28S – Going to fly now with Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello! Welcome in! We won an award!

Vote us in the podcast Hall of Fame, somewhere and/or somehow.

Jimmy says we are officially back because what someone is doing in the bathroom is “unacceptable.”

We talk about gender, Trixie Mattel, Eddie Izzard, and Matt not washing his car ala Eliot.

There’s a drought! Wash your car Matt! Maybe get the kids involved? Matt explains how they know it’s a chore and don’t seem to show any interest.

10 – Talking about the kids making their own money. Oliver from his action figure creations, and Zoe from tutoring.

A clean car is a healthy car!

Matt had a near celeb sighting on Father’s Day.

15 – talking NNF themes! We have a lot.

Kyle Anderson is here five minutes early! He’s infuriated everyone!

The celebrity isn’t HUMAN!?

Jimmy goes through the potential options, including the San Diego Chicken or the Philly Fanatic.

Matt tells the story, it was during a bike ride with Kyle Ryan.

It was the famous Griffith Park Mountain Lion!


25 – Todd is going to move, Kyle and his wife have decided to head back east to be closer to family.

Lamont Germany?
He’s heading back to Baltimore. He followed through!

Who was gonna move but didn’t follow through?


Luckily, we got Kyle in here before Kyle heads out!

30 – Kyle’s parents are coming into town to help with the move and fly back with them and their 16 month old.

Too many Windsors in CT.

Windsor Knots – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor_knot

35 – Talking Julian Lennon.

Julian’s mom is Cynthia Lennon – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynthia_Lennon

Zig Fracassi chat!

40 – Social Media picture chat. Kyle posts weird pictures of himself.

Eddie Trunk apparently does it well!


45 – Men of a Certain Age and perfect roles like Oscar from The Office for Jimmy.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back with episode KS?!

Talking about the cool kids in school.

Jimmy had a few friends with names similar to famous people.

B.O.B. flat earther? https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-41399164

50 – Jimmy talks about the last taping of Conan and how moving and emotional it was. 28 years! Jack Black was the last guest. Jimmy talks about how he and Danielle coincidentally moved into his old apartment. Larry Miller also lived there!

Jimmy talks about the interaction he had with Jack. He told him about the apartment situation and Jack said, “Hayworth!” and walked away.
55 – Jimmy told the story during the warm up and it killed. Jimmy explains why Jack had a cane also.

He actually got hurt filming something for Conan.

Jimmy wasn’t sure why Jack Black was the final guest but upon seeing him he 100% understands why. He was perfect.

Kyle wonders if Jack Black being the last guest was at all related to Jack White being the last guest on the earlier show.

End of an era! Jimmy says they “shot fat” so there is tons of footage.

Jimmy talks about how proud he is to have been brought back for the final few shows.

60 – Round the horn! I’m full of ideas!


Kyle’s son is named Axel.

Matt makes an Axel jungle joke. The reaction was mixed.

Day one pact: No fake laughs.

Matt explains the joke.

We talk about how famous Axl Rose was. “white bike shorts in stadiums” famous.

1h5m – Some GnR talk.

Jimmy did indeed see Bumblefoot in the band.

1h10m – Jimmy talks about Conan having the same mentality as NNF “Stupid and smart” and why he fits in so well at Conan.

I watched Fast Times!


1h15m – Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline talk!

Columbo and Murder She Wrote may be moving to the paid version of peacock.

1h20m – We’re talking Matthew Modine.
Also Andrew McCarthy, Kevin Bacon, Matt Dylan

1h30m – Don’t EVER bring up Matthew Modine on this show again.

Brenden Smith had Matthew Modine on his show.

1h35m – Fast and the Furious talk.

Fast and the Furious and Jurassic Park Crossover!

1h40m – Talking Anthony (Anthony Wilford Brimley).



Jim Thorpe talk!

My S is Steve Martin.

Kyle interviewed him! And got a great interview. Talking Bluegrass gets you the best Steve Martin.

1h45m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_the_Musical

Talking songs from Rocky.

We’ll be right back! Rare second break!

The horn continues!

Eliot’s injured! He explains it. He cooked some bacon and got some hot oil on his thumb. No one wants to see it.

Eliot tries to confirm how many awards we have won.

Still one! The other trophy was for the AST Forums.

1h50m – Talking awards!

Eliot’s guess was Stephen Wright.

We love him! He was the first stand-up Jimmy ever saw live.

Some Dr. Demento talk!

Dr Demento tweeted Jimmy once! He pointed out that there was already a song in the same vein of the joke Jimmy made.

2h – Modine!

Matt’s guess is Sarah Silverman!

Kyle’s guess is Seth Myers!

We talk about Seth’s moment. For some reason his show was the one that didn’t work during the pandemic.

Get the audience back for John Oliver.

2h5m – We talk about the comedy shows who aren’t being that funny.

Lots of Weekend Update talk. Less characters?

2h10m –

We hear the fans!

Kinison walked so dice could run.

Jimmy’s five:

5) Stan Laurel
4) Sue Kolinksy
3) Sarah Silverman
2) Steve Martin
1) Stephen Wright

Eliot The Burn Victim wins!

We’re gonna miss Kyle! He and Jimmy had a nice lunch where Kyle got a hot dog with WAY too much sauerkraut.

Hot dog talk!

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth