1709 – Grabbing a Bite with Phil Rosenthal

The delightful Phil Rosenthal

The delightful Phil Rosenthal

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello!!!! 1709!

One of the first and one of the best!

96 teas coming!!


Matt saw Duran Duran! They played the hits mainly! Oliver not a fan of Wild Boyz. Simon Labon sounds great now apparently. Jimmy says if he is into it it’s a great show. If he’s not, it’s rough.

05 – There isn’t much new music for jimmy’s generation anymore.

Matt and Jimmy talk about bands and venues.

The setlist was “on point!”

What does Jimmy hate the most about Traffic? Steve Winwood.

Jimmy asks Matt about ironic dress ups at the show. Matt says he say a lot of unironic dress up.

10 – Matt talks about the camera work on the show that mainly covered Simon 99% of the time.

Ryan Adams 1989 talk.

Duran Duran did indeed do Ordinary World AND Come Undone.

They open with the new song that Matt isn’t a huge fan off.

Matt says Chic was incredible.

15 – Jimmy talks about the Idina Menzel show. Loved it. He had 2nd row seats. Paid $100.

20 – More Idina Menzel/Hollywood Bowl chat. Anthony Rapp was there but Jimmy didn’t see him.

The Million McFly March! Happening October 21.

Phil Rosenthal is here!

Phil is hungry!!

Million McFly March – 

Jimmy’s opening mail!

25 – Phil is going for more nature box snacks!

Gifts for everyone!

Isaac McNary


Taking a break!

Phil didn’t see Idina but wants her to stop yelling.

Jimmy panicked at the thought of singing with Idina.

We’ll be back!

Check out Pat’s Bryan Adams review at Pop Culture Beast.

We’ll be back!

30 – Welcome back!

Thanks for the gift Isaac!

Going around the horn!

Phil says two kinds of everything: good and bad

Great gifts!!

35 – Phil Rosenthal is here! He created Everybody Loves Raymond. He came from Coach but not involved in the reboot that’s since been cancelled.

Phil talks about Emmys.

Jimmy’s gonna use his card holder for playing Clue with Oliver.

40 – Jimmy got a nice wooden box to keep his shaving stuff in.


Thanks Issaac!! Phil likes his pen.

Jimmy talks about Phil’s PBS show.

Phil describes himself as “Anthony Bourdain who is afraid of everything.”


45 – Dave Spector: 

Phil ate the live shrimp!!

Phil says he is trying to get people to travel with his show.

Jimmy enjoyed the show.

50 – Jimmy is nuts with his food so he really can’t eat anything on that show. Jimmy explains where it went wrong with the noodles. It was the use of the word “fat” that messed up the noodles.

Phil was waiting forever for a hotdog basically. He wanted warm sour krout but they were out of it Apparently they still had cold sour krout though. He had to leave without eating.

Phil tells Jimmy to enjoy life more.

Jimmy and Danielle went to California Pizza Kitchen before the concert.

Columbia House talk.

55 – Three Doors Night talk. Jimmy sang Joy to the World as a kid. He had to stand on a desk so everyone can see them.

Everyone’s eating Nature Box!

The panel talks Phil’s Documentary Exporting Raymond. It’s on Netflix.


60 – Phil says ELR had the best Craft Services. Jimmy says he heard it was King of Queens.
Phil talks about being the boss on a TV show.

Someone stole the Be Nice sign that hung for seven years back stage at Raymond.

Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler

65 – Phil calls Andy Kindler the comedians comedian because no on else likes him.

Talking Andy Kindler twitter meltdowns.

Matt asks Phil if he ever did stand up. He did it once. He talks about it.

He sold the first thing he ever wrote to HBO in 1988 for 70 grand.

70 – Jimmy asks Phil about his acting credits. He was on 30 Rock, Spanglish, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Alec Baldwin is the only person that intimidated him because he is so great.

Jimmy asks how Phil handles a first time actor that is flustered by working with big names and having nerve issues. The Be Nice motto was always in action on Raymond.

75 – A good time is essential for comedy!! Jimmy calls working on Becker a great experience.


Matt Weiner did write on Becker. David Chase did not.

Jimmy’s Becker episode: 

Jimmy wonders if he should watch Friday Night Lights or Parenthood. The consensus is to watch FNL first because it came first and it’s the same creator.

85 – Phil talks about how great Italy is. Everyone is sweet and the food is amazing. Couples and friends walk arm in arm.

One of the episodes of Phil’s show is set here in Los Angeles. He insisted on at least one American city.

90 – Phil says that LA is the best food city in the country right now because of such a vast diverse population.

Phil talks about the best taco he had. It was on the show in East LA.

95 – Phil talks about getting Ray Romano to Italy and how it inspired his new show.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy the ads!

www.PBS.org/WhatPhilsHaving for his show!

Phil has a friend name Tom Werner and people used to picket his office thinking he was Time Warner.

100 – Talking about local foods. Jimmy mentions Phillipes. He’s never been there. Phil mentions Grand Central Market. It’s across the street from Angel’s Flight.



Phil and Jimmy talk about Chocolate Egg Cream in the show.

Phil doesn’t want to Live Tweet his show but he’s gonna do it. Apparently, it gets more people watching.


Eliot says something, gets iced but Phil trumps it asking, “Was that a joke?”

Matt took the family to see Aladdin at the El Capitan. They loved it!

Jimmy gives to Phil Rosenthal: 14 (Movies)

Phil Rosenthal gives to Jimmy: 2 (Broadway)

Jimmy blames Phil for that.

Phil wonders what Jimmy’s favorite restaurants are. Jimmy can’t answer.

Jimmy can’t think of any.

Phil likes us all.

Phil talks about the Batman 60s series. Phil worked with one of the producers. Apparently Adam West wasn’t in on the joke of the show.

Batman Blueray


I’ll have what Phil’s Having – Monday nights on PBS!
See you next time!

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