25X – Reading for Pleasure with Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Trivia Questions – https://bestlifeonline.com/genius-trivia-questions/

25 X (J) – Jim Steinman

00 – Hello!

Mic check

Jimmy saw Eliot driving on the road and passed him. He insists Eliot could never catch up to him, and also Jimmy saw an attractive older black lady driving Eliot’s car. Exciting and disappointing.

We talk about Eliot’s new/old vanity plates.

Eliot has a lot of plate knowledge.

He reads us his five potential new custom plates.

Jimmy is hoping for a write in.

He’s getting Belkn4p

Black 4 P!

10 – Some car charging stations are not weather proof? Matt’s flabbergasted.

Venus is bright this week. The Pardo’s thought they were looking at a plane.

Night Shift – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084412/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_38

Brown porche Dturd or something on the license plate.

15 – Jimmy had a great time at Comedy Attack in Bloomington!

Jimmy made a 9/11 joke based on the age of an audience member’s kids. 10% of the audience did not enjoy it.

PGA99 was Jimmy’s old license for his car. He also had JPardo1 and has not had one since, although he might get one now.

Zoe not a fan of Matt’s plate idea: CHLAFC.

NNF2 for Jimmy?!

20 – Jimmy sees a Star Wars plate for Matt.

Matt and I both got haircuts! Matt’s looked great Tuesday!

Eliot and I cannot overshadow the stars!

TURN IT OFF! Jimmy to Eliot after his Cal-tech questions.

25 – We all went to trivia the other night!

Michael and Brian and their wives came. Wives on a different team.

Michael brought some T-shirts! Big Johnny Prince shirts!

Jimmy had a non-alcoholic beer for the first time in 15 years.


Eliot wonders about why bars don’t carry more ginger beer.

30 – Haircuts look good all around!

We had too many people and had to split up!

Matt explains what happened.

I was trash talking apparently.

Candy bar talk!

35 – Nina Dobrev controversy!

Matt discusses his Luther Vandross assertions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascination_(David_Bowie_song)

40 – Matt wraps up his trivia story.

Final question at trivia was What were the call letters for the radio station that Frasier worked at. KACL.

None of us got that answer correctly.

45 – Greg Fitzsimmons is here!

KOBE was their answer.

We won by 1 point.

Is Eliot showing off for Greg?!

Jimmy wants to punch Jim Jordan.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! $50 on the line!

50 – I got Greg some coffee.

Talking 1000th show!

Jimmy talks about Greg’s podcasts and his studio.

55 – Greg talks about his dogs and boarding them vs traveling with them.

Greg talks about how he calms down on flights. He explains the process of jacking off in the airplane bathroom.

Now he does CBD.

Greg has shame when masturbating.

Jimmy talks about having shame because he would play racquetball by himself in his driveway.

60 – Greg talks about his first time “solo.” Jimmy shares his also and how expected it to only happen if he did it in the exact same spot/time.

Talking weirdest places jacking off.

Eliot has to ask how masturbating can both keep you awake and help put you to sleep.

1h5m – Eliot recalls a Penthouse Forum being involved in his first time.

Greg tells his Penthouse Forum story.

Greg also talks about finding nat geo magazines in his friend’s dad’s underwear drawer.

1h10m – Jimmy talks about a post show cast sleepover where someone brought up masturbation and how it was a sense of relief with everyone.

Eliot has a story.

He was having a bad day and somehow some other kid yelled out that he was masturbating. He also ended up with the nickname scrotum head briefly.

Greg has an exclusive story for us. He’d pleasure himself in the back of the bus.

“Go gettem Fitzy!” What he imagined the bus driver said to him with his eyes.

Jimmy’s got a school gym shower story.

1h20m – Trivia time!


Greg: 25 – Firestorm
Jimmy: 25 – Banger and Mash
Matt: 0 – Lightstream
Eliot: 5 – Bulldog

What was the codename of the planned German invasion of Britain in 1940 that never took place?

Operation Sea Lion

1h25m – Greg insists all Netflix films are garbage, except The Irishman which doesn’t count.

Matt talks about To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which is Zoe’s fave, and one that he enjoys.

Book talk!

Greg just read the Barry Sonnenfeld memoir. 


1h30m – Jimmy is reading the Roger Daltrey autobiography. 

Matt’s not a book reader.

My J is Jim Steinman!

Eliot’s J is Jim Croce!

Jimmy has a shaving injury…on his finger.

1h35m – Greg had an orange goatee…for 5 years.

Jimmy talks about a cat video Mindy Stirling posted.

NNF: Jerking off, Kitty cats, 80s music.

Matt’s J is Jamiraqui (Switches to John Lennon).

Greg is going with Jim Croce.

Eliot reads us the fans.

Matt switches to John Lennon!

1h40m – Jim Reeves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Reeves_discography#1950s

Talking Chicago, albums, free love, and recording.

1h45m – Jimmy’s Js: Jason Schef

Greg talks about when he worked for Ellen. Chicago came on and apparently the Trombone player, Jimmy Pankow, has a huge dick he’s always showing off via his pants.

More js: Jason Isbell, Jack Wagner, Jackson Browne: #1 James Blunt.


Greg’s favorite singer/songwriter is Bob Dylan.

Talking Jacob Dylan and Echoes In The Canyon.

Greg has been our guest! We’re done!

1h50m – We’ll have you back Greg!

Some talk about Greg’s first appearance.

“It’s different.” – Andrew Koenig to Greg on how his appearance was going.

Fitzdog Radio!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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