2716 – Chatting it Up with Gene “Bean” Baxter

Gene Bean Baxter

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 2716 – Gene “Bean” Baxter



00 Welcome in! Time! Jimmy lays out the way time works for us. 

What’s after Millennium? https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/78423/decade-century-millennium-what-is-next/78426#:~:text=The%20next%20stop%20after%20millennium,number%20of%20years%2C%20it’s%20megaannum

We’re putting a stop to Merry Christmas this year for sure! 

Who’s the musical guest for the ex-president’s getting a vaccine? 

Kool and the Gang?


We go through a setlist.

15 – Jimmy had a bunch of zoom calls this weekend. One was with Brett who had a birthday! Happy birthday! 

Jimmy’s got a Christmas show on 12/18!

Jimmy’s Records and Tapes Season 2 debuts on 12/15! Jimmy talks about the new format! 

Jimmy’s reaction to the youtuber Ryan Kaji – https://www.tubefilter.com/2020/10/30/ryan-kaji-first-youtuber-macys-thanksgiving-day-parade/

We talk about the police event that Jimmy saw last week. 

Jimmy didn’t sleep well. And he didn’t enjoy the McCloud episode he watched.

Matt wonders why Jimmy refuses to give Magnum PI a shot. Jimmy doesn’t have any connection to 80s tv, the 70s give him comfort. 

30 – Jimmy’s gonna try Magnum eventually. 

We’ve got mail! It’s a heavy one! 

35 – It’s some snacks! 

Beakman Boys!


We’ll be right back with Bean! 

40 – We’re back! 

Gene “Bean” Baxter is here on Zoom from the UK! Two Time Hall of Famer!

Bean’s wanted to be a guest for a LONG time! 

Jimmy talks about the times Bean did not come on the show. 

Jimmy talks about the drop ins on morning radio including the kids yelling yay! 

Bean talks about his love of soundbites and how they sort of evolved into what they were making fun of on the show. 

45 – Bean’s love of audio came from his love of another morning show. 

Jimmy’s getting WhatsApp! On the air! 

50 – Talking Steve Dahl and how he’s the best in the game. 

Bean asks Jimmy about doing a live drive in show. Jimmy doesn’t know if he can based on the kind of jokes he does. 

55 – Bean talks about thinking of something that would be good for a stand-up but realized it was probably done a thousand times before. He and Jimmy talk about how a comedian knows this. 

Bean does not recall what other names he considered for his podcast but he talks about how amazing British TV is. 

60 – Lots of Doc channels in the UK apparently. The BeeGees doc is coming there soon enough. It’ll be on HBO Max here. 

Jimmy talks about the final episode of The Undoing. He hated the final reveal. 

Bean did enjoy The Undoing and is excited by Hugh Grants current career choices. 

Bean talks about the first time he ever swore on the air on accident. It was Jon Hamm related. “He’s so fucking hot!” The one time in his career that happened. 

1h5m – Jimmy and Oliver watched a movie called Merry Friggin’ Christmas. 


Bean talks abou the movie Love The Coopers: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2279339/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Jimmy and Bean both love Christmas music. Jimmy wants an all-inclusive Christmas music channel. Bean talks what Christmas music channels exist over in the UK. Bean has over 5000 christmas songs on his iphone 24/7/365.

1h10m – Jimmy wants a shift on Bean’s all Christmas station when he creates it. 

Talking the Kacey Musgraves Christmas special. 

Talking Mank! 

1h15m – Happiest season talk

Bean has some clips of Jimmy from Kevin and Bean! 15 of them. We’re gonna hear some. 

1h20m – One more drop in! 

Bean asks about Oliver. Jimmy reveals he’s been walking and talking in his sleep more. 

Phone people! 

Bean talks about how people are acting in the UK in regards to masks, closures, etc. 

Trivia Stats at the end!

Jimmy insists Bean stop using British words.

We’ll be right back! 

1h30m – We’re back!

Talking Radio Hall of Fame(s). Brief Don Imus talk. Rick Dees talk. Bean says he is completely phony. 

Jimmy Pardo trivia: Disco Duck related. He used to listen to Rick Dees daily when he lived in Pasadena. Jimmy called in to guess a song and ended up getting the hotline number to call in anytime he wanted. He used it once and then was on his late night show introed as “You know him from the Rick Dees show.” 

1h35m – What’d YOU do in the pandemic? Jimmy should write a book! His typewriter is covered in covid. 

Jimmy asks 4-time emmy winner Bean about whether he was asked to do a late night show ala Joan Rivers. They never got asked but Kevin and Bean both realized they didn’t have a TV type of talent and were better suited to radio.

Matt’s dropping off a bike for me!

1h40m – We need drop-ins! 

Talking medicine! 

Minty biscuit talk. 

Matt and Jimmy watched the Jingle Jangle movie on Netflix. They liked/loved the first half and loved it, the rest fell off a cliff according to Jimmy. Matt found it incredibly boring. 

1h45m – Bean wonders why Matt is dressed like Woody from toy story. In fact, it is Boba Fett. 

My answer is Albatross! 

Eliot almost burned his house down making chicken nuggets. He talks about it and is rewarded by a drop from Bean. 

Eliot’s answer is Spruce Goose

Matt’s answer is Seagull

Beans answer is Road Runner

Jimmy’s answer is Amelia Earhart

The answer is The Good Year Blimp!

2h – Jimmy still gets a charge out of seeing the blimp.  

Bean loves Taylor Swift! We talk about her for a bit.

Listen to Cup of Tea and a Chat on Patreon. 

Bean will be back soon right? He came close. Friend of the show! 

See you next time!

Trivia: Officials 

What famous flyer is the official bird of Redondo beach California? 

Garon: Albatross (5 pts)

Eliot: Spruce Goose (14 pts)

Matt: Seagull (19 pts)

Bean: The Road Runner (13 pts)

Jimmy: Amelia Earhart  (2 pts)

Answer is: The Good Year Blimp

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth