17E – Ringing Your Bell with Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 17E – Paul Gilmartin

00 – Hello indeed! Welcome into the players club!

Jimmy tried a smoothie today. He believes it is Whey Protein in it. He is allergic to it and this smoothie had a bunch in it he thinks. It’s not good. Some throat closure issues.

We’ll get through it! It’ll be okay.

Jimmy quotes his pediatrician, “lets take a look at the fluoroscope and see how clear those lungs can be!”

Fluoroscope – an instrument used for observing the internal structure of an opaque object (as the living body) by means of X-rays

The guys talk about how old they were when they stopped going to female doctors.

Eliot and I will be at Podfest!

LAPodfest.com use the code NNF and save $5 off the live stream!

The Eliza Skinner episode was one of, if not the longest, non-special episode in NNF history. Jimmy wants a Peabody/Clio award for the Harry’s ad they did.

Great episode!

Jimmy talks about being able to open up to new folks and not just friends anymore.

05 – That said, Paul Gilmartin is our guest today. Jimmy talks about him.

Matt and Jimmy talk their busy weekends! It was Oliver’s birthday.

Zoe’s birthday is this weekend. They’re doing a star wars themed birthday for her! It’s a jedi training academy party!

Leia is going to be there! Matt says he is dressing as Chewie. Definitely Jar Jar. Matt talks about Lego episodes that make fun of Jar Jar. Jimmy talks about Episode One, and the prequels. Jar Jar was the most exciting character.

10 – Talking about the new Muppets show. Jimmy says the new show isn’t for him.

Jimmy talks about a clip Aimee Mann shared.

Mel Tillis talk.

Jimmy talks smoothies and quick cleaning.

15 – Jimmy and Matt talk about Oliver’s Bowling party.

Jimmy comes clean about having two bites of a slider. He was starving and the chicken fingers/wings weren’t doing it.

Those two bites were delicious.

Fun time bowling! One of the guests was the worst. That would be Matt.

“Wheel’s not shoes.” – Eliot

The gang has some residual bowling pains. Matt’s score was 54-57. Jimmy finished with a 96. He wanted to break 100.

20 – Jimmy talks about how great it was watching Oliver be a good host and welling up with tears watching him holding court and hanging out with his friends.

“Good night son Daddy loves you.” – Jimmy to Oliver. Oliver gives the thumbs up.

Here again is that Beatles video –

Paul Gilmatin is here!

He ALMOST joined me on the couch.

25 – He has some Eternal water. 

“Yes And” talk!

Paul steps out!

Some weather talk!

Here are some people talking about Bowler’s Elbow –

Eliot experienced some rain before Mulholland.

Andy Daly is funny! And so is our guest Paul Gilmartin!

Jimmy curious what he’s up to on his computer.

Matt wonders what Jimmy thinks of the new iPad Pro.
Tech expert Matt Belknap doesn’t know. We’re back, not a break, Matt has more to say.

Matt talks about the party again. It was a costume party. Zoe was a Padawan jedi. Charlie was Darth Vader. Oliver was Ron Weasley! The lighting of the bowling alley disguised the fact that Oliver’s hair was spray painted red.

Most of the people didn’t dress up.


30 – Welcome to 17 Escalator!

They go up and they also come down!

Jimmy talks about seeing two old women freaking out after the power going out. They didn’t know what to do on the escalator. They legit started screaming and freaking out until a security told them to just walk up or down the stairs.

Paul interrupts as he didn’t understand anything Jimmy said.

The last Mental Pod that Jimmy listened to was Danielle’s episode.

35 – Veal Stew?!

Jimmy’s phone is ringing from the same person he just told he couldn’t talk to.

Paul and Jimmy talk about Mental Illness Happy Hour and how it can be a dark show.

Paul talks about the Awfulsome surveys. Where people talk about things that were awful in the past but considered awesome now. He tells the story from one of the surveys.

Norm Macdonald talk!

40 – Discussing memories of the first time masturbating.

Paul used to steal playboys from the place he got a haircut.

Tony Iommi’s autobiography is called Iron Man. 

Paul tells a story about Tony losing the tips of his fingers.

Django Reinhardt –

Paul is currently addicted to playing Civilization V.

El Nino. Was my word.

Black Rain talk. Terrible.

Paul was an extra in the untouchables. Says Andy Garcia looks great in person.

Paul talks about seeing winona ryder in person. Jimmy asks if it was in court.

45 – Jimmy talks about how he felt when people stole from the store he worked at. It made him angry that it happened on his watch.

Jimmy’s loving music again thanks to vinyl.

Why bother with the short con?


50 – Paul suggests Linotype documentary. 

Fix your UI Netflix!

Paul talks about History Channel reenactments.

Hat Elbows!

Kim Davis’ husband 

55 – 3 years on NNF!!

Paul’s at podfest also. Up against spontanation .

NNF is up against proops and leonard maltin


Eliot gets iced!!!

60 – Eliot is here. He gives us a Familliare update.

There really is a weather channel shake-up.

Paul hasn’t seen Jimmy’s puppet/dummy laugh in a while.

65 – Emeril – 

Jimmy suggests Eliot as a guest for Mental Pod.

Jimmy talks about Bar Rescue – 

Kitchen Nightmares chat.

Paul talks about Naked and Afraid.

Eliot’s E word was Entourage.

Paul calls Ballers Entourage with black people.

70 – Matt enjoyed The Brink not as a comedy but for its plot.

Tim Robbins talk!

Esteban talk! Pat’s favorite guitarist.

Lots of AC requests at the Familiare.

Jimmy talks about AC buyers at home depot.

Paul confirms for us that per Fox News there is no global warming.


Matt’s E word was Estrada.

Lots of Estrada sightings lately apparently.

Happy birthday Zoe!

Jimmy is on the hunt for a star wars T-Shirt.

75 – Hello Paul Gilmartin! He’s doing a live show in Brooklyn at the end of the month.

Jimmy and Matt talk Steampunk.

Sunday September 27 @ The Bell House in Brooklyn with guest Lane Moore.


$100 bet on who sang Ring My Bell!!!

This is the biggest bet in NNF History.

Anita Ward! Jimmy wins!

80 – Paul regrets betting against the guy who worked in the record store.

Friends talk. Keeping it vague. Someone cheated at cards and someone had a birthday party thrown by their management.

85 – You Can Do Magic!

Terrible songs that the guys like. Kokomo, You Spin Me Right Round, Escape Pina Colada.

Jimmy talks about the Yacht Rock station on Sirius FM having a short playlist.


90 – 9/11 chat happy anniversary

Greg Behrendt announced he is CANCER FREE!!!

Matt and Paul talk about a documentary about a guy discovering pedophile ring on AOL.

95 – Jimmy talks Inkmasters and Dave Navarro.

Paul’s e word is Excruciating. He thought it was Jimmy’s opinion of their relationship.

100 – Paul almost wanted to bet Jimmy another $100 on who sings Nineteen.

Jim Carroll 

Jimmy compliments Paul on his show and that the is helping people.

Paul tells us his Manhattan Bagel experience where a giant bird died in the doorway. The worker just didn’t acknowledge it and asked if he wanted cheese on his sandwich.

105 – Speaking of Ventura blvd we talk about Paul Gilmartin’s facebook post about a gunman. He tells us all about it. He says that despite the guy having and firing the gun he didn’t seem dangerous.

Paul glanced away for a moment and the cops shot the guy. He is grateful he didn’t see that part of the incident.

He talks about while they were all locked in the coffee shop he turned around and noticed a woman sitting on the floor of the shop with her entire ass crack showing.

The LA Times contacted Paul to talk about it after he tweeted it.

70s Movies chat!

Jimmy fell asleep. Eliot jumped up to help. Jimmy scolds him and demands he returns to video control.

Yacht Rock

Paul Williams podcast – 


Jimmy and Paul talk about the Paul Williams Doc. 

120 –Lots of Paul Williams song chat.

Three Dog Night talk. Jimmy calls their songs Variety

Lambert and Stamp doc about the managers of The Who. 

Mr. Bean chat! 

Rod McKuen

We’re done!

See you at podfest!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth