17F – Blowing it with Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman, Emmy nominee

Josh Gondelman, Emmy nominee


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – HELLO! Welcome into the players club! Jimmy is feeling a little lethargic today. Jimmy recounts Oliver’s “Dad you have a song lyric for everything!” comment.

Ryan didn’t do anything!

No one knows what that sound was.

Matt tells a story about when he was home when Elise and Zoe were out of town and got sucked into a Murder She Wrote that featured Neil Patrick Harris and Vera from Alice.

Did I say BW??? (Betty White)

Our guest is here!

I did say BW! What is wrong with me?! (Betty White)

I owe some DVDs.

We talk a bit to Josh.

10 – French enough. E’s here for the emmys.

15 – Jimmy talks emmy nominations and believes that Jon Hamm should win.

Jimmy would lose everything and take up Meth if he starts draft kings.

Matt doesn’t understand the connection.

Jimmy’s gonna Win Duffy Matt. Some confusion about who is win duffy.

It’s Matt on Jimmy’s nerves today instead of Eliot.

Everyone’s expecting the piano wire!

This whole fucking town is going condo!

Jimmy thinks the HOB was horrible. Eliot liked it.

Jimmy talks about talking about Keith Howland with Pat Francis at the HOB only to see him show up at the show.

20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the interaction and what Jimmy wanted it to be.

It’s a huge conspiracy to get me to say BW.

Drinking some Zevia!!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Sore throat

Sore throat

Jimmy’s got a new character that creeped up because his throat hurts.

Matt thinks he is a socially awkward bluesman.

25 – Go round the horn.

17 Firefox! Jimmy will give double the money if someone said Foxfire.

Stallone in a bottle went away when jimmy started drinking out of a can.

Jimmy remembers Fabio for rollercoasters not his acting or his writing.

Jimmy recommends Call Me Lucky to watch.

Matt vetoes Jimmy’s coin playing.

Jimmy and Eliot throw Velcro at each other.

30 – Jimmy does his Johnny impression.

We’re trying to guess the airline he came in on.

Some 9/11 talk about Wahlburg and Seth McFarlane.

Matt guesses US Air
Jimmy United
Eliot Delta
Me American

35 – How many engines can a 747 fly on?

Foul Mouth Carson likes Pacinco!

Josh flew in on United!

Jimmy’s a fan of Dirty Carson.

(This is the origin of Dirty Carson – Darryl)


Watch The Overnighters!

Eliot’s here. His F word is Fitzgerald. The old wreck!

Josh would get rid of Superior of the Great Lake.

Secret existing property game created by Eliot and Joseph! He can’t talk about it.

Matt’s word was Falco. Jimmy was extremely excited to hear he was in town. He isn’t.

40 – Jimmy is thinking of doing a contest for someone to prove they are a Chris De Burgh fan. Turns out if you have a Chris De Burgh tattoo, you win. Even if you get it after hearing this.

45 – Jimmy doesn’t like Matt’s “fucking obvious” character.

Myq Kaplan might be a wild card still on America’s Got Talent.

Oliver watches Henry Danger.

Josh is a writer on Last Week with John Oliver and is nominated for an Emmy.

Josh Gondelman is here! His F word = Filipino.

The word “Filipino” is spelled with an “f” because it’s derived from the Spanish name for the Philippine Islands: las Islas Filipinas. Originally, after Magellan’s expedition in 1521, the Spanish called the islands San Lázaro, according to the Oxford English Dictionary

50 – Josh talks about the great folks that work on the show with him. They have some ladies over their also!

Jimmy wants answers from Josh now!

First a movie recommendation! What We Do In The Shadows, I’ve already seen.

55 – The Wolfpack –

Josh has a girlfriend named Maris. She works at Kickstarter!

She has a book coming out called Slaughterhouse 90210 The Book.

Here is her book:

Renault 5 was known as Le Car here in US – 


Le Car first year in America:

76 – matt
79 – eliot
80 – josh
78 – jimmy


Filthy Johnny is back and talkin’ Korra!

Matt wins!

65 – Jimmy raps for us! He gives us a little Tom Jones

Wham Rap


Jimmy bothered that Matt won that bet.

Filth Johnny is here. He gives us more info on Korra.

We learn more about Josh. He grew up near boston and went to Brandeis University.

Josh is staying at an Air BnB that he hasn’t been to yet. HE thinks it’s in Silverlake. Jimmy just says to be careful.

70 – Josh knows Shane Moss! We talk about about his appearance here on the show and the story about his broken feet.

More Johnny!!

(Jimmy seemed to remember Dana Carvey doing a dirty Carson. He may be thinking of Carvey’s dirty Jimmy Stewart. I can’t find video of it right now, but I remember it involving him talking about going to Mexico with some other actor and hiring a teenage whore. There may have also been a filthy poem. -Darryl)

75 – Josh is here until next Monday. He came out here early to do some stand up. He’s doing Meltdown, Hot Tub, UCB, and some other stuff.

Josh’s book is called You Blew It! 

80 – Jimmy loves everyone at Playboy TV. Eliot thinks they’ll have some kind of condom balloon popping game.

85 – Playing some Der Kommissar.

90 – Time for Sevens!!

Jimmy gives to Josh Gondelman: 17 (90s Music)

Josh Gondelman gives to Jimmy: 17 (90s Music)

Jimmy gives to Matt: 9 (90s Music)

Filth Johnny is here!

Matt gives to Josh Gondleman: (Movies)


Jimmy found the Will Ferrell baseball documentary entertaining.

105 – Jimmy says two of the best articles about Jimmy and/or this show was in Penthouse and Hustler.

Both Josh and his Gf Maris’ book come out the same day.

“I don’t want Myq on this chain anymore.” – Jimmy in an email to Myq and josh.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth