2523 – Fabricating the Truth with Siobhan Murphy

Siobhan Murphy

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Jimmy couldn’t push a button.

We are an award-winning podcast!

Congrats to Jimmy’s 49ers!

Football talk.

Matt forgot Colin Caeppernick’s name.

Ben Wright – https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1995-05-13-sp-151-story.html

Congrats to Conan for winning Best Comedy Podcast.

The guys talk about podcast recognition and whether I Heart Radio should be giving out awards.

Best Ad Read?! Conan also won that.

There is a distance!

10 – Ryan’s car is either Olive Green or Verde Chiaro (Light Green).

What is Charro’s Noise?!

15 – Jimmy got a new car! He got a Chevy Bolt! Couldn’t let Eliot have one week.

Classy but unnecessary!

Jimmy’s car is blue!

20 – Buying a car is stressful.

Jimmy leased his new car but he also threatened to go to Nissan for a Leaf.

25 – Eliot has questions about the commute with the Bolt. Mileage estimates.

Mad dog shows up!

Where do you put your hands while driving?

Mail is here! But first Matt has some details about the new changes!

Purchased content will remain yours!

30 – The changes are super exciting!

Siobhan Murphy is here!

Talking Randy Quaid, Michael Jackson,

Jimmy nails the spelling of Siobhan’s name! Standard spelling of Murphy.

Siobhan talks about her name and how people mess it up.


40 – Matt fills Siobhan in on the Hanks/Winkler feud.

Dane and Rebecca Coffey sent us a card!

45 – Talking Taken!

50 – Uncut Gems comes up a bit.

More mail!

Tim Quick sent us some vinyl!

Bobby McFerrin talk

55 – Thanks for the records Tim!

Siobhan Murphy is here! Matt’s taking the records?

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

2523 Siobhan Murphy is here from Canada!

Siobhan doesn’t know Lauren Ash personally but she was going to do a show with Nug but it didn’t happen. The Chick, The Prick, and the Critic.

60 – Little Women talk. Everyone was shocked by Bob Odenkirk’s appearance in Little Women.

Celebrity Sighting

1h10m – JK Simmons! Matt gets it!

Siobhan is married and he forces her to go to nerd movies opening weekend.

1h15m – Siobhan’s Visa only lets her work as an actress.

Andie McDowell!

Ready or Not talk! Jimmy can’t remember if he likes it.


New release date as of posting this entry

Trump talk.

1h20m – Wiggles talk – https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-20/wiggles-murray-cook-moment-greg-page-collapsed-heart-attack/11884194

Siobhan is anti-Caillou.

Oliver Jones, friend of the Pardo-Koenigs, also enjoyed Bad Boys.

1h25m – Bad Boys was Michael Bay’s first movies.

Jimmy asks Siobhan about Neal Pert.

Talking The Tragically Hip.

A Tribe Called Quest is Siobhan’s favorite hip hop artist.


1h30m – Siobhan talks about her habit of completely making something up to answer someone. False Facts Murphy.

Checking in with Eliot!

1h35m – Jimmy talks about a throat issue he has. He can choke a lot.

Siobhan has a similar issue. She would have to give herself the Heimlich.

We’re talking about candies!

Jimmy’s trying to recall what his least favorite candy is.

1h40m – Matt and Eliot do some Ice Ice Baby


Jimmy wants to hear more.

Eliot talks about having to charge his car with an extension cord.

1h45m – Siobhan was on a Canadian sitcom about curling called Men With Brooms.

Can we get Megan Markle on the show when they come back?!

1h50m – What is Prince Henry’s Last name?!


We’re back!

Eliot talks about the elevator issues they’re having at the store.

1h55m – Elevator to hell is no longer at California Adventure. It’s Gardens of the Galaxy now.

Matt loves the new ride though.

People seem to love the new Star Wars ride.

Talking Disneyland! Siobhan went for the first time right before Christmas.

2h – Talking how often is okay to go to Disneyland. Siobhan talks about the rides she went on.


Matt has a story about Mr . Toad’s Wild Ride.

Jimmy quizzes Ryan about his favorite ride: The Tiki Room.

2h5m – Ryan explains his love.

Matt talks about the technology used for Tiki Room/hall of presidents back in the sixties as he learned from the (Talking docs!) The Art of Imagineering.

Siobhan talks about Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix!

Dennis Quaid talk!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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