2717 – Surrendering the Pink with Carl Tart

Carl Tart

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 2717 – Carl Tart


00 Welcome in! 2717! Happy holidays!

It’s Elector day! 

Jimmy talks about the wind in his neighborhood.

Jimmy compliments Eliot on his new toupee. 

Are we far from Zoom toupees?

Talking Tiny Horse vs Tiny Elvis 

SNL talk! 

Here for it! 

Matt decorated for Christmas apparently, with a Jingle Jangle lid. 

10 – Eliot had some trouble getting a joke off the ground. 

He watched SNL until 5am yesterday. 

Talking James Corden and his early work being better than he is now (insufferable according to a cousin of Pardo). 

Thanks for coming to Bingo! It was a great time!

If you want a phone call as a gift from Jimmy, just subscribe to Tier 3! Get your NNF and give your call to a friend for the gift! 

20 – Eliot gives a perks update! 

A tribute to broadway hosted by Tina Fey. The guys chat about it. 


25 – The guys talk about the wide-reaching effects of the pandemic. 

Talking Taylor Swift. 

Talking soundtracks for walks. 

35 – Jimmy’s “back gentleman” told him he shouldn’t ride a bike currently. Matt offers the suggestion of Recumbent biking and I mention Longboarding. 

Deep dive into skating. 

Carl Tart is here! We’ll be right back! 


40 – We’re back! 

Jimmy talks about Carl’s appearance on Comedy Bang Bang when he was on and it made him laugh harder than anyone else he’s ever been on the show with. 

Carl lives in North Hollywood. He grew up in South Central, moved here from Mississippi when he was nine. 

Carl talks about why he moved to North Hollywood. 

45 – Carl writes on Keenan Thompson’s sitcom! 

He gets tested DAILY for covid. 

Not everyone in the white house should get that vaccine first. The president, yes. Others? Maybe not.

50 – Carl talks about how he writes himself into projects he works on. “The sneaky way!” 

Talking Clippers and Dodgers. 

55 – Talking sports teams and managers. 

Talking famous Clippers fans! Muniz, Hardison, Crystal, Kutcher. 

Carl talks about how he became a fan of the Clippers, mainly to spite his former step-dad.  

60 – Talking feuds between fans of teams in the same city. Cubs/white sox, lakers/clippers etc 

Jimmy resets!

Round the horn! 

Eliot looks like a Gigolo currently according to Jimmy. 

“I am not offering to represent anyone sexually.” – Jimmy

Trivia Topic: Initial Reaction

Question: What are the most common initials on a standard 3-initial arcade machine?

My answer is ASS.

Jimmy talks about the Star Wars game show that Oliver did and what they came home with. 

Talking real life light sabers?

1h10m – OJ Simpson is here! 

1h15m – Round the horn! 

Garon’s Lot t-shirt!  https://lemonicetees.com/product/garons-lot/

I worked, it was busy

I bought a book for someone. 

Dairy Queen Pay it Forward – 


1h20m – Jimmy talks about his first credit, The Army Show. 

The Gigolo! 

1h25m – Talking Hamilton High School, where Carl went. He was on The Yank Squad (sports).

Talking Bass Guitars!

Eliot has dry eyes. 

Sebaceous Glands is both Jimmy’s Drag name and Matt’s favorite star wars character. 

Jimmy wonders about the sports at Hamilton, are they actually good or is it just actors trying sports?

1h30m – More Hamilton High talk! 

I stole Eliot’s answer so he goes with AAA. 

Matt goes AAA

Carl goes CAT

Jimmy is shocked frozen to find out Carl’s dad is younger than he is. 

Carl’s gonna buy his dad a truck. 

Jimmy’s answer is: FUK

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back!

Carl let us know he listened to us back when podcasts first started. 

Carl loves the eighties! 

January 5! Happy early birthday Carl!

1h40m – Carl’s mom lives near the magic carwash where you go up a ramp but still end up on the street. 

Trivia Results:

Category: Initial Reaction

Question: What are the most common initials on a standard 3-initial arcade machine?

Garon: ASS (13 pts)

Eliot: AAA (25 pts)

Matt: AAA (7 pts)

Carl: CAT ( pts)

Jimmy: FUK ( pts)

The answer is: AAA

Matt and Eliot are correct! Eliot wins!

1h45m – Carl talks about some of the lower level people on set not talking to him, even when he says hello. He wonders if it’s because he has an office with a Writer/Producer title nameplate on it. 

Talking about the Next Door app and the arts district in NOHO. 

1h50m – Jimmy asks whether Carl has tried out for SNL. He talks about it getting asked to come to NY but he couldn’t do it because of contracts. 

We’re done! Thanks Carl! 

Watch the Keenan sitcom when it premiers! Probably in the Spring. 

Last second Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Carl Tart: 7 (80s Music)

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth