27R – Chopping it Up with Jimmy and The Gang

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher











00 Hello! 27R!

Jimmy forgot about the game today!

His mind is wandering. 

It’s almost new years! 

Talking seasonal vs Christmas songs. 

Tis The Damn Season, Favorite Things, Jingle Bells, etc 

5 – Noodleback! Avril Lasanga! 

No gang episodes this season so here we go! 

No one was available. 

I’m all discombobulated from treating myself well. 

Jimmy talks about something he bought used on amazon. 

Eliot has a story about something he ordered. It hasn’t shown up and he’s trying to be a good person. 

20 – Matt got a text from Mike for Miguel. 

Jimmy’s taking tax clients now based on emails he’s getting. 

Jimmy wants to clear up the emailed stupid questions! 

25 – Email talk! 

Favorite sensationalized shipwreck? Edmund, andrea gale, Titanic? 

45 – Matt has a delivery! 

Talking shutdown. 

Matt’s playing some food fight game. 


What is the best M&M?

Jimmy says Caramel. Danielle loves classic! 

Matt says peanut

Eliot says crispy 

Garon doesn’t fuck with M&Ms but loves a reeses pieces! 

Talking theater snack traditions.

55 – M&M campaign talk. 

Eliot wants different style cups like Reese’s. 

Round the horn!

60 – Gino’s East talk! 

Buffalo Plaid! 

1h5m – My R is Gilda Radner! 

Talking about Gene Wilder passing and “getting back to Gilda” 

Matt’s R is Chris Rock. 

Jimmy talks about Chris Rock popping in for a 5-minute guest set that lasted 45 minutes. Dat Phan had to follow. 

1h10m – Jimmy’s R was firstly Michael Richards. Secondly, he goes with Andy Richter. He can’t think of any others! 

Eliot has a new mask. 

Paint ball talk! 

1h15m – Matt talks about his paintball experience. 

1h20m – The fans list! 

Most of which Jimmy is personally connected with and none of which he could remember.

Eliot’s list!

5) Gilda Radner

4) Chris Rock

3) April Richardson

2) Paul Reiser

1) Carl Reiner 

1h25m – Another stupid question!

@DaneRPH (Dane Coffey)

Worse look for a man. Only wearing socks or only wearing a t-shirt?

Eliot goes Shirt

Jimmy and Matt go socks

I go shirt. 


Do you re-read emails or text messages that you’ve already sent when you’re still waiting for a response?

We do! 

We’re done!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and new year! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth