2707 – Opening for Business with Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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00 Welcome in! I’m kicked in the balls immediately. 

227 is the place to be? 

Regina King talk!

She’s won 4 Emmys!

Jimmy talks about how nice she is. 

Lots of TV Schedule Talk.

SNL Chat. 

10 – Matt’s got a lot to say about SNL. 

Why take shots at Joe Biden when things are as serious as they are? 

Why stunt casting so much on SNL? You have a cast! 

20 – The Pardo fam watched Rocky as part of the Quarantine Film Fest. Oliver loved it and even started Shadow Boxing. Jimmy says it holds up! 

I get VERY confused. 

More SNL talk.

Jimmy finds out that Trump is in the hospital with Covid. 

30 – PCAT Saturday! Noon-6! 15 friends of the show! We’re aiming for 50k! 

Thank you If you’ve already donated!

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back with Steve Byrne! 

He’s got a new movie called The Opening Act.


Talking about Jimmy being right!

Steve has a sconce. 

The fairy garden thing is a hassle to travel with but when they sell they sell! 

Someone went on a rant about Colin Jost’s book according to Jimmy. 

35 – Steve walks us through how to see The Opening Act. Theaters (Red States), VOD, etc. It comes out officially October 16! 

Steve talks about the movie and what it’s about. 

Steve talks about his first day directing and someone telling him he has to say Action and Cut. 

40 – The film is semi-autobiographical. 

Jimmy gives us a trivia update. Oliver brought in a better question for us in time to use.

Category is: Drink up! 

My bet is 15

It’s a question about seven up. Why is it called Seven-up basically? 

45 – 

Trivia Results:

Garon: made from the juice of Seven Limes and Lemons (15pts)

Eliot: seventh ingredient up (25 pts)

Matt: Seven Vitamin and minerals (24 pts) 

Steve: Seven ingredients (25 pts)

Jimmy: seventh formula (17 pts)

Steve talks about the last time he applied for a job. It was a waiter gig at the Agean in NYC. 

Steve talks about a show he did right after the George Floyd situation started where he was doing crowd work and moved from a a black couple to a white cop. He ended up getting them to do a shot together. 

Steve talks about doing live shows. 

50 – Steve and Jimmy talk about Gary Cannon. 

Steve talks about Gary doing the warm up for Sullivan and Sons. 

55 – Round the horn! 

Underwear talk! 

60 – Garon’s Lot!! 

More thong talk. 

Andrew Christian – https://bit.ly/2StoOlH

My answer: Made with the juice of seven limes and lemons. 

1h5m – Jimmy tried to donate to goodwill but got turned away as they weren’t taking anymore donations that day. Steve asked what Jimmy was gonna do with his merch now. 

Anderson Cooper in his Andrew Christians!

Trump’s leaving the hospital today. 

Donald Trump Jr wants to have an intervention. 

1h15m – Congrats on your sleep Eliot!

Eliot’s answer is: seventh ingredient up. 

We lost Art and Charlie Neville. Aaron is still with us. 

1h20m – Jimmy and Steve talk theater as kids. 

Drew Carey talk! He seems to be a super nice guy. Buying drinks and rooms and cruises. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 

Preorder Steve’s movie! The Opening Act!

1h25m – Talking about kids wanting the guys to stay home and how covid has helped allow them to spend more time with family. 

Zoey and her best friend watched Twilight outside on the projector. 

Oliver had some friends over to watch Minority Report outside on the screen. They got a little creeped out apparently. 

1h30m – Matt’s trivia answer is: Seven vitamins and minerals. 

Steve’s answer is Seven ingredients

Sorry to the White Sox and their fans that the team didn’t make it out of the play offs.

Jimmy’s answer is the seventh formula. 

1h35m – The answer is: 7UP is Lithium apparently, which is the main ingredient of 7Up. 

1h40m – Oliver shows up with his back up question which is in 2013 what became the most popular drink in America. Steve correctly guesses Bottled Water! 

Trivia Results:

Garon: made from the juice of Seven Limes and Lemons (15pts)

Eliot: seventh ingredient up (25 pts)

Matt: Seven Vitamin and minerals (24 pts) 

Steve: Seven ingredients (25 pts)

Jimmy: seventh formula (17 pts)

I win $5! 

Jimmy talks about a show called Coming To The Stage on PlutoTV. Great production values if it was 1970s. 

#PCAT on Saturday! 

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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