2916 – Mowing the lawn with Kevin Ryder

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 2916 – Kevin Ryder

00 Hello!

I’m starting notes late because of restarting computer.

Jimmy’s had a great year!

Talking climate in Los Angeles.


5 – Focus in!

Jimmy was under the weather over thanksgiving.

He watched a lot of Diagnosis Murder.

Talking Diagnosis Murder crossovers.

TV Guide talk!

15 – Talking trivia about Halloween and being corrected.

Is engagement different from radio?

Pardcast.com is SUNSET!

Gifting NNF Platinum is NOW AVAILABLE!

20 – Jimmy talks about the time his record store adopted a No Refund policy. This woman tried flirting her way into a refund to which jimmy responded, “you can bat your beautiful eyes as much as you want to, I can’t give you a refund.”

Until her big WWE looking boyfriend came in, “Who told my wife she can’t bat her beautiful eyes?!”

He got the refund.

25 – Taylor Swift chat! Jimmy got his signed albums! He has 2 of them. I, a super fan have none.

Thank you for buying Uno!

Jimmy came to the studio to get some albums to sign. And took home two boxes of already signed records.

Collecting a predefined set of blood tubes (the “rainbow draw”) is a common but controversial practice in many emergency departments (EDs), with limited data to support it.

30 – Matt has a story about a guy in a car. It was a fan saying high and snapping a picture!

Jimmy saw House of Gucci. Not good. But the acting was good.

Encanto isn’t great according the belknaps.

The Pardo-Koenig’s watched Dave. Doesn’t hold up.

40 – The American President – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112346/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Talking Movie-Making!

Going to get our guest!

50 – Clara Peller?



Chris Williams sent us something.

It’s a Screen print of the Kojak image!

Thanks for the gift!

55 – There’s rules for a reason!

Talking boosters!

Eliot is nervous about it.

60 – Abercrombie and Fitch talk.

Matt talks about tiny motorcycle at Sharper Image.

1h5m – Kevin Ryder is here!!! He’s now on KLOS with Sluggo.
Kevin had Covid twice!

Kevin was being pretty good he says.

Kevin is never on time anywhere.

1h10m – It’s ridiculous that we haven’t had Kevin on yet. Jimmy takes full responsibility.

Richard Blade wrote a book during the pandemic.

We’re back I guess?

Queen Body Language.

Kevin talks about the way they got fired from KROQ.

Jimmy talks about his tweet about them getting fired during the pandemic.

1h15m – Kevin doesn’t like Bette Midler. He talks about it.

She acts too sexy??

I love Bette Midler!

1h20m – Kevin talks about what his parents liked musically.

Jimmy talks vacuuming and mowing the lawn having the same zone out.

Jimmy hates a Rubik Cube.

1h25m – Jimmy is IN on cohosting with Kevin as long as Sluggo isn’t there.

Jimmy has a story that is similar to Kevin’s. He tells it so Kevin can tell his.

Kevin had to get a shot in the leg after taking an antibiotic he is allergic to. Extremely painful.

1h30m – Jimmy is unsure about his status with his banana allergy.

Jimmy is ANTI histamine.
Talking The Beatles.

Doc talk!

Get Back!

1h35m – Song Exploder on Netflix

Nine Inch Nails is not for Jimmy.

Talking Musicals! Kevin is not a musical guy.

1h40m – Talking Company!

Oliver’s Trivia!

Category: Animals
Question:. A group of what animal is called a Fluffle?

1h45m – Are we going right into guesses or taking a break?!

Kevin and Bean did all the weird appearances. they enjoyed doing it!

Kevin had three radio jobs before Kevin and Bean. They put themselves together to do a morning show.

1h50m – “I’ve been sleeping on Taylor Swift.” – Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy’s in for a Taylor concert. Kevin is out.

We’ll be right back!

Aannddd we’re back!

Jimmy talks episode numbers. Jimmy is not a liar!

Round the horn!

I saw Belfast.

Kevin goes to the movie once a week! He saw Ghostbusters and didn’t like it.

1h55m – Talking theaters!

Movie talk – Purge talk!

2h – Jimmy talks about not giving a homeless guy $20 and having it bother him.

Ladyfriend talk. We can’t use it!

Deep into Eliot’s relationship status.

Eliot suggests Star Trek fan start Discovery with season 3.

2h10m – Justin Bieber – Peaches talk!

Kevin talks about a near riot over a Depeche Mode appearance near the Beverly Center.

He also writes about it in his book!

Eliot corrects his Discovery shooting in Georgia statement.

Eliot answers Alpaca.

Matt’s guess is Fox.

Kevin goes with Anteaters.

Jimmy goes Turtle

2h15m – The answer is…


Shiver of Sharks
Skulk of Foxes

2h20m – Jimmy asks Kevin about his dating life, Kevin goes Eliot and declines to comment but talks about his process for the show after he leaves here.

Talking my school and Rob Reiner.

2h25m – Jimmy apologizes for it taking so long to get Kevin in here.

Kevin talks briefly about his podcast Great News with Kevin and Mike!

Trivia Results:
Category: Animals
Question:. A group of what animal is called a Fluffle?

Garon: Sharks (22 pts)
Eliot: Alpaca (14 pts)
Matt: Foxes (13 pts)
Kevin: anteaters (25 pts)
Jimmy: Turtles (13 pts)

The answer is Bunnies.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth