28U – Home alone with Tony Thaxton

Tony Thaxton

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! 28 U! M is the name of the game thanks to the pardomizer!

Matt goes to 28 You Got what I neeeeeedd. Just A Friend – Biz Marquee.

Jimmy pulled a “who are you talking to?” to Oliver when he was talking about Loki/Marvel MCU stuff.


Matt posits that you can develop an interest in something you aren’t drawn to IE via his kids.

Jimmy’s gone to a couple comic-cons with Oliver.

5 – Jimmy needed Oliver to clean up his neck with the clippers. He went a little high. He also has to use his non-dominate hand since his arm is broken. He also completely screwed it up. They both laughed crazy about it.

Jimmy recounts what Allie and Bean discussed how they don’t understand Nick Cannon’s career. Mainly, how he has one.

Why is Shaq a spokesman?!

10 – Shaq vs Charles, Blake vs Adam, Matt vs Eliot

Eliot analyzes Matt and Jimmy’s feelings towards him.

Enrique Iglesias’ mole –

15 – Jimmy pivots to Trump coverage on networks comparing it to how EW won’t drop stories about the Friends reunion.

EW is no longer owned by Time Warner. It’s now owned by Meredith Corporation.


Alligator Loki!


20 – Matt would tip his hat and say okay to his wife leaving him for Ad-rock from Beastie Boys.

Gator-Loki would indeed protect against Coyotes.

Matt and Jimmy talk about their recent family outing to Bob’s Big Boy.

NNF Season One Matt and Mike Schmidt’s “You’re gonna let this happen?” comment on the show that haunts Jimmy to this day.

25 – Tony Thaxton is here! Jimmy immediately contradicts what I told Tony.

Look around the room!

30 – Bizarre Albums is Oliver’s favorite podcast! Jimmy says he is in the 3-hole for Oliver in podcasts and comedy apparently.

John Pinette is in the big buffet in the sky.

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back! 28U! The season’s almost over!

Jimmy explains U v Y and Mickey Mouse.

Jimmy sings Ambrosia to no one (except Eliot)’s recognition.

35 – We go pretty deep down an Ambrosia hole.

Hataway – What Is Love
Cutting Crew – I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

40 – Jimmy has no notes for Tony’s show.

Bizarre Albums is a Jimmy/Oliver bonding show or to prevent Oliver talking comic book stuff.

Tell us about Anchor (Anker?) Tony!

Tony talks about how he didn’t expect the level of success he’s getting with the podcast.

Breaking News from Matt!
We all have a Breaking News theme song!

45 – Talking This Is Pop! Featuring Chris Molanphy!

He’s human!

Are we bigger than Chris Molanphy?



50 – Cosby show guesses:

Jimmy 91
Tony 92
Matt 93
Eliot 94
I would have said 92 for the record.

We’ve got some Mail!

55 – It’s from Tim Quick.

It’s the Never Notopoly Logo!

Tony Quackston?!

Tony is not related to Tony Braxton.


60 – Motion City Soundtrack is hitting the road (hopefully)!

Foo Fighters name urban legend –

Is it true that the Foo Fighters’ original name was the Food Fighters, but at an early show the venue didn’t have a D to use on the sign?

1h5m – Talking Taylor Hawkins.


Round the horn!

Celeb sighting! Mine will wait, Tony saw one on the way here!

STP is from San Diego
Creed is from Tallahassee Florida.

1h10m – Tony was driving down Ventura.

It’s not Fritz Coleman! Or Angeline.

1h15m – Jimmy has questions about Evil Kneaval.

Leonard Maltin! Matt gets it!

1h20m – We’re doing my sighting after all!

It was at the Funko shop!

Jessica Fletcher/Magnum pop

Lots of Murder She Wrote talk.

Filmed in Mendocino!

1h40m – Colin Farrell!

My M is Matt Donaher!
Matt’s guess is Michael McCean
Tony’s guess is Mark McKinney
Jimmy’s guess is Matt Donaher!

1h50m – We hear the fans.

Eliot’s five:

5) Mitch Hedberg
4) Myq Kaplan
3) Martin Mull
2) Mindy Stirling
1) Mike Myers

1h55 – Lego Masters talk.

Tony asks about Oliver and his arm.

Tony talks about the first time he was home alone. A car crashed in their front yard, blew out the power. It was upside down.


2h – Tony tells the story of how he broke his arm. He went to the hospital, they told him it was a sprain, but it was just flopping around. He kept being told it was not broken until he finally got an MRI because they thought the bicep was torn. He ended up having surgery, a metal plate. Months later it ended up infected and caused two more surgeries.

No underground bullshit for Jimmy, in the words of Greg Beherandt “I don’t need to hear you on the way up.”

2h5m – MCS debut label album charted at #15! Columbia still dropped them.

We’re still Tony’s favorite show! It may have started when he broke his arm!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth