17J – Panning for Gold with Jamie Denbo

Jamie Denbo

Jamie Denbo


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome into episode 17J! Eliot’s arms are up as if he won already.

Jimmy explains the word game. Pardo bump led to the Blue Jays success.

Eliot was VERY late today. Jimmy talks about how bad the traffic was and that even Eliot’s much raved about fancy driving couldn’t help.

I return to the guys talking frozen pizza.

pizzaToo expensive?

The guys talk more about pizza.

05 – Jimmy saw Pan! He calls it unbelievably boring.

Our guest loves herself too much to see it.

Jimmy also saw The Walk.

Jamie talks about The Walk and relates it to 9/11. She doesn’t want to think about that being the last thing 9/11 victims saw. She doesn’t want to see the view from inside the oven at Auschwitz either.

Jimmy explains his thoughts on punctuality.

10 – Jimmy finds the idea ridiculous. He talks more about it.

Jimmy salutes the clock twice a day. 9:11 am and pm


Doc Talk

Matt talks about the documentary (Man On Wire). Jimmy confirms The Walk is a great movie.

Crepe talk. Jimmy calls them boring and bland. Like the French.

The pancake depends on the syrup!

Jimmy confirms melted butter is another of his trigger foods.

Matt tries to talk about The Leftovers.

Jimmy expects all ears on deck when he talks about his stuff. He is seeing Chris de Burgh this Sunday. The price has dropped by 30%. Not one ticket has sold. Jimmy’s been monitoring the tickets.

15 – Jimmy is obsessed with this Chris de Burgh show. Is Jimmy gonna be the guy that gets money back on his ticket?

Jamie needs to confirm who Chris de Burgh is.

Jimmy talks about him and pledges his love. He talks about the venues he should be in.

We’ve been trying to get Jamie forever.

Jamie asks Jimmy about Bread.

Jamie is breaking every rule John told her about.

20 – Jimmy talks about Lost keeping him from watching The Leftovers. Matt talks about a reference to Perfect Strangers on both seasons of The Leftovers.

Eliot Glazer’s tattoo – 

Jimmy talks Ink Masters.

25 – Jamie is John Ross Bowie’s wife! Jimmy asks what rules John told her. Jamie asks him if he listens to her podcast.

Jamie listens to tons of Howard Stern. John not a fan of it. Jimmy agrees with how great Howard’s interviews are.

Jamie talks about making sure she wasn’t late to the show.

Thinking about what couples have been on the show now that Jamie and John both have been on. Chris Hardwick and Janet Varney.

Eliot mentions Scott and Kulap.

30 – Jimmy taks about Andy Richie and Mario DeGeorgio’s fundraiser with the Peter Criss t-shirt. Also, all proceeds from the Yunnerstand t-shirt is going to andy Richie as well.



Get well soon Andy!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

17 Jackal! Repeat word!

Congrats Chicago Cubs! Cubs might play Mets or Dodgers.

Jamie does a character for us.

Jimmy is a white sox fan but he’s not one of these assholes that hates the Cubs. He is rooting for them.

35 – Jimmy talks about his babysitter as a kid. Says he wouldn’t be surprised if someone shows up claiming to be his kid one day.

He tells the babysitter story. She had to draw a picture for every letter and her and her friend giggled over the idea of drawing a joint for J.

Kelly LeBrock?!? Jimmy says she was cute and tall.

Jamie will always relate babysitter to porn when a guy mentions it. Jimmy talks about walking on in his babysitter getting some hand action from her boyfriend.

Thimble talk!

40 – My word was Jose Bautista!

Jimmy did David Feldman’s podcast. He talks about it.

House of the Long Shadows – 

Saban Theater line-up talk!

45 – What’s sadder? Desi Arnaz Jr or Frank Sinatra Jr? We talk about it.

Eliot is getting interviewed about renting in Los Angeles?!

Jamie explains why not to rob them.

Jamie has a dog she isn’t that into because he isn’t her old dog. He tries really hard though. His name is Sonny.
A single in palms just went for 1450. It has a parking spot.

50 – Eliot has a character actor sighting!!!

Gary Sinese – 

Jamie guesses it’s a jew.

Eliot talks about his character actor sighting. Eliot and Ash talk about the origins of hipsters. Ash said Billyburgh and the guy turns around and says they started in Williamsburgh.

He has a photo of the guy. No one recognizes him.

55 – Eliot shares some ibuprofen.

Jamie finds talking about marathons boring.

Eliot’s J word was Geronimo, changes it to Jericho. Jimmy unsure how to handle Eliot’s thinking Geronimo starts with a J.

Jimmy talks about always asking Oliver’s name.

Matt’s word is Jackee. Jamie’s parent’s post office box is 227.

60 – Jimmy tells a Regina King story. HE was on Kevin and Bean and was dragging his heals on leaving so he could run into her. Finally he had to leave and in the parking lot she rolls up in a jeep blaring music. Jimmy says she is super-nice.

She is taking over the show after jimmy shoots himself.

Jamie Denbo is our guest!!

She is the co-host on the Ronna and Beverly podcast. Jimmy loved being on it. Jamie talks about it.

Pocket Rocket – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pocket+rockets

65 – The live version of Ronna and Beverly is nerve-wracking!


Perfect Strangers on for 8 years, Family matters on for 9.

70 – Jamie’s J word is Jelly.


Jamie talks about Peanut Butter and Jelly.

She talks about “Cum Gum.” 

Matt had a couple celeb sightings! Bang Bang one after the other.

Jamie says Angelyne is always parked at Cantors.

75 – Jamie talks about her and john’s 9/11 experience ending with getting drunk and high and watching the extras on the Willy Wonka DVD extras.

Jamie fascinated by Tim Burton’s fetish of watching Jonny Depp fuck his wife or Spielberg wanting Tom hanks in a Charcoal suit.


Matt’s celeb sightings.

80 – first one was Tuco from Breaking Bad!

Esai Morales got high with Jamie’s friends at their wedding hotel.

85 – Jamie got kicked off Comedy Bang Bang because of her character’s racist antics. She talks about it.

Jimmy has to pee! We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy’s bladder is now empty.

Jamie continues the story of getting kicked off of Comedy Bang Bang.

Kid Cudi – 

95 – Jamie’s Comedy Bang Bang story continues.

Jimmy describes his leg hair issues to Jamie/Beverly.

Jimmy tells Danielle’s Patti LuPone story about the waiter screwing up her order.

Here is Patti’s book – 

Jimmy talks about how tiny the broadway divas are.

Jimmy tells the story of going to see Clay Aiken’s Christmas Show with Danielle and her looks of disgust at him.

Matt’s second celeb sighting was Cee-lo green!

Jimmy runs through who we support.

100 – Jamie had a celeb sighting of the worlds most famous female character actress getting a pedicure.

Jamie made out with Elizabeth Perkins on Weeds.

It’s Judy Greer!

Jamie and Jimmy are trying chips to guess what flavors they are.

Annoying chewing talk.

One was New York Reuben and it made jimmy sick for a day and a half.

The other one is a southern bisquit and gravy.

Jimmy talks about the NNF Curse.

120 – Jimmy and Jamie talk about John.

Playing Sevens with Jamie!

Jamie does Julie Andrews doing Toxic.

Christina Bianca

Jimmy gives to Jamie: 5 (Broadway)

Christine Ebersole – 

Jamie Denbo gives to Jimmy: 9(Broadway)

125 – Jamie is done with Peter Pan.

Strong first appearance from Jamie!

See you next time!!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth