27E – Wearing the Mask with Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! E for Election!

Jimmy talks about voting and mail in votes!

We’re here to fight! 

Talking Hit Parade’s rules of one-hit wonders

The guys debate whether an artist is a one hit wonder or not. 

Jimmy was supposed to see A-Ha this week! 

15 – Band T-Shirt Talk. 

A fan sent Matt a 90210 book! 

Gabrielle Catares is president of SAG. Are people upset?

20 – Neighbors are back! The handsome dude has a covid beard now. Don’t hide that face! 

Get those Es in! 

We’ll be right back! 

25 – We’re back! 

Kyle Anderson is here! Jimmy talks about his filthy mouth. 

Andrew Garfield talk


Hacksaw Bridge! 

Heartbreak Ridge is a Clint Eastwood movie. 

30 – James Caan exposing the dislike between Will Ferrell and John Favreau. 

35 – George Wednt apparently wasn’t the right choice for Santa in the Santa Paws movies.

Pardo fam discovered Cat 24/7 channel on Pluto. They watched a half hour of people rescuing cats from trees. 

40 – Kyle talks about his son Axel! He’s 7 months. Apparently loves James Patterson. 

“He’s already my favorite person on the planet” – Kyle on his kid. 

Jimmy is irrationally upset over The Connors existence.

Connors Controversy!

Matt thinks we’re in an era of “inessential television.”

45 – Jimmy resets! He talks about Kyle’s 47,000 shows. 

Kyle talks about his show Discographies. This week is Prince: Phase 3! Talking about Prince’s releases from 93-2003 which was his non-commercial basically Mail Order releases. 

50 – Kyle asks Jimmy if he’d been in jail more than the one famous story and then talks about his own run in with the law. He told a cop “go fuck yourself” when he interrupted band rehearsal to make people move their cars. 

55 – Talking Rolling Stones 500 Best Album list: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-albums-of-all-time-1062063/marvin-gaye-whats-going-on-4-1063232/

Marvin Gay What’s Going On is #1 

60 – Round the horn!

Kyle’s front porch is stunning apparently! 

More talk about The Vow. 

Jimmy watched a doc! Love Fraud. Not a fan. 

1h5m – More talk about The Vow. Can it sustain nine episodes? 

Catherine Oxenberg talk.

I’m waiting for Burning Bright!

My E is Bill Engvall! 

1h10m – We have a Palms living listener! Eliot was not aware but he is now. 

Eliot’s been going through photos from his dad’s house. He shows one off. 

Talking about the weird ghost town area of LA where they tore down all the houses so it’s just empty streets and trees. 

1h15m – Eliot’s E is Billy Eichner. 

Talking about Billy’s commentary on Andrew Garfield and Michelle Rodriguez. 

Eliot wants to try The Jerk Spot in Palms. 

1h20m – Kyle talks about the increase of evening walkers in his neighborhood. 

Matt’s E word is Chris Elliot! 

Kyle talks about some of his other shows.

1h25m – Filmography is covering the work of Phillip Seymour Hoffman this week. 

Kyle talks about Talented Mr. Ripley and PSHs performance. 

Talking Masked Singer and Nick Cannon. 

1h30m – Kyle talks about how grating Ken Jeoung’s way off guesses are. 

Kyle’s E is Cedric The Entertainer? 

1h35m – What about single names? Matt doesn’t think Cedric The Entertainer is appropriate. 

Kyle changes to Ian Edwards. 

Jimmy’s E is…Abby Elliot

1h40m – Dane’s top five:

5) Billy Eichner

4) Graham Elwood

3) Mike Epps

2) Open Mike Eagle

1) John Early 

No. Winner. 

Kyle talks about how to find his shows. 

Jimmy tries to get Alexa to play Kyle. 

It doesn’t go well.

We’re done!

Thanks Kyle! 

PCAT Right around the corner! 10/10! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth