17D – Feeling Lucky with Matt Mira

Matt MIra

Matt MIra


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00 – Indeed! Welcome to the players club! The subscription service! You’re better, cleaner, crisper, and a couple of you are dumbfucks.

Richard Cheese

Richard Cheese, fucking off


Fuck off Richard Cheese!

Specifically two of you assholes! Buy your own piano! A baby grand, sweep your arm and smash your heads into blood and guts into the wires to be discovered by someone wanting to play chopsticks.

Jimmy’s not doing Jimmy Caboose!

This thing’s been done! Richard Cheese wasn’t the first and he wont be the last.

Marty and Elayne at the Dresden!  – Article
(On one of my trips to Los Angeles, I saw Marty and Elayne at the Dresden. It was PACKED. My friend Lynn, a talented singer, took me. She knows them, and they let her sing during their set! -Darryl)

Marty and his wife Elayne Roberts perform at the Dresden Room in Los Angeles October 7, 2010. The jazz duo has been performing together for more than 30 years.

Marty and his wife Elayne Roberts perform at the Dresden Room in Los Angeles October 7, 2010. The jazz duo has been performing together for more than 30 years.

We talk about Larry Miller!

05 – Movie talk!

The Man Who Came To Dinner – 

Oliver got hurt on the playground but seems to be okay.

10 – Jimmy goes back to liking to be forced to into watching something due to limited channel selections.

He talks about the web.com golf tournie. 

Jimmy’s been nonstop listening to Wham. Talks about how solo George Michael doesn’t do much for him, save for Listen Without Prejudice.

15 – Jimmy talks about appreciating music more on vinyl due to the effort it takes to put a record on.

"I was talking to friend of the show Darryl Asher about vinyl." I think I said that the process of listening to vinyl was "like a sacrament" which really makes me sound like a pretentious asshole, so I'm glad he didn't repeat that part.

“I was talking to friend of the show Darryl Asher about vinyl.” I think I said that the process of listening to vinyl was “like a sacrament” which really makes me sound like a pretentious asshole, so I’m glad he didn’t repeat that part.

We gotta call a listener for reasons Jimmy does not recall.

I grab our guest and return to them still trying to figure out how to get this lady on the phone.

Chic Pea Hummus coffee.

20 – Jimmy’s calling a listener. Hi Tara! She wants us to call her husband for their anniversary.

Shattered Phone is a great Johnny Loves Jazz song.

Jimmy iced Tara too.

25 – Jimmy’s gonna call Brandon now!

He’s expecting our call.

Jimmy talks about the blue whale viral video.

Brandon lives pretty close to the united 93 memorial. “It hit close to home.” he says. Brandon’s 25! 911 was 14 years ago so Jimmy guesses he was 9 or 11. Never Forget!

19 average age of soldiers in Vietnam. 26 for WW2.

30 – Jimmy talks to Brandon about canceling his dentist appointment and getting a new dentist.

Brandon collects comic books and cereal box art (?!)

Jimmy asks him what his most prized cereal box is. It’s not Twix or Trix apparently.

Trix went from ball shaped to fruit shaped and back to ball shaped. 

35 – Best of luck Brandon! Thanks for donating to Smile Train! Brandon says he’s gotta go he has Maron calling. Jimmy hangs up on him.

Old_Trix_Box9 days away from the biggest party of the year!

Jimmy’s having a bowling party for Oliver’s birthday. The splits will be the towers.

Jimmy talks about hipsters wanting Mexican trix.

We’ll be back with Matt Mira!

Matt doesn’t give a shit about Idris Elba being Bond.

You can’t get mad at everything says Jimmy.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

40 – Great opening for the show. You got a bit of everything this time.

Matt brings up Richard Cheese to Jimmy’s chagrin. Lazy act. Lazy name. We don’t know anything about him so fuck him.

Hello Matt! No Zevia for him.

Jimmy talks about his Bells Palsy.

Welcome to 17 Disco!

45 – You can’t name a Colin you don’t like!

Your better doctors use the penis for the prostate exam. – Matt B.

Matt and I match words with Dokken!

Matt is the true podcast pioneer!

Jason Nash doesn’t get the podcast credit he deserves.

Can Jimmy keep his wardrobe? Usually yes. He hasn’t gotten the clothes yet.

Matt gave away all of his Attack of the Show wardrobes because he lost a lot of weight.

We solved the people on h not losing weight.

Ken Kravec – 

55 – Bucky Dent talk!

Corked bat talk. 

Sammy Sosa

More baseball talk! Matt Mira is a big Red Sox fan.

60 – Fantasy BBall talk!

Eliot’s D word is we’ll find out after the NNF Baseball League update.

Mad Dog Jimmy is here!

Here are the rankings if I can keep up!

1 – The Living Players – 119.5
2 – Zachs temp team – 104.5
3 – Vagabounds of the Night
4 – Spineless Windbags 93.5
Last Place – 7/11 Tarps 50 points. (69.5 points out of first place)

Jimmy wins an iPhone 7 apparently.

Eliot’s D Word is Dusty.

65 – Jimmy talks about older black customers who call in asking for “an old dusty” He does in impression with the least offensive name we could think of.

Mel McDaniel – 

Jimmy talks about the president of the company being there when Jimmy and his coworker insisted they didn’t have Mel McDaniel albums. He made them go check so they went to the pop section and confirmed. The president went to the country section and confirmed they had SEVEN Mel McDaniel albums.

Matt doesn’t think that Mel is a country singers name.

Mel Mira is here!

From Nerdist, from James Bonding, long time friend of the show, another embarrassment for how long it took to get on the show, Matt Mira!!

70 – I am not a number I am a free man! – The Prisoner 

Also Iron Maiden.

TV show talks.

Friends talk.

Matt Mira says the Friends vegas slot machine sucks your money out. He won a ton of money on various slot machines and a craps table!

Subway talk. Turkey ham honey mustard no cheese wheat bread for Matt Mira at Subway.

Did they know?


80 – Betting on Jared’s net worth.

Matt says 6 Million.
Matt Mira – 2.3
Jimmy – 7.2 Million
Eliot – 12 Million

$15 Million! Eliot takes the money.

Guys talk sandwich shops they like.

Jimmy Johns CEO a Hunter?

The Matts talk about sandwiches.

Jimmy pushes his mic away and goes to the phone.

The Matts keep talking food, moving on to Pizzeria Uno.

85 – Baked Ziti talk!

Matt Mira is looking for some sandwich place. He’s moving to google maps.

Jimmy sings some Please Come To Boston but unsure if he has the words right.

90 – Please come to Boston – 

Reba did a cover!

Jimmy reminds Matt Mira not to bring up James Taylor on this show in front of Matt.

Matt talks about not liking Jackson Browne either.

95 – Dave Matthews band talk!!! Matt Mira has been to 45 DMB shows.

Dave Matthews net worth: 


I may be completely wrong about when and where I saw Dave Matthews.

100 – Jimmy talks about Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schuemer dancing on Billy Joel’s piano.

What did Jimmy listen to this morning? Purple Rain!

Bev Hills stopped watering, medians turning yellow.

Madison Square Gardens capacity: 18,200

Matt Mira suggests watching the beatles anthology directors cut. Lots of Yoko bashing.

Jimmy loves Difficult People.

105 – The guys talk about shows/songs being pulled or changed because of tragic real word events.

A-ha’s new album Cast in Steel is out on 9/11.

Descendants soundtrack #1 with 42,000 sold.


Colin Hanks Doc – 

Eliot talks about Obama’s birth certificate being affected by the Xerox machine bug in response to the guys talking 9/11 conspiracies.

Jimmy Fallon Laughing and Clapping:

Matt Mira talks about being shocked that Fallon not only held onto Leno’s audience but grew it as well. We give him credit for it.

We talk about Colbert taking over the late show. Matt Mira is worried it’s gonna be great and no one’s gonna watch it.

Big Bang Theory chat!

Matt Mira loves Frasier! Matt says both Frasier and BBT are fake smart comedy.

Matt Mira calls Frasier the best written show on television.

Matt Mira talks about his Frasier podcast. Kevin Smith likes Prince!

120 – Matt Mira says to watch The Ski Lodge (ssn 5) and Halloween (ssn 5) episodes of Frasier, those are his favorites.

Matt was too into indie films to give Frasier the time of day.

Matt Mira calls Ken Levine one of the best humans he’s ever met. He wrote a bunch of TV and then became a self-taught sports announcer.

Some hubcap talk.

Matt Mira is gonna text blaine about his spinning rims joke.

More DMB!

Jimmy counting down 30 seconds for this text answer.

Greg Bird talk. Matt tells Matt Mira about the Toronto game they went to.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth