17I – Doing Time with Lenny Schmidt

Lenny Schmidt

Lenny Schmidt


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome to the players club!!

Jimmy’s wearing another v-neck! They’re very popular in his drawer.

Jimmy picks up a Fitz and the Tantrum t-shirts on a clearance sale from their site.

Jimmy is pretty obsessed with Neil Young’s Live Rust album right now. “Wooo! Good stuff!”

Shark_Tank_LogoJimmy talks to Eliot about Shark Tank. He couldn’t sleep last night so he watched the new episodes.

Jimmy talks about the cast members tripping over themselves to make Ashton Kutcher happy (he was a guest on the show).

Eliot has wanted someone to call out Mr. Wonderful for his rudeness and Ashton finally did it.

Eliot continues his Shark Tank update!

05 – Tweet Tweet baby! Faraday in a cage.

Eliot talks about getting upset about the lady on ST saying women don’t understand technology.

Matt talks about Jennifer Aniston’s plane commercial.

10 – Antony Rapp and Moneesh owe Jimmy money.

Jimmy talks about the Cubs and thinking they might take it all this year.

Here comes the last NNF Fantasy BBall update!

Here is Mad Dog!

Lets go Cubs!

Top Four:
4 – Vagabonds of the Night 93 pts
3 – Spineless Windbags! 101 pts – Jimmy’s team!
2 – Zach’s temp team name 102 pts
1 – The Living Players 128 pts! Winner!

Steve Johnson calls his strategy of drafting 3 of the 10 best players, “risky.”

Congrats to all!

15 – There will be no NNF Fantasy Basketball League. Matt has shut it down.


True or false Jimmy auditioned for the film version of Call of the Wild. True story!

See you next season Jimmy Mad Dog Russo!

20 – Matt asks if Jimmy would play fantasy football with General Hospital people.

Fantasy league chat.

25 – In it to win it guys!!

Danielle has told Jimmy he has to stop saying Y’unnerstand at the house.

I was out with our guest so I missed some chat.

Sounds like Duran Duran talk!

Actually it’s The Cure talk.

30 – Lenny Schmidt is here! Mike’s brother!

Jimmy agonizes over Cure tickets on Ticketmaster.


35 – Betting on Robert smiths age

55 – eliot
62 – lenny
59 – matt
54 – jimmy


No winner!!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back! 17 Iron Maiden!!!!

Matt wins!!!

No keyboards in Iron Maiden yet Jimmy sings and plays the keys as if there were.

I love them guys! – Jimmy

iron maidenLenny grew up near Kaminski. He was down there this weekend. Lots of traffic around 8800 Corcoran. (Jimmy’s old address)

40 – Jimmy and Lenny talk Chicago friends, their fantasy league, and more.

45 – Procurred is a word that Jimmy uses to feel smart.

No one likes my shorts.

50 – Ill fitting pant! My word was inside pitch. Jimmy talks about the inside pitch show.

Ciao and chillax! – the show’s sign off.

Lenny talks Chicago’s indoor amusement park and it’s final years in operation. Very few people. One guy ran between rides to turn them on for you.

Legendary Chicago comedian Larry Reid ran the coaster at that amusement park.

55 – Dave Spector chat! 

Jimmy and Lenny talk coming up in Chicago and working as a comic.

ill have what phils having60 – Jimmy and Matt watched the second episode of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. Jimmy teared up.

Jimmy recounts a Dan Cronin busing Jeff Ross story.

Checking in with Eliot.


65 – No openings at the Familiare! Jimmy wants the rent to come down to about $1250.

Jimmy talks about Rent for his Mom and when it’s worth moving her to a cheaper place.

No pets in Eliot’s building. We’re out!

Eliot tells a small story. Jimmy and Matt immediately get up to leave. Jimmy passes out snacks but decides he does want to hear the story.

Eliot’s I word is International Waters.

70 – Brett Favre chat. Jimmy talks about Brett endorsing a great elbow sheath.

Matt got Iron Maiden!

75 – Lenny’s I word was Infield Fly!

Tonight, Jimmy will be watching and supporting the Cubs. Lenny feels the same way.

More baseball chat.

We wish them luck like all Cubans.

Jimmy tells a story about when he was found yelling at a baseball coach when he was drunk.

80 – Lenny has a funny drunk Jimmy story. He helped chase down some guys that skipped out on a tab. 4 huge guys had the guys surrounded and Jimmy comes up, ten feet away, and goes “you guys got this? I’ll jump in if you need it!”

Lenny and Mike worked on the road together for 2 years. Mike hated it because he would always be the designated driver since he didn’t drink and Lenny would always get drunk.

85 – Lenny talks about making Mike do his Elvis joke every night and he being the only one laughing at it.

Lenny talks about being in jail for 4 days because a judge was pissed off about a previous case. He talks about the experience of being in jail.

90 – Lenny likens prison to being stuck on a cruise ship that also has the same feeling of isolation. Jimmy asks Lenny about performing on a cruise. You can interact with the guests as much as you want but you can’t go to their cabins or bring them to your cabin. No inappropriate conduct is allowed.

Lenny talks about how he has stopped drinking while performing.

CDIFF cleared up, but no Mexican anti-biotics

CDIFF cleared up, but no Mexican antibiotics

95 – Jimmy gets his Mexican antibiotics that he can’t use anyway because he had CDIFF.


Jimmy asks if the floor is opened for questions. Eliot checks and indeed the floor is open. It is.

Matt asks if Lenny is allowed to hook up with crew since he cant hook up with any guests. In fact, you CAN. Lenny has hooked up with crewmates.

Lenny’s kids are 14 and 11. They spent july on a cruise ship with him. Had a blast.

His daughter did some shows with him. Lenny thinks she is really funny.

100 – The shows are helping make Lenny a stronger comic.

Lenny talks about getting hit by two cars! He named his fantasy Baseball team name the unbreakables because of it.

He tells the story about what happened. He was shot into the air crashed into another car’s windshield and then shot out onto the street. Only had bruises and some stitches. Nothing broken.

110 – Lenny tells another Jimmy story. A lot of people saying Go Cubs go cubs at this game. Finally some kid walks by and says Go cubs! Jimmy immediately responds, “fuck off kid!”

Jimmy tells more of the story about getting into it with some fan of a local DJ that Jimmy didn’t like. Jimmy was totally hammered the whole day. HE drove home drunk, drove over medians, came home and fell asleep on the kitchen floor where his mom and step dad found him.

The guys sing some Titanic.

This was great and long over due! A pleasure AND a joy!

See you next time!!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth