17H – Inking the deal with Russ McGarry


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


17 Halloween

Peter and Grant’s IndieGoGo 

00 – Welcome in!

Our thoughts go out to the people in Oregon with this new shooting.

Jimmy wants Jim Beaver from Deadwood on the show

Jimmy prefers prompter to queue cards.

We lost Peter Falk. Too soon. Matt says his eye is still around. It’s in the Smithsonian.

Jimmy was a little late today. He did see Eliot on the freeway on the way here. Eliot saw Jimmy get on the freeway one car ahead of him.

Jimmy was honking and some dumb cooz who was doing everything wrong.

05 – Jimmy is proud of Eliot’s freeway technique. “Gorgeous driving!” – Jimmy

Jimmy says he let Eliot beat him so he could get here and set up. In truth, Jimmy got stuck behind a truck in the HOV lane.

Jimmy reiterates his being impressed by Eliot’s driving to the point that he couldn’t consider running him off the road.

We talk about the comments on my wifi post on FB.

Jimmy talks about strong man competitions.

clean and jerk10 – Clean and jerk talk. We talk to Grant about lifting. He is a fan of the deadlift and thinks the clean and jerk is too risky. He deadlifted 350 in college.

Jimmy wonders what would happened if he wanted to jerk but not clean.

Jimmy and Grant talk personal training. Grant explains.

He questions Jimmy’s 50 push-ups a day.
Grant’s trainer’s advice is too look in the mirror. If you like what you see, don’t worry about the scale.

15 – Hello to Peter Pardini!

Black Cat is the movie. Jimmy has a role in the movie.

Here is their indie go-go campaign 

20 – Our guest Russ McGarry is here! He’s also a filmmaker.

Wesley Curtis Productions! Peter and Grant’s middle names.

Let’s go players club! Let’s throw some dough over here.

$1250 and you get to act in a scene with Jimmy!

Sherlock hat chat!

Diane Franklin and her coat chat.

Claudia Wells

 Her store!

Back to the Future chat.

Peter Weller – Robocop chat!

25 – Black Cat indiegogo on all search engines!

Jimmy suggests Jay Leno try being funny.

MC Lyte talk.

Grant talks about the people in the film. They’re able to get a lot of people in the film.

30 – Grant asks if Jimmy’s real name is James.

Matt calls Grant’s dad Jimmy Raisins.

We’re digging into some dried fruit that Grant brought for Jimmy. Great presentation.

Thumbs up on the fruit! Not on the Esquire thing.

Thanks Peter and Grant!!!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

35 – We’re back! The Filmmakers are gone. We chased them out. But we did enjoy some Gary’s Dried Fruit!

Jimmy talks about Yankee’s radio and is about to ask if any of us listen when he realizes that no way do any of us listen to that.

He talks about John Serling ignoring his co-host.

17 Helium!

Jimmy is tired of the bullshit! He wants a clean ship! It’s a brand new day!

40 – Someone figured out the guy who he saw the other day: John Glover!!

Here are some things people post about John and Suzyn:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Russ McGarry’s here!

Russ enjoyed his Uber driver. Jimmy and Matt talk about sitting in the front seat and being in the wrong. Jimmy sat in the back over the weekend and loved it.

Jimmy saw a picture of Eliot and said he looked handsome in it.

Matt makes a Kenny Loggins joke reference.

Matt goes back to Ryan’s celeb sighting.

Tall White man, 60s, often plays a political bad guy perhaps, Jeffrey tambour type.

45 – We talk about Ryan’s shirt. A big monkey face.


Were betting on the release date of Gremlins 
Jimmy – 83
Russ – 81
Eliot – 86
Matt – 84

1984! Matt wins!!

50 – Russ uses the debit card. He and Jimmy both hate when people say PIN Number or ATM Machine.

Matt has more than once come across ATMs that only give 50s.

Filmmaker Russ McGarry is here! He’d be here once a season if he lived here.

Russ wants to show us his lime water face. Eliot not paying attention. He’s on his heals from Jimmy’s compliments.

55 – Russ takes a drink from his lime water. Jimmy takes a sip. It’s soap like. Gross.

Jimmy calls his tea Asian Water.

Jimmy used to love the Olympics. The panel talks about television shows.

Russ grew up near Chicago in Westchester. “off the ike”

60 – Russ talks about watching an old comedy tape of his.

Jimmy thinking about going to see Idina Menzel. He’s thinking about it.

They’re going to see Duran Duran tonight.

Russ tells a story about Chic walking down the street singing awww fuck you walking down the street.

Paper Gods

Paper Gods

New Duran Duran album: 

65 – Russ tells his Duran Duran story. He saw a guy in his office watching something. It was Nick Rhodes watching a cut of the Behind the Music.

Matt endorses The Grinder! Calls it really funny and that Rob Lowe is great. “really funny show, well written.”

Piece of dry skin fell off Jimmy’s head. Russ and Matt tell him how terrible it looks. It’s a joke!!

Jimmy talks about the Duran Duran set. “Not a miss in the bunch.”

70 – Jimmy talks about Gary Coleman and his attempt to give him a nickname.

Ooohhh Jim Glick!

Halloween! Not a winner.

75 – Russ talks Halloween costumes and adults wearing them.

Muppets chat!!


Doc Talk

80 – Russ talks about his documentary One Fall!

Matt just watched Overnighters. Really good.

the-overnightersWe talk briefly about Eliot showing up at Pat’s house for his birthday 3 hours early.

Russ does not watch Ink Masters. Jimmy’s two favorite reality shows of all time, ink masters and Rock Star INXS. Both hosted by Dave Navarro.

Jimmy really enjoys Ink Masters.

85 – Talking about Tattoos! Russ has 30 hours worth.

Rare second break! Russ McGarry is here!


90 – Welcome back! Matt and Russ were talking about the Atari Documentary during the break. Jimmy wanted to bring it on air. Matt didn’t think it’d be that interesting.

We have a winner in the sevens contest!!

Jimmy opens a nature box.

Russ is amazed he is an answer in Sevens.

Eliot’s H word was HOV.

Matt’s was Hootie.

Russ’ word was Hellion.

Hellion/Electric Eye is a Judas Priest song.

The winner of the sevens contest is Adam and Tracey! They got 33 pts.

Jimmy recounts his Ernest Borgnine sighting.

Awwww Pete Schwaba!

95 – Jimmy talks about going to see Bryan Adams with Pat Francis at the Grammy Museum. He did four songs.

It was a rough Q&A apparently. Bryan wasn’t really all that forthcoming with answers on a few questions.

100 – Pat Francis asks a question and Jimmy describes how Pat asks the question, “What was it like working with Clint Eastwood?” It apparently caused a lot of tension. As they left Pat said he’d already thought of a hundred better questions including, what’s your favorite color?”

Jimmy shrugs over the new Bryan Adams music.

Brand New Day is the new Bryan Adams single.

105 – Jimmy saw some fake breasts recently with hard nipples outside in the heat. He was confused by it.

Jimmy got recognized twice on the street in El Segundo at 930 in the morning. He also went to Barnes and Noble and the guy helping him got tongue-tied.

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

Matt 94
Jimmy 97
Russ 95
Eliot 96

All For Love

Everything I Do

110 – Talking Summer of 69!

Cajun Jimmy

Cajun Jimmy

115 – Russ brought us a gift from a fan of the show. Jimmy’s not good at getting gifts, he explains it to Russ. He’s honored and greatful and says so before opening it.

It’s a framed picture of Cajun Jimmy by Josh Tabek. Jimmy loves it.

120 – Russ tells us a Kevin Spacey story with Mike Schmidt going to far with jokes.

125 – Russ talks about people being impressed he knows Mike Schmidt from Baseketball.

Matt talks about dropping a show, Jimmy panics that it’s Nashville. It isn’t.

Jimmy slept for 13 hours last night.

Matt’s sister is calling him.

Jimmy shows off Wayne Federman’s new CD that covers 30 years of stand up over his entire career.

130 – no better way to listen to rock and roll than vinyl.

Russ tells a story that Jimmy says is the “craziest in the world.” Russ and Jimmy were at the same jc penny at the same time getting pictures with two baseball players. The pictures are pretty much identical.

Wayne Nordhagen – 

See you next time!!!

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