27F – Breaking the Waves with Adam Ferrara

Adam Ferrara

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher




00 – It’s 27F and Adam Ferrara is the guest later! Not planned.

Eliot had to step away to deal with some electrical stuff. 

Jimmy talks about the need for Eliot to knock himself out. 

Eliot had a salesman from Starry (internet) come to the door. He talks about it and the service (that he gets free).

5 – Jimmy sings Vincent. 

We’re also talking tech! Jimmy’s got some new set ups going on. 

Jimmy talks about someone being a dick to Danielle after she asked about a good Italian restaurant. 

10 – Apparently you can get pulled over for running a stop sign on your bike?! Matt says yes because it just happened to him. 

Matt did not get a ticket, thanks his privilege. 

Bazooka Joe character is Mort! 

20 – Live like Swayze’s lady: like the wind! 

Matt’s never gonna say die! 

25 – Talking Joe Diffie. We lost him to covid. 

We lost Helen Reddy and Mac Davis (who jimmy was talking about on a show)

Jimmy talks about how Mac Davis inspired him.

John Prine, Roy Horn, Adam Schlesinger

Adam Ferrara is here! Dane said that he is attempting to make it a little easier on us this week. 

We’ll be right back! 

30 – We’re back with Adam Ferrara! 

Adam went to Jimmy’s house! Pre-covid. 

Only one with children or podcast equipment can enter the home of Jimmy Pardo. 

2021 Jimmy’s putting nothin’ out!

Adam’s latest is called It’s Scary In Here! https://www.amazon.com/Its-Scary-Here-Adam-Ferrara/dp/B08FF53W9J/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1YNC6RAH6DCU7&dchild=1&keywords=adam+ferrara+it%27s+scary+in+here&qid=1601578852&sprefix=It%27s+scary+in+here%2Caps%2C203&sr=8-1

Talking Comedy charts on iTunes. 

35 – Jimmy and Adam both had #1s and are proud to have taken Jim Gaffigan out of the top spot of just for a couple days. 

Adam shows off his Abbey Road canvas behind him. 

Adam and Eliot had conversations about his new car. 

Adam suggests going to a car dealership on a Friday, near closing in December AND go to a competitor to find out the salesman of the month is and use their name to leverage a sale with the competitor. 

40 – Danielle is currently in a Kia Soul Electric! “They’re hamsters, they’re all rodents.” – Adam 

Rachel has a rat living in their backyard who got stuck in the downspout. 

Adam talks about having a hawk hunting in his yard because his wife has birds around the yard. 

Adam talks about doing an outdoor show and how people flash lights and honk when they enjoy a joke. Some top gear fans came in pick ups and backed in so they could sit in the bed with lawn chairs.

45 – 10×2 or 4×8 for driving?

Brian Regan top five comic of all time according to Jimmy.

The pardos also watched Nate Bartgatze’s 30 minute special and loved it. Greg Warren’s is great also! They watched Aparna Nonchurla, and Rachel Feinstein specials as well. Also Joe List! 

There is good comedy out there!

50 – Adam talks good comedy advice: Empty your pockets before you go on stage. 

Jimmy gave Matt the same advice. That and shut up and let daddy work. 

We’re checking the weather! It’s 89 in Santa Monica. 101 in Van Nuys. 

I dropped out!

Now I’m back!

55 – My F comedian is Wayne Federman! 

Eliot stops talking mid-sentence and no one understands why. We all thought he froze. 

Jimmy a fan of the guy who cant talk on his own show bit. 

Boss of the ship! 

Adam talks about being 18 and wanting a tattoo. His dad’s response: “You better tattoo a new address on you because you ain’t living here.”

Eliot’s F is (out of a dozen) Tina Fey. 

1h10m – Jimmy talks about watching The Mary Tyler Moore show. 

Was Mary Tyler Moore funny in real life? We don’t know.

Adam says that Valerie Harper is funny though! 

Erik Estrada kissed Adam right on the cheek. 

Matt’s F word WAS gonna be Tina Fey but knowing the new rules he is choosing Chris Fairbanks. 

Talking the guys’ albums on vinyl!

1h20m – Talking calves! Jay Mohr’s specifically. 

Adam had Andrea Martin on the show. 

Adam is NOT going with his own name.

1h25m – Matt reviews Dane’s previous picks. 

Adam goes with Greg Fitzsimmons. 

Jimmy was gonna go with Greg but is gonna change to Adam Ferrara. 

We hear the fan guesses. 

1h30m – Do we have a winner? Jimmy is checking…


5) Wayne Federman

4) Fortune Fienster

3) Fanny Flagg

2) Al Franken

1) Hugh Fink

No. Winner.

1h35m – Jimmy talks about Jamie Foxx railroading a comic at the Jamie Foxx roast. 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth