2606 – Dropping Bricks with Marc Maron

Marc Maron

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – We’re here! Jimmy wants me to smile! 

Talking 6am pee. 

We’re going exclusively remote now! Safety first. 

Talking trump and his mask. 

Oliver is doing a live stream of his own in the other room. He’s taking a live class with second city! Jimmy talks about the scene he heard him doing. 

Matt talks about what his kids are up to. He’s over at the studio since no one else is there. Plus the family need the bandwith on the internet. 

10 – Jimmy talks about when he stopped going to church.  When he did go the only thing he liked was the “peace be with you” portion because it felt like something happened. 

Shake hands get that wafer and get out of there! 

Jimmy talks about trying a local church out. The minister was really charismatic. 

Jimmy talks about waiting for a shuttle to the Hollywood bowl at a time when he had warts on his feet so it hurt to walk. 

15  – Talking ED. Eliot makes a joke that Jimmy thinks Eliot is still laughing at. 

Jimmy really needs Eliot half-hidden. 

Jimmy talks about the isolation files. 

Jimmy explains twitter. 

Stop punching up professional comedians jokes twitter!

20 – Paul Hardcastle is still with us – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hardcastle

Jimmy talks his Hit Parade self-discoveries, including his enjoyment of latin music. 

Some Paul Hardcastle talk. 

25 – Talking adding YouTube to the chart considerations. 

Talking latin music and Macarena. 

30 – Marc Maron is joining us after the break! Plus trivia! 

We’re back! 2606! Marc is not alone! His special, Endtimes Fun, came out the same time as quarantine started. 

Marc’s done 5-hour specials. 

He talks about his special and where to find it. “networks.” 

Jimmy fills Marc in on what Oliver is doing.  Apparently his instructor is someone named Dan Aykroyd? 

35 – Marc talks about a recent interview he did with Dan Akroyd where Dan talked a lot about aliens, or wanted to. 

Marc makes Jimmy laugh pretty hard talking about a fellow comic who’s way far left into aliens/politics. 

Jimmy tells a bobby slayton story where Jimmy saw him at an airport trying to board early. 

Jimmy talks what jokes he’s doing and asks Marc how he handles his stool. 

40 – Marc and Jimmy talk stools. 

Jimmy compliments Marc on Glow. 

Marc gives his feeling on Robert Klein after Jimmy mentions him being in his top 3 comics. 

Robert can’t stop that leg! 

45 – Round the horn! 

Trivia question! 

Category is Fun and Games

Bet: 15

Marc and Jimmy talk about Crazy Eights. 

Marc talks about not losing well at games. 

Is Eliot a good loser? 

50 – Marc has no idea what he’d do with an assistant or have them do. 

Jeff Dunham was on Marc’s show today. 

Apparently, he makes his own puppets. 

Jimmy asks Marc about Jeff’s possible racist characters. 

55 – Good ventriloquism is still great! 

Jimmy talks about loving ventriloquists and impressionists because he can’t do it. 

Bricks and masks! 

You might be a redneck! Marc talks about working with Jeff Foxworthy pre redneck days. 

The guys talk about Larry The Cable Guy/Dan Whitney. 

60 – Marc talks about having to redo his garage to make it code. 

1h5m – Jimmy and Marc talk about handyman Ernie that they both use. Marc talks about how he met Ernie.

Trivia Question:

For 67 years, before Nintendo made video games, they made what?

1h15m –  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-03/sean-penns-nonprofit-boosts-covid-19-testing-efforts-in-los-angeles

John Taylor had it! Same as JK Rolling.

We’ll be back! 

We’re back!

Jimmy correctly guesses when Marc was on. It was episode 610 in 2009.

Marc talks about the art behind him that is hiding an outlet. 

1h20m – My answer is Arcade Machines.

Eliot’s answer is Playing Cards

1h25m – Matt’s answer is Playing Cards!

Marc goes with Watches. Jimmy answers Motorcycle engines. 

Jimmy talks about seeing a motorcycle crashing

1h30m – Matt and Eliot both win!

Marc talks about filming with Rob DeNiro in Joker and working with Joaquin. 

1h35m – Deniro never did carson?!

Talking the mystique, or lack thereof nowadays, of actors. 

Marc talks about Brad Pitt being a fan of his and loving his show. 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth

Matt: Playing Cards – 12

Jimmy: motorcycle engines – 12

Eliot: Playing Cards – 12

Garon: Arcade Machines – 15

Marc: Watches – 15