2718 – Batting it Around with Allie Mac Kay

Allie Mac Kay

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Welcome in! 

We talk about my hair!

Great time at Flappers on Friday. 

Jimmy spilled his Coke Zero. 

Talking Puff The Magic Dragon, whose name is Puff, not Elliot. That’s Pete’s Dragon. 

Talking Scrubs. Bill Lawrence runs Ted Lasso?! 

10 – Jimmy doing more Flappers online shows! Third Friday of every month starting in January. 

Jimym talks about the Coke Zero incident. 

Vitrazza is owned by George Pardo. 


Zoe had a choir show on Zoom. It was edited together and shown to everyone. 

Talking All I Want For Christmas Is You and Hit Parade!

30 – Talking AI running video and YouTube shows.

Watch Jimmy’s Records and Tapes! 

Jimmy mentions Catie Lazarus and our love of her. 

We’ll be right back!  

35 – We’re back with Allie Mac Kay! 

She and Bean also do 3 episodes a week. 

Where does she live?! 

Hancock Park! 

40 – Allie loves Christmas. Her living room looks like a background. 

Allie’s place is haunted?! They call her Ghosty! She talks about it and shares some incidents. 

45 – Talking what people call parents and grandparents. 

Jimmy talks about calling his mom Elaine and then finding out after a decade she did not care for it. 

50 – Allie is on Cup of Tea and a Chat with Bean! Jimmy asks about the other name options he calls clunkers. Allie talks about other title options including: Bean & A Broad. 

55 – There Is Nothing Like a Dame is from South Pacific. 

Tin Horn Flats – https://abc7.com/burbank-sports-bar-tinhorn-flats-saloon-and-grill-still-offering-outdoor-dining/8676085/

Allie appeared on Corolla’s show 3 times. She said probably 12 words. 

Talking Hate Listeners. 

Jimmy was up until 430 so he’s not on his best but he finally gets to ask what Allie’s biggest scoop was. Shake Weight, Goat Milking. 

1h5m – You get scoops at Baskin Robins! 

Trivia results at the end!

Category is: Toys and Collectibles

Question: According to a recent study by toy makers, to make humanoid toys cuter you should remove which of its body parts? 

We get the history of Allie’s parents. 

Greg is Allie’s #2 comedian! Jimmy is #1! 

Talking Game instructions. 

Allie put the fire video on specifically for us! 

Allie had the same take on The Undoing as Matt and Jimmy. 

1h20m – Bake off! Allie stops herself from talking. 

1h25m – Talking about the little east coast kid talking about lock down. 

Jimmy changed his answer btw. 

My answer is Teeth.

Eliot talks about autogyro ads

1h40m – Eliot talks about his grandparents. 

His answer is Neck. 

How do you get to the Shoulders knees and toes? The gang decide they enjoy it.

Matt goes with Arms. 

Allie goes with Nose.

1h45m – Jimmy goes Brains?! 


Category is: Toys and Collectibles

Question: According to a recent study by toy makers, to make humanoid toys cuter you should remove which of its body parts? 

Garon: Teeth (25 pts)

Eliot: Neck (25 pts)

Matt: Arms (25 pts)

Allie: Nose (25 pts)

Jimmy: Brains (2 pts)

The answer is MOUTH. Jimmy gets $5 for lowest wager.

We’ll be right back! 

1h50m – Welcome back! 

Allie explains her name. Mac Kay. It’s Scottish! 

Stupid Question! 

L. Carroll @ImLeftOfCenter

Would you rather live in the ocean or on the moon?

We did this one apparently so on to a different one. 

Johnny Sparkles @SparklesKnows

Ice cream: sugar cone, waffle cone, or in a cup

Allie talks about serving ice cream to Jon Bon Jovi. 

George Clooney Flowbee: https://flowbee.com/product/flowbee-system/

Allie does cone in a cup! 

I do sugar eliot and matt go cup and jimmy does waffle.

He talks about his 2 cone trips to Baskin Robbins. 

2h5m – Go listen to Cup of Tea and a Chat with Allie & Bean!

Allie and Jimmy are both migraine sufferers! 

Friend of the show!

Happy holidays!!  

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth