Season 17 Bonus Episode – Live in Toronto (Night 1)

Hitman Hart schools those fools, Jimmy and Matt

Hitman Hart schools those fools, Jimmy and Matt


Show notes by Darryl Asher

Live from the Comedy Bar


One man standing ovation to start the show

This is the same audience Jimmy just did an hour of stand-up for

Chicago is in town at the Molson

A fan in the audience is unfortunately named Jared

Weird ice cream flavors from the audience


Please welcome The Honcho Matt Belknap

Jimmy recaps his audience chat for Matt, even though Matt was standing RIGHT THERE

More about the audience member Jared

Matt and Jimmy went to movies today, different ones, and walked separately

They went to the near-condemned Rainbow Theater

Jimmy talks about his and Matt’s conversation with their cab driver


The taxi driver did not want to be judged about his musical taste just because he was listening to Jay Zee on the radio (which is a fair point, actually)

The driver’s favorite band is Pearl Jam

The taxi driver was determined to be mad at Jimmy no matter what

Rush convention / Chicago convention / Harry Chapin convention

The audience may not be up on Never Not Funny references


Taxi and Uber talk

Back to the Rainbow Theater

What’s playing tomorrow night at 11 at the Rainbow?

Death Becomes Her

Both Matt and Jimmy had people sit close to them in near-empty theaters

Matt saw Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Jimmy saw No Escape and loved it, even though it wasn’t good


Popcorn at the movies – no salt in Canada?

No Escape was a tense movie and gut-wrenching for parents

Let’s open mail!



Gambling Time!

Betting on what album is in the package

Gordon Lightfoot and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Who Wants to be a Millionaire music while opening the package


Jimmy is a failure at package opening


The big reveal: WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wham Rap time

Young Guns and Wham Rap 12 inch single

Thanks Nug!

An audience member is here for Bret Hart and doesn’t know what’s going on

Matt: “We bought houses off this!”


Celebrity Sighting

Matt saw a celebrity at the airport



Side bet between Jimmy and a chatty Bret Hart fan Akeev (or however you spell it)

Lots of wrong guesses and questions

Chatty audience member Akeev (?) answers correctly: Paul Rudd!



Jimmy saw Bill Hader


Please welcome Todd Van Allen

Baseball talk

No one knows the old “Atari app” about baseball


Getting to know Todd

Todd’s wife is Italian / Polish

Jimmy wants to know all about Todd’s wife’s cooking

Todd uses the word “cooper” and at least one audience member knows what it is

Todd has worked his way up in the family sausage making assembly line

Best port: Port 21


Todd and wife did some whale watching recently: saw 4 whales!

Details about the whale watching trip

Whales are the clowns of the water

Too many whale/clown references

Todd’s boat was threatened by a whale


Dress properly for a whale trip!

Jimmy does Mandy Pitinkin as Dave Matthews

Trident joke enrages Jimmy

Jimmy, Matt, and Todd are seeing the Blue Jays tomorrow

Cheapskate Matt prefers a cheap seat

Jimmy is excited to welcome wrestling legend Bret The Hitman Hart!


Akeev is excited to see Bret, not so much about Never Not Funny

Jimmy threatens to have Bret kill Akeev

Background about Bret’s wrestling career

“They give you the last 3 seconds, the rest is between you and the guy you’re dancing with”


Bret explains that if you start losing matches, you are categorized as a loser

Vince McMahon can only determine who to push by crowd reaction

Another big part was t-shirt sales

Is there a wrestling minor league?


Bret is proud of never actually hurting anyone in the ring

Where did the Hitman nickname come from?

thomas-hitman-hearns_16Bret stole it from Hitman Hearns

Bret’s mom took some time to become a fan


Details about how hard wrestling is in the ring

Bret still watches wrestling


Bret does not own a hockey team anymore

Bret never practiced moves, just tried them live

Even though the outcome is predetermined, the wrestlers try not to be “outshined” by each other

Jimmy lets Akeev ask a question

A.J. Styles – any chance for him in WWE?


Jimmy wants to wrestle Akeev

Jimmy doesn’t know anything about wrestling, but did buy the wrestling album in the 80s

Bret was on a song that went to #4 in the U.K.

“Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye”

Bret said he would talk through the song “like Telly Savalas”

Akeev tries to crash the green room

“Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye” plays over the house P.A.

Simon Cowell is a good producer


Time to play Sevens, the Never Not Funny category

Audience member Steve plays with Jimmy

Jimmy ruins the whole game right away

New game!

Never Not Funny Category: 12 points

With Matt: 12 points


Last game with Andrew from the audience

Never Not Funny category with Jimmy: 13


Despite doing well, Andrew is not a true fan since he didn’t guess Never Not Notes from “Darryl Asher hosts a website”

Andrew gets the gambling money

Thanks to everyone!