1705 – Spitting Rhymes with Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Heeyyyooooooooo! Welcome to NNF! Jimmy was at the foot doctor and got a charge out of jimmy going “Yo! Yo?” mocking himself.

05 – I Garon-tee is happening!

Studio 98

Jimmy talks about meeting a parent named Jigger.

Jimmy took Oliver to a school event.

Cosby impressions.

Damon Wayans chat.

Jimmy was never a fan of Damon Wayans or his In Living Color characters.

Moving on to Mike Huckabee chat. Jimmy talks about wrong Huckabee is. Jimmy also talks about how he is actually somewhat conservative. He also talks about how some liberals who are treating Kim Davis wrong because we don’t know her full story. He talks about how she is breaking the law.

mike-huckabeeJimmy talks about the short time that Huckabee was not that bad of a republican. Matt calls him folksy.

10 – Matt and I just made the same I Heart Huckabees joke. Matt talks about I Am Chris Farley. He liked it a lot.


Morris and Diller chat!

True or False – Jimmy woke up his mom when Angie Dickinson said she liked Chicago on the Tonight Show. True! She was furious. He talks about the alternative
options for sharing that information.

15 – Jimmy finally saw Danny Collins. Guesses it has a 88% in fact it got 77% but 88 fresh reviews!


Celeb sighting!

Jimmy saw A Walk in the Woods over the weekend. Matt quotes a Paul Goebel joke. Jimmy literally was trying to wave the movie along. He got a little choked up, he should have been balling so that should tell you it missed.

A Walk in the Woods

Eliot makes a reference to a store that’s been out of business for 10 years.

Jimmy talks about a joke Pete Schwaba made about Good Guys.


20 – Celeb sighting at Target. Jimmy stacking up for Oliver’s party. He was stacking up on sundries. This is Force Friday people! 11:30ish.

It was Chris Hardwick doing his target stuff for Force Friday.

Apparently it was a mad house inside but the parking lot was empty.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Force Friday. Matt wanted to see what the scene was like. He says it was insane. The line was around the building. He says about 400 people.

25 – Matt shows some pictures and Jimmy thinks his 400 estimates is low. He finally get inside the store at 1am. He barely talked to anyone in line. He didn’t like the cadence of the conversation in front of him.

He also saw the giraffe.

30 – Our guest is here! Jimmy says she looks matronly. He doesn’t mean that though.

We talk about my hair.

Line em up for James Spader.

Jimmy does his Spader.

Eliza Skinner is here!

Jimmy tells her the three things she has to know. Pro Cosby, Ted Nugent is a great
American, we support Kim Davis (that’s a new one), best dentist in the country is over in Minneapolis.

He’s back in business guys!


35 – Matt got his TV!! He talks about going to pick it up. When he got there the TV was just sitting in an empty reception area. He couldn’t carry it himself but there was a bell that says Ring For Service. The guy who helped him wanted to sell him season tickets.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy gets a text right as we come back! It’s from Danielle. She and Eliza have a chat.

They think each other is funny!

1705! It is not 15Nickel as Jimmy claims.

Eliza talks about how she used to listen to herself on her answering machine.

Round the horn!

Maybe Jimmy meant Studious? So Maggie + Studious + Secretary = Matronly. Eliza’s gonna merch that.

40 – Silver Streak – 

Woman in Red – 

DeNiro cookies??

Butt talk! Eliza talks floppy butts.
More actors who should retire talk. Freeman, Walken, etc.

Force Friday poster giveaway

45 – Pro butt!

Rich people talk!

Jimmy goes back to 99 problems. He’s not interested in the blacks!

Jimmy does an accent. Eliza asks, “What is that?”


50 – Jimmy guesses correctly what artist Eliza sang to win golf clubs at a karoke contest. He jokingly says Bon Jovi and is correct!

I correctly guess Blaze of Glory.

Bon Jovi solo album – 

We learn about Eliza’s musical tastes.

Rap Rap Rap

Eliza is a big MC Lyte fan.

55 – Eliza is game to go get Matt’s record.

Eliot has information on this topic.

Jimmy yells at him and asks if we all not realize that we’re doing the show. He goes on a rant.

Eliot tells the rest of the story.

60 – Long story short, Eliot has MC Lyte’s phone number.

Eliza has celeb stories that always end in her getting their Phone number.

Bass player from Simple Plan amongst others. Her friend has Pharell’s number. He randomly texts him and he always responds.

Eliot wants us to guess what color in she signed the record with.

Silver is the guess of the room. Eliza changes to white. I guess gold.

I’m kinda bummed I can’t use this picture anymore so here it is one last time.

Matt loves it! We’re gonna hang it up.

65 – We talk signatures!

Are they supposed to be legible?

Eliza talks about a show she did recently where a woman started kissing the comic who went before her. She was nervous someone in the audience would do the same thing. She crushed though.

70 – Jimmy talks about the comic kicking a heckler.

Web story

Kim Davis stuff.

Lion King chat!

75 – Eliza was leading the charge about fashion police writer’s issues. The show’s back with Melissa Rivers. The issue still not solved.

Someone tried to give Eliza a horse as a kid. She turned it down. Months later her mother told her that pony died because no one loved it.

Jimmy as also offered a horse.

80 – Eliza used to collect action figures! She said Drug stores was her secret place to find rare figures.

Eliot is here! He talks about Strategicon!

Eliza saw It Follows and enjoyed it!

BRB going to call toys r us.

I left on hellraiser talk!

90 – Toys R Us had about 150 in Van Nuys. I’m guessing maybe Burbank doubled up.

Talking Virgina and crabs.

Eliza talks lobster going from trash to high class.

Matt loves lobster.

Snowpiercer talk!

95 – Matt cried watching Tomorrowland on the plane.

Eliza talks about crying after watching 16 Blocks on a plane.

Diary of a Teenage Girl made Eliza cry. She always cries on planes.

Good Will Hunting made Jimmy sob on a plane.

Who wrote Islands in the Stream? Willie Nelson? Wrong. Dolly Parton? Wrong. Lionel Richie? No. Prince? No.

Barry Gibb! I was right!

Eliza talks about the Michael Nesmith collection Elephant Cards.

100 – Don’t bring up transgender. We’ll get letters.

Matt and Eliot are here. Eliot lists off some thanks for strategicon. He’s done hijacking the show.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Button button who’s got the button?!

Peter Pardini, director of the Chicago documentary, is making a movie, a feature film, that Jimmy has a small role in. He’s doing an indie gogo. Jimmy is playing a cop!

Great scene work with Jimmy and Eliza. She calls him a wild cannon and demands his badge!

105 – Nick Cannon chat! Mariah Carey chat!

Eliza wants to go see her in Vegas. She’s trying to get her friends to go in Feb when Mariah comes back.

Jimmy talks about getting a new fridge. Eliza calls Oliver adorable.

Jimmy recounts Oliver’s five comedians that would do “something (he cant remember what he said)” Conan, Martin Short, Jim Carrey, Jimmy, and Dan Cronin. Jimmy said it flattered him.

Apparently Nick Cannon’s favorite movie of all time is Drumline.

110 – Eliza talks about her high schools. Matt talks about his schooling with Laura Engell’s Wilder.

Jimmy is just now learning that Sara Gilbert is Mellisa Gilbert’s sister. Half-sister actually

The Comedians talk! Jimmy enjoyed it. He likes Billy Crystal. Danielle not a fan of the show.

Apparently, The Monkees look a little rough nowadays.

Matt and Eliza are going to go next door to thank Eliza for the autograph.

Lyte is on the phone. Eliza says it is important hip-hop business.

Matt is gonna “spit some words” as Jimmy says. Eliza apparently hosts a rap battle. Apparently Rza showed up once to watch. Wayne Brady did it and killed it.

120 – Eliza freestyle raps in three places, her show, periscope, and set list.

Sway talk!

Lee Cramp story using a long pinky nail to get up in the nose. HE also had knee pain when anyone drove up in a Toyota. He’s a veteran!

A nice convenient train cut!

One more attempt to get to Lyte!

No deal! She’s gone!

This is a private matter! Lock that door!

Sevens time! Eliza gets bored by gambling. Her favorite food is breakfast nachos? Made with eggs.

125 – Sevens time!

Jimmy gives to Eliza: 6 (RomCom Movies)

“Dad do you have a song lyric for everything you say?” – Oliver.

Jimmy takes full responsibility for that 6.

Jimmy gives to Eliza Skinner: 17 (Broadway)

Gwen Verdon – 

Eliza Skinner gives to Jimmy: 10 (90s Music) Jimmy expects a big zero for this one.

Yay this was fun! It’s finally happened!

If you’re gonna do it do it right do it with me! – Wham!

Matt and Eliza sing us out to Tricky.

Hand symbol talk!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth