1706 – Making it Work with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F TompkinsIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Indeed! Welcome!

Water in Jimmy’s peripheral!

He’s got this whole town in his peripheral!

Jimmy sings some Meatloaf. I try to ask if there is money but he guesses anyway.

Jimmy wants an Eliot is a dumb dumb pillow so we can all rest our name in it.

Jimmy recounts The List and appearing with Stuart Copeland and the audience turning against him after a joke.

05 –  Matt Scannell.

Jimmy talks about his producer friend wanting him to host The List and The Test but the networks wanting a more famous person.

Jimmy talks about the lead singer of Sister Hazel, Ken Block, perfectly brining him into conversation.

Conference calls are always terrible.

Use a landline! Eliot says no voIP. Gets iced.

“Really?” – Eliot

10 – The guys talk about phone reception.

Jimmy talks about Stuart Copeland breaking his drums at the police reunion at the hall of fame.

Matt likes the hits from The Police. We talk more about the band and their albums and videos.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me video –

Jimmy explains 9/11 comedy to new listeners. He mourned like everyone else did but he is a comedian. Matt and Jimmy talk more about the history of the 9/11 humor.
Devo co-founder Jerry Cassale 9/11 themed wedding –

TMZ – Thirty Mile Zone – 

Studio Zone – 

15 – 9/11 inside job conspiracy theorist talk.

20 – Matt calls Inside Man a 9/11 job. 

Denzel Washington’s done at least one movie.

Jimmy still finds it ridiculous that Matt now has MC Lyte’s phone number. Just like he thinks it’s weird that he has Jason Thompson’s number. But not weird to have Jon Hamm’s!

We lost Gary Richrath from REO Speedwagon. 

25 – It’s a rare early record for us. Jimmy calls it stupid. Eliot usually wakes up around this time.

Paul F. Tompkins is coming in today! We’re in here early to accommodate his schedule.

Traffic not bad coming in.

Spin the Bottle/7 Minutes in Heaven talk. Today it’d be Fuckin’ on the Floor.

Jimmy played Twister with the family yesterday. Says it’s fun !

Twister strategies.

My dogs are barking is a phrase that Jimmy is not a fan of.

I’m off to get our guest!

30 – Paul is here!

Dressed to the 10s!

Three days away from the half of St Patrick’s day and Paul is dressed appropriately.

Glarin has an L in it!

Gallon. “Like a hat.” – Matt.
Jimmy tang Lock and Load high school to himself to make sure he locked his door.


35 – Buffy St. Marie – 

Family Affair – 

The Hooters – 

Christopher Lee – 

More Buffy Saint Marie talk.

Paul explains Mr. Jaws.

Joanne Woorley Kleenex commercial

50 – Paul hated science in school. He had to take summer school for chemistry.

We learn about Paul’s history with science classes.

We learn about Paul’s noises!

Paul still driving the coop! He does not call it a coop. He does have piggy-backs with his friend Coop.

55 – Game of Thrones chat! Paul says Jimmy’s not missing anything.

Eliot chimes in to Paul’s “appreciation.”

Plenty of Game of Thrones chat!

Hordor’s real name is Walder. 

60 – The Wil Wheaton Project –

Jimmy talks about his comic-con remote for the show. He feels he turned in a nice remote but not a very funny one. Matt says there was funny in it.

Paul talks about how he has a change of a joke for a triumph remote. “How does it feel to know this is the last time he’ll be inside of a woman?”

We made it work for Paul!

Paul talks about Disneyland employees giving directions with two fingers because that’s how Walt always pointed. Because he was always HOLDING A CIGARETTE.

65 – Jimmy sings some mickey song for Mr. Jaws.

Paul talks about Still Alice and how unsupportive the characters.

70 – U2 and janet Jackson concert talk.

Mr. Jaws 


Charted :

Jimmy 9
Paul 10
Matt 16
Eliot 11


75 – We listen to some more Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Jimmy thinks that Chris DeBurgh at the Nokia Theater might be too big of a venue.

We’ll be right back!


80 – We’re back! We’re still doing Mr. Jaws songs.

Lots of Chris De Burgh tickets left.

85 – Saban Theater –  it is indeed the same Saban as Power Rangers.

The guys talk about The Stinking Rose.

Paul wants us to cut out his not knowing about lobsters. Matt wants to come back with No Dummy it was restaurants!

More on Mr. Jaws.

The B-side was “Irv’s Theme.”

90 – Hat talk!

Paul has to leave us already!

He’s doing three shows at Podfest all three days. Different shows.

Paul has not had his asshole bleached…on purpose?

Eliza Skinner talked about how hard it is coming up with names in improv on Todd Glass’s show.

Jimmy’s curious about ass-bleaching character is named John.

Larry and Garles have a conversation!

Dickie did songs on Kong, Star Wars, Mrs Jaws, and ET.

We’re out!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth