmartin’s show at Flappers got canceled.

Jimmy loves doing the Pez show!

Matt’s P word is Pumpkin.

We’re an hour in and Laurie hasn’t been introduced but she’s told a 40 minute story.

Laurie talks about meeting Michelle Obama. She says she is really nice and friendly.

Laurie comments on Matt’s hair being Conan like.

Eliot has a drone.

Laurie’s P word is Penguin.

65 – Obama talk!

Laurie talks about getting made fun of for needing a nap.

Jimmy talks Jeff Ross’ new jacket despite Matt’s reluctance.

70 – Fifa corruption – 

2022 World Cup Controversies: 

Laurie did a set at a jewelry store the night she came back from Qatar.

Jimmy talks about appreciating the rust.

75 – The gang talks doing radio promo.

Jimmy on DJs: Some are great and some are awful.

Jimmy is the kingpin! You can’t attack him!

Jimmy talks about The Wire and why he never watched past season one.

Laurie loved Friday Night Lights also.

Taylor Kitsch talk!

80 – Aiden Gillen

Aidan Gillen from The Wire and Game of Thrones

Jimmy talks about seeing first time guests on Conan like Aaron Paul.

Laurie finds Michaela Watkins to be delightful.

Binge watch chat!

85 – Jimmy’s behind on Casual. Laurie talks about Transparent. Jimmy calls it “a very interesting program.”

David Paterson could be Jimmy's inspiration for Actor Pretending to be Blind

David Paterson could be Jimmy’s inspiration for Actor Pretending to be Blind

Jimmy can’t do actor doing a blind guy on request.

He has the same feeling with Transparent as with Orange is the New Black. He doesn’t think it is a comedy.

President talk!

Matt and Laurie talk about George W. Bush.

Actor blind guy is here!

Jimmy’s gonna keep his vote a secret until the election.

90 – Can we take over the NRA if a lot of libs join it?

Trump riling up the white people is scaring the shit out of Jimmy.

Laurie is voting for Hilary. Jimmy is leaning Hilary.

Martin O’Malley – 

Billy Carter – 

Roger Clinton – 

95 – Jimmy is hot and cold on Mika.

Laurie is getting into Alt Country.

Jimmy had a crush on Roseanne Cash back in the day.

Roseanne Cash’s memoir – 

Jimmy recants his claim of voting Hilary.

We’re gonna play Sevens with Laurie Kilmartin!

Laurie wants Jimmy to have a more appropriate email for returning guests.

100 – The gang debates how to describe buzzing in.

Jimmy wants to punch Laurie.

I go test the door.

Laurie and Jackie are starting a podcast.

Clean your douche!

The Jackie and Laurie Show!

105 – Jimmy says Laurie would be here a LOT if she had more time from Conan.

Jimmy can’t wait to listen to their podcast. He loves hearing and talking about the craft.

Da Da Da is by Trio and is in the VW commercial –

Can’t find a Kraftwerk VW commercials.

Eliot talks about his ancestors avoiding the holocaust. I ask if they brought that thumb ring with them.

Laurie has a thumb ring story.

Eliot talks about his ring and what it means to him.

Jimmy asks about Laurie’s mom. She thinks she’s dying slowly. She’s going to be moving in with Laurie soon.

Laurie says this is the time of her life when she escorts people to death.

Jimmy enjoys Laurie’s tweets about her mom which is why he asked about her.

Laurie’s mom is desperate to talk to her about ISIS and the Syrian refugees.


Jimmy is so close to murdering Laurie.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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