1708 – Rolling Credits with Jon Hamm

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Emmy winner Jon Hamm

Emmy winner Jon Hamm

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00 – Welcome! Jimmy not liking his headphones out of the gate! Matt fixes.

Jimmy’s rocking a v-neck.

Jimmy talks about podfest, which they don’t really call it that.

Sketchfest talk! 

We MAY be back at Sketchfest this year. We’re not sure yet though.

John Cusack chat!

Better Off Dead chat. The guys don’t like the animated scenes.

John Cusack was on Nerdist. Here is an article about it: 

That article points out that he doesn’t hate the movie.

Here is more 

jonhammemmy05 – Matt tries to shit on Eliot’s new ticker, Jimmy doesn’t allow it.

Matt tries to interrupt Jimmy’s song, Jimmy says, “Haannggg on!”

Matt asks about Rock On. Jimmy hasn’t played it yet. Apparently it’s single player song pop.

Some Sevens talk.

Matt goes back to Rock On. Had difficulty with the folk category.

10 – Rock On song – 

Livin’ on Love is Alan Jackson 

9/11 profiteer Alan Jackson’s song is Where Were You (when the world stopped turning) –

Jimmy tells us more about his V-Neck situation. People complimented him a lot when he wore one of them so he bought some more from his local tailor.

Danielle said the one he’s wearing looks like scrubs.

Jimmy saw Loverboy at the Saban.

When the Swallows Come Back To Capistrano 

Jimmy says the crowd wasn’t full. The Saban seats 1,897 people.

He suspects around 500 people and he felt bad for them. Calls it a 9/10 show.

15 – Microsoft Theater (previously the Nokia Theatre) is a music and theatre venue seating 7,100, while Club Nokia is a club venue with a seating capacity of 2,300 for live music and cultural events. 

Jimmy in a battle for third place in the NNF fantasy league. The guy in first is going to win by an embarrassing margin.

Jimmy infuriated by people who haven’t made a move or line up change since April. Waste of a space!

20 – This is a serious league guys! Not a jizz in your face, cock out next to George Michael league.

Jimmy compliments my new found confidence.

Venue talk.

250px-Nashville_logo25 – 2300 at Club Nokia. Jimmy doesn’t buy it.

Our guest isn’t here yet. Jimmy getting worried.

Nashville is back!!! Jimmy and Matt talk about it.

Jimmy talks about the Eclipse last night.

Jimmy talks about watching celestial events as a kid.

30 – Jimmy’s not mad at the moon. He thought it was fine. Brought back some nice memories he could share with Oliver.

[pardostory] Jimmy talks about cutting school to see The Pope as a kid.

Jimmy calls Eliot the walking version of giving an inch, taking a mile.

Jimmy tells the story about seeing the pope. He lists the friends who went along with him.

35 – Quigley South was a seminary school. It closed in 1990. 

More pope in 79 stories – 

We’ll be back!

45 – We’re back!

Emmy Award Winner Jon Hamm is here guys!! He has to announce himself as Emmy Award Winner Jon Hamm.

His family calls him Jonathon but at a recent reunion they tried to adopt Jon and it was weird.

Jon talks about cousin Leonard who wants to be Len now.

50 – Rivals talk! “no one remembers the titans.” – Jon

The credits have rolled!

55 – Movie a day talk!

Wiki updates!

Oak Forest alumni

60 – Randy Travis chat!

Don Dixon chat. 

He is married to Marti Jones – 

Jimmy went as the pope for halloween that year he saw him.

jerusalem cricket beetleJon talks about seeing a Jerusalem Beetle.

They’re actually called Jerusalem Crickets – 

65 – Baseball chat! Jon and Jimmy talk playoffs and Cubs chances.

PNC Park is the Pittsburgh Pirates stadium – 

Jon has a friend that wrote on the famous secret bbq sauce episode of the Cosby Show.

70 – Checking in with Eliot. Two openings over at the Familliare.

Jon and Jimmy doing their realtor characters.

Get it together gang!!

Jimmy’s opening some mail with a batman keychain from Oliver. He cat scratches at his mic and gets some pain in return.

75 – Jimmy and Jon talk golf.

Jimmy opens the package from Ben Riley. It’s a classic double action figure set of a couple of White Sox.

Jimmy reads the note. Matt calls it 80% slams.

Andrew Dice Clay chat.

Jerky Boys chat.

80 – Jerky Boys movie

The Sklars

The Sklars

Jimmy gives us his technique on telling the Sklars apart.

85 – Jimmy talks about his new reading glasses.

Exacerbate the Sitch is gonna be Jon’s podcast title.

Jon lets Jimmy know we have glasses figured out.

Talkin Jimmy’s V-neck. Jon describes it as a shallow V.

Jimmy tries to get Jon to guess that actor that he saw.

Jimmy saw five movies this week out in theatres.

The Town

Hotel Transylvania talk. Matt enjoys them.

90 – Jon asks Matt and Jimmy the last movie they took their kids to that was unexpectedly great. Jimmy’s answer was Paul Blart 2. Matt was Shaun the Sheep.

Jimmy wants an award for his Hannibal voice. He’s gonna throttle Jon for not giving him his due on the voice.

Baseball fight talk. Papalbon vs Harper.

95 – Kurt Schilling talk! A “great businessman.”

Jon and Jimmy talk French.

Eliot chimes in with ACTUAL French. Jimmy shoves his mic away for an ice.

Mad at france chat.

The guys talk about where they were on 9/11. Jon was in Canada at a film festival. Says the Canadians were extremely kind and helpful. Jon talks about how his phone worked when everyone else’s didn’t so he was able to put people in touch.

Inside job! Jimmy has a friend who truly believes 9/11 was an inside job.

Jon recommends Bad News Bears!

Jon had a crush on Tatum O’Neal and eventually was able to meet her.

kristy-mcnichol-3-440Jimmy talks about Kristy McNichol.

105 – Technology chats. Jon hasn’t changed anything in his phone.

110 – Jon talks about his Emmy festivities.

Sofia Vergara was eating popcorn apparently right behind Jon.

Jon talks about seat fillers.

Eliot was a seat filler for the Emmys in the late 90s.

Jimmy does his James Spader quote, Jon asks if it’s Ultron.


And back!

We’re gonna play some Sevens before we go!

Jon loves Threes and the sounds.

Jimmy’s trying to get his Threes app to play sound. He loves the audio.


Jimmy gives to Jon: 19 (TV Shows)
Jon gives to Jimmy: 20 (TV Shows)

120 – more eclipse talk.

Thanks Jon! A JOY!!

Jon’s first appearance was episode 403.

Jon talks about his text from Jimmy before the emmys. He’s glad Jimmy gets to stick around since he won the emmy.

125 – Flippity flop on stage!

Emmy Winner Jon Hamm guys!


My pleasure,

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