2524 – Holding on to the Memories with Richard Marx

Richard Marx

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed!

Welcome in!

Hokey Pokey like?

That’s what it’s ALL about. The Hokey Pokey. Not impeachment not election, or anything else.

Jimmy’s decided his commute is now 40 minutes. He explains it.

Jimmy talks about how The Secret worked for some comedians he knows.

Jimmy talks about his angry heartbroken comic time post breakup with Jennifer

Jimmy’s got a tooth that won’t fix!

Salvador Pardo says to hang onto your teeth as long as you can!

10 – Why so many German songs popular in the 80s?

Scorpions! Winds of Change.

15 – After The Fire did a cover of Der Kommissar.

Falco did indeed die in a car accident.

Talking the impeachment and the republicans fighting to hide things.

Elect Oprah! Dr. Oz as Surgeon General!

20 – Talking text chains! What happened to Matt’s Like!?

Tallest Baseball players – https://herosports.com/mlb/tallest-baseball-players-jon-rauch-randy-johnson-aaron-judge-dave-winfield-satchel-paige-albert-pujols-aiai

Danny Tartable?!

Tall baseball players and The Mandolorian!

Janet Leigh Columbo episode! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Leigh

Jimmy saw Underwater! Says it’s fine.

Matt loved 1917.

Eliot wildly mispronounces Gorbachev.

40 – We’re talking saying people’s names wrong and how mispronouncing words is a sign of being well read and intelligent.

Richard Marx is here!

He does know how to say Gorbachev.

Follow Richard on twitter!

We’ll take a break! Richard’s new album is called Limitless! Out next week!

Jimmy saw Smashing Pumpkins open for Kiss!

We’ll be right back!

45 – Welcome back!

Season 26 is right around the corner!

Richard Marx is here!

Richard talks about his love of Australia and the idea he and Rick Springfield had to get donations. They raised about 20 grand, plus another 5 grand with a cover video!

They’re doing a Stage-it to raise more money.

Dick Squared tour?! Richard and Rick Springfield.

50 – Richard talks about touring also with Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon. They called themselves Duo.

Richard gives us a little Vertical Horizon.

Jimmy talks about his appearance on The List with Matt Scannell and Stuart Copeland.

Jimmy asks about Richard’s touring. Richard does a lot of acoustic shows.

55 – Richard talks about touring and being a loner. His ex-wife didn’t like touring with him. He did click with a lot of comedians when he started taking off.
Richard wants his photo taken at his shows.

Jimmy asks what Richard does if someone were to rush the stage. He talks about the kinds of people that do that at his show.

60 – Jimmy wants to know about Richard’s session days recording on Chicago 17. He and Donnie Osmond!

1h5m – Richard talks about his kids and having his son right after a huge album/tour.

His son Lucas co/wrote and produced songs on his new album.

All three of his kids are musicians from EDM to Hard rock. They’re his 3 favorite drinking buddies and are all very close, even with Richard’s new wife.

1h10m – Richard talks Chicago (the city). He’s got no one back there anymore.

Jimmy talks about Richard’s debut and hearing him in Chicago. Richard reveals the truth is that Chicago didn’t really support him.

1h15m – Richard talks about being on Barbra Streisand’s comeback live album.

Barbra’s response to Right Here Waiting, “I need you to rewrite the lyrics because I’m not going to be right here waiting for anyone.”

Richard talks about how he met Barbra Streisand, twice because he got it wrong the first time.

She found him to come in and record an imitation of Barry Gibb for a part of Guilty.

We’ll get a song and then take a break!

Richard performs a bit of Don’t Mean Nothing.

1h20m – We’re back!

Jimmy’s okay!

Richard’s gonna see Lucas later.

Jimmy talks about Richard not caring what people’s thoughts are about his tweeting. His shows are politics free though, as is his Instagram.

1h25m – Richard basically met his wife via Twitter.

Richard talks about the confrontation with a reporter he had. He doesn’t want to give the guy attention about it but he explains it.

Chicago’s New Theme Song

Jimmy talks about Days In Avalon and wonders about Richard giving one of the songs to an artist for country radio. Front Row Seat.

1h35m – Jimmy talks about a personal connection he has with a song of Richard’s around his mother’s passing. It was Dance with my Father, he won a grammy for that song when Luther Vandross did it.

1h40m – Richard talks about Clive Davis sabotaging his Best New Artist nomination.

Richard talks Barry Manilow.

Richard wants to write with Rod Stewart. He talks about meeting him and wearing the same shoes.

He wants to write with Sting, Halsey, Selena Gomez.

Richard grew up listening to Earth Wind and Fire: His favorite band and he got to work with them!

1h45m – Richard talks about his manifesting things at an early age.

As A Man Thinketh – 

Richard does a little Front Row Seat for us.

We’re gonna play Sevens with Richard!

1h50m – Jimmy Pardo gives to Richard Marx: 20 (80s Music)


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