BONUS – Live at Flappers

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello!

Welcome in.

Cocsucker is okay?

Jimmy talks to Raven.

Raven Vanderblue Perry

Black Eyed Peas reference.

Jimmy is fascinated by Raven.

Full Nelson! Half Nelson

Let the hair grow!

5 – Is Pedro Pascal top 10 SNL host?

Top Floutists?

Slop Chop and Shamwow –

Expectorate – cough or spit out (phlegm) from the throat or lungs. “a sign asks visitors not to expectorate in the sinks”

The General –

10 – 80s metal lead singers.

Eliot and I are here!

15 – Jimmy shows off the burning palm tree he drove past.

He talks about calling the fire dept.

That’s So Raven ADR.

20 – Why won’t Raven be an actor?!
It’s the state of the union today?!

Where did the NBA play during the pandemic: The where was the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. And the how was a bubble environment that saw a massive list of safety protocols enacted but also saw a return-to-play unlike anything sports fans had seen before.

25 – Eliot asks about his Stop Looking At Me shirt.

Eliot sings!

Let’s do a celebrity sighting!

30 – Audience singalong!!!

Jimmy loved the Hip Hop Grammys performance

Only Grammy members can get Grammy tickets.

All good looking people are good people – Matt

It was Amber Rose!

40 – Matt talks about who Zoe would be excited to see at the Grammys. Basically anyone in the Taylor Swift orbit.

Award shows are even more boring in the audience.

Stevie Wonder talk.

Jimmy and fam went on a wormhole of old hip hop performances including some Salt & Pepa!

45 – Cunk On Earth, British show on Netflix.

Philomena Cunk is played by Diane Morgan.

Jimmy seeing Titanic for the anniversary.

50 – Jimmy wonders if Juice is about the holocaust.

Where was Liza and Tom Jones in the hip hop medley?!

55 – Jimmy can’t guess the LL song.
Jimmy got Danielle Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel tickets for her birthday.

ROCK The Bells!

60 – Chris delivers mail in an area where they don’t have regular carriers.

Jay Leno talk!

1h5m – Game shows and Late Show replacements.

Wordle talk!

1h10m – Live test result!


1h15m – We’re playing Sevens!

Jimmy gives to audience member Hugo’s wife, Sydney, after he kicks Hugo off the stage (2000s Music) It’s all changing!

Matt gives to Sydney (90s Music) – 11
Jimmy gives to Evan (Sports) – 14
Eliot gives to Scott Kramer (TV) – 10

Scott brought us nerds!

Garon gives to Mike: (movies) 26

Hats for everyone!

Another good test result for Jimmy!

We’re done!


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