17G – Brimming with Confidence with Michael Kosta

Michael Kosta

Michael Kosta


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome to the Players Club! 17G!

This does not stream live!

Jimmy considers dropping video and streaming live. Matt doesn’t sound like he is on board.

Everyone’s recording lately!

Jimmy was on Bob and Tom recently.

Jimmy enjoys the new Harry’s face wash.

Congrats Jon Hamm on your Emmy win!!!

Weird light situation.

Jimmy does some preacher voice that he thinks sounds too much like Phil Hendrie’s preacher.

Matt and Jimmy talk about Jimmy’s characters.

Great speech from Jon!

Jimmy wishes Mad Men would have won and broke the record since he thinks it changed the landscape of television.

05 – Terrific time at Podfest!

Eliot’s iced.

Jimmy explains that he HAD to ice Eliot at the live show because the audience demanded it.

Jimmy had no more than one hour of sleep before the podfest show. He talks about it.

Nice 4PM show! Eliot and I were there.

Jimmy went home and slept for 10 hours.

Jimmy’s new thing is ladies’ golf.

Jon Hamm, feeling lucky

Jon Hamm, feeling lucky

Jimmy didn’t want to put it in Jon’s head to thank him. He didn’t want to make it about him. He let it be Jon’s night.

10 – Lots of nice Asian asses in the Solheim cup apparently.

LIMITED TIME ONLY shirts available at

Tom and Megan Ellsworth are here!

Tom’s won 3 pardcastathon auctions. He won the museum, the roll playing game one, and the year before lunch with Jimmy. He graciously said he’d do a sit in on the show as opposed to the crazy scheduling of the other stuff.

Tom did not mean to win the RPG auction. He just wanted to boost the amount on it.

Tom and Megan have been together 1 year. Megan is pregnant! With a baby!

15 – 3 more weeks and they’ll know the gender of the baby.

What are the odds of naming the kid Garon, 6,999.

Megan also listens and was at the San Fran show with Tom.

17 weeks today into the pregnancy.

Tom wants a boy for lawn work.

20 – They bought a house and are turning around and selling it immediately. Someone broke in and stole toilet paper and keys.

Comcast wanted to charge them $188,000 to set up cable.

Best of luck with the baby Tom and Megan! Thank you for the Smile Train donations! It’s a secret because Megan doesn’t know.

Michael Kosta is here!

Medicine Bag – 

Were all squeezing onto the couch.

Tom donated a lot.

No tennis for Michael today.
He slept in. No emmys. He had a show on Emmy night.

Tom wonders if the floor was ever opened for questions.


25 – Floor is open: Jimmy saw The Gift and The Visit. It was great to be in a crowded theater.

Let us run our show Tom!!

Jimmy wonders if anyone has actually known someone who put headphones on their stomachs to play Mozart for the baby.

The Ellsworths are in Sacramento currently.

Sacramento audience chat!

30 – Josh Groban did favorite Jimmy’s tweet!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back to 17 Gaberdine!

35 – Jimmy takes down Grace Helbig for no reason. It’s the only name he could pull, he wanted to take down Britney Furlong instead

Jimmy doesn’t get YouTube phenoms. He talks about coming up in clubs and earning it fame.

Michael talks about the difference between bombing in front of a crowd doing stand up and bombing on YouTube.

Fantasy Sports chat.

Michael has a flat brim on his hat. Jimmy talks about it.

CC Sabathia – 

40 – Tom Brady chat. Cheat!

Biggest NFL cheaters – 

Jimmy talks to Michael about The Comment Section. He loves it. He wouldn’t push it if he didn’t like it. Michael talks about what the show is.

45 – Both Jimmy and Michael are waiting for news on renewals of their shows.

50 – Can we say someone’s hot?

CC Sabathia did not play for the tigers!

Jimmy takes the money.

JD Drew – 

Cape Cod League

Independent Baseball League

55 – Battered Bastards of Baseball

Jimmy bums some Tylenol from Megan.

We talk aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

Tom’s G word was Groundhog.

Megan’s favorite Red Sox player is Kurt Schilling. Jimmy doesn’t approve.

60 – Jimmy talks about the Republican Debate.

Michael talks about Austrailian elections

Megan’s g word was Gellatin.

Eliot’s G word was G.L.O.W.

Matt’s word was Guppy.


Australian Campaining – Federal election campaigns are traditionally approximately six weeks. [ 3] Polling day [4] for federal elections must occur on a Saturday, [5] at least 33 days and no more than 58 days after the issue of the writs.

65 – We’re digging into a Nature Box so Jimmy can get some food in him.

tennis racquetball trainerEveryone’s snacking!

Michael is a ranked tennis player! He had a three-digit ranking. It started with an 8.

864 is Michael’s career ranking. 864 in the world. He made 11k in 4 years on a tour.

70 – The biggest tournie for Michael was qualifying round for the RC tournie in Indianapolis.

Michael talks about the match and what Lucky Loser means and possibly buying out a match to make it into the tournament.

75 – Michael decided not to buy the match and ended up losing and that guy went to the tournament.

The guys talk more about selling the match and regrets.

Michael finds it funny that in tennis they keep the balls in the pants and weird that that baseball players wear belts.

[pardostory] Jimmy has a game-worn uniform of Alan Bannister. Jimmy tells the story about it. The auction had Danielle and Mike Schmidt bidding on it to get it for his birthday.

80 – Alan Bannister – 

Batting Average .270!

85 – Michael wonders where the white sox players live. Jimmy speculates.

Michael grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He talks about doing comedy there.

Talking about Tom Soble discovering Sinbad.

Jimmy talks about feelings he gets after receiving a standing ovation.

Jimmy talks about opening for Tommy Chong and Tommy getting an ovation when he came on stage. Jimmy talks about not wanting to hang with tommy to the point where he said, “I’m not eating today” when Tommy invited him to lunch.

90 – Michael talks about how lots of comics are really good at being alone. Michael talks about his experiences too.

Michael and Jimmy talk about comedian Mike McCray.

Michael talks about playing on Donna Mills and her clay tennis court that she lets basically anyone use. Michael prefers a clay court.

95 – Jimmy talks about his second favorite club in the country being the club near UofM in Ann Arbor. They’ve cultivated great audiences over there.

Jimmy talks abut his worst bomb ever being at Bears. Good pizza though.

Chris Evert

Chris Evert

100 – 1993 Stanley Cup Finals

Chris Evert and Greg Norman were married for 15 months – 

105 – Michael got a girlfriend.

Google search talk!

Sledding hill talks.

110 – Jimmy supports Hilary.

Tom listens to Jordan Jesse Go and Probably Science Now.

Talking in the movies talk!

Jimmy talks about Oliver going to Magic camp over the summer and how he learned the switching bodies in a box trick.

Jimmy likes magic!

Lee Delano took Oliver to the Magic Castle.

Michael apparently subscribed, unsubscribed, and resubscribed again to NNF over the years. He also compliments Danielle.

Michael and Jimmy also do Mockpocalypse on Axess live.

Thanks Tom and Megan for being here! Tom’s a computer geek. A cloud design engineer. Leap day baby! Tom lifts a joke from Megan.

Baby name talk.

Pregnancy brings hormones guys.

Thanks for being here! They’re taking off right after this.

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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