1707 – Trumpeting Success – Live from LA Podfest with Pat Francis

Jimmy Matt PatIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Dom DeLouise hat in the building!

Jimmy does some John Wayne slapstick.

Was John Wayne gay? 

Rumor has it yes!

Jimmy intros the Podfest crew.

Jimmy wants a higher stool.

Uncomfortable stool!!

Matt needs to rethink his hair due to the high hair.

Jimmy sings some Rick Astley.

Jimmy really not liking the high school.

Matt tells him to sit like a human being.

Jimmy says he’s like Lily Tomlin

05 – [pardostory] Jimmy tells a Bill Maher story. 1997 – Improv.

Josh Groban favorite one of Jimmy’s tweets!

Matt and Jimmy talk Twitter.

Jimmy thinks Palin’s got a shot at winning the election.

It’s okay to laugh about ahmed the clock kid now. David Letterman let us know it’s okay to laugh.

Matt tries to guess a song. He guesses Jim Parsons. Not accurate.

Jim Stafford is the correct answer.

Jimmy continues his Bill Maher story. It was before everyone hated him.

Ted L Nancy is in deed Barry Marder.

Letters From a Nut – 

Matt calls Jimmy the Forest Gum

10 – Matt asks a guy his favorite movie: “not this again!” Jimmy had asked him in SanFran. It’s American Hustle. He hasn’t seen anything since.

Jimmy wonders if he is afraid

15 – M Night Shyamalan talk.

earbudsPeppas! – Matt

Call me lucky talk!

Earbud doc talk

Airbud talk.

20 – The Clockmaker is a great name for an assassin.

Rick Astley greatest hits talk.

April Richardson is in the audience!

25 – Jimmy talks with Eliot about the Familliare.


Eliot just rented an apartment space to someone.

$100 for a second parking spot.

Parking Spot Dealer is a great new show on the CW.

Eliot’s response gets him iced. Matt walks off stage.

He remembered he wanted water with Iiiiice.

We lost Fred Travalena. Too soon or right on time.

Pat saw Fred Travalena while seeing Santa Claus with the family.

Eliot chimes in about grandfather ages. Jimmy scolds him but then laughs at him.

Jimmy does an audible ad.

30 – My book is on Audible!

We’re back!

Pat Francis is here!!!!

Watch your head Pat!

demonicJimmy asks Pat his favorite song with Magic in it.

Pat goes Bill Maher style and almost falls. Jimmy fell off a ladder once and twisted his ankle really bad.

35 – Jimmy demonstrates his ladder fucking skills.

Criss Cross Apple Sauce now not Indian style.

Jimmy sets up Pat “Byron Allen” style.

The guys question Pat about what kind of a pizza place this is.

Jimmy talks about a guy in the crowd. Pat “He’s wearing a comedy shirt so we know.”

Pat goes back to the story.

Jimmy wonders if we can still saw Jiu jitsu without offending our Jewish friends.

Fuck em if they get white sauce on a pizza.

40 – Jimmy talks about Three Dog Night and the origin of their name.

Pat doesn’t even want to finish the pizza story now. He thinks its gonna be a zero.

The panel talks about the mic throwing incident.

Jimmy gives the accurate run down of what happened.

pizzaPat finishes the story. They wanted slices. The lady behind the counter said they had slices she said of course! They order and she asks the cook if they have slices, “no!” he says. They had to get a small pizza.

Pat doesn’t recall the name of the place.

45 – More pizza talk! Jimmy enjoys a Fresh Brothers pizza ad gets Oliver a subway. Jimmy explains Subway and how they yell out every time you go in there.

50 – I’m taking a hotel road trip to check out the other shows.

55 – Jimmy and Pat talk about Rock Solid.

Jimmy talks about Pat’s true name.

He uses Pat Francis because he hates dad.

Jimmy sings a little Cat Stevens. Or Yusaf as Pat calls him.

60 – Pat talks about his twitter habits. He was recently blocked by Eric Trump. He talks about tweeting John Corbitt about blocking Christy, his cohost.

65 – Pat takes a call from his daughter. Their cat is choking.

Jimmy wonders if its cat stevens. He sings while Matt coughs up a hairball.

Pat continues his John Corbitt twitter story. He tweeted him twice then John Corbitt direct messaged him!

Bo Derek

John Corbett

Their House

Pat got John Corbett to unblock Christy Stratton Mann! He thought that was the end but he got ANOTHER DM from him detailing the reason she was blocked. He called her a casualty of war when he mass blocks people and those that they follow when they piss him off.

70 – Pat tells us how he got blocked by Eric Trump. He tweeted a picture of Eric and Don Jr big game hunting and asked if their dad was proud of them being savage douchebags.

Pats got a Donald trump puppet!

He calls it Donald Trumpett.

75 – Jimmy and Matt talk with Donald Trumpett.

DT talks about going gay for his son if he wasn’t his son.

He loves Pink Floyd and his favorite album is The Wall.

Thanks for making that puppet Amanda Zimmerman!!

80 – F word talk. (passing gas)

Pat asks whether a stroke or a heart attack,

Jimmy goes heart attack. He’d rather die than have phantom of the opera head.

Matt also goes heart attack.

Pat presents a third option: ever day for the rest of your life you catch your thumbnail on the metal of your jeans. Heart attack remains the winner.

Jimmy says having earbuds ripped out of your ear is worse than what John McCain went through.

Jimmy’s running for president on the wireless earbud platform.

Jimmy kickstarted some wireless earbuds.

They might be these: 

Jimmy talks about a lost buying a stand up turn table but thankfully his card declined due to a wrong expiration date.

85 – Jimmy and Matt and Pat talk pop culture beast!

Matt thought a shadow was a Cat.

We’re done!

We have the best fans in the world guys.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth