25W – Checking the Facts with Helen Hong

Helen Hong

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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25 Will Smith

00 – Hello! Indeed! Winners!



I like Jimmy’s shirt. It’s Planet of the Apes related.

Mark Wahlberg in Spenser Confidential –

Matt does his Boston Movie Fan voice.

Anything Goes episode of Encore was just blocks from the origin of NNF.

5 – Encore talk!

10 – More encore talk! High School Musical episode.

Talking about the emotional exercises they do on the show.

20 – Tyler Oakley talk!

30 – We’re still talking about Vidcon.

Helen Hong is here! In a Bernie T-Shirt AND having one of Jimmy’s teas.

Tea spray!

35 – Jimmy was on the first episode of Go Fact Yourself!

Danielle and her dad were on it as well.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

Helen speaks French.

Helen has a BN membership!

40 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_the_World_Goes_%27Round

Deep Asshole!

What was the first toy to be advertised on television?
Mr. Potato Head

Jimmy: Barbie -17
Matt: Barbie -5
Helen: GI Joe -25
Eliot: GI Joe -25

Helen unsure of who was getting so many answers wrong.

55 – Talking about Virginia!

Guy Ritchie and The Gentleman talk.

60 – Jimmy watched My Cousin Vinny with the family. Danielle thought it was slow Oliver loved it.

Marissa Tomei talk! Jimmy has done 3 things with her. Tonight Show with Leno, Comedy Bang Bang, and something else probably Conan.


Will Smith played Will Smith!

1h5m – Eliot’s here!

He talks about his car and parallel parking with buttons.

1h10m – Helen drives a Prius.

Helen’s sister works in Silicon Valley, currently at Google.

1h15m – Eliot is preparing to update/upgrade his computer.

Eliot’s W is Weird Al Yankovic!

Jimmy is 35% Italian. Matt says it’s based on the amount of pasta sauce in your DNA.

Matt has a celebrity sighting! So does Helen!
Helen talks her drug use in college.

1h25m – John Turturro! Jimmy gives it!

Helen met Bumblebee on the Paramount lot.

‘The Night Of’ Season 2 Still a Possibility: John Turturro Says ‘Couple of Ideas’ Exist

1h35m – Matt talks about making a trifle cake ala friends for the holidays.

Matt’s W is Willie Nelson!

1h40m – We’re back on Encore!

We’re betting!

Kristen Bell was born July 18, 1980.

Jimmy: 1983

No winner!

1h45m – I’m muted.

Helen’s celeb sighting!

She saw this person at a face workout place.

It’s Katy Perry!

1h55m – Helen’s W is Willie Nelson!

Eliot reads the fans!

2h – Jimmy’s top 5!

Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Wayne Newton, Warren Zevon, Winton Marsalis.

No winner!

Thank you Helen!!

Go listen to Go Fact Yourself!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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