1704 – Making Pictures with Larry Miller

Comedy legend Larry Miller visits Never Not Funny

Comedy legend Larry Miller visits Never Not Funny

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome to the podcast! Hello indeed! Jimmy kicks off yelling at Eliot right away.

A comedic legend Larry Miller coming in today!!

Jimmy’s ill-fitting v-neck.

Eliot had count down issues.

Jimmy suggests Eliot get a friend and by friend he means therapist.

Jimmy speaks of Asian things.

He is really in his head about this V-neck situation. It’s a mackweldon.com. He’s also wearing the underpants!

Jimmy and Matt were in Toronto over the weekend! Jimmy thanks the guests and his openers. All great people, great scene.

Four home runs in one game

Jimmy and Matt witnessed 3 home runs by one hitter in Toronto. They talk about it.

05 – Matt lands a good race joke against south side of Chicago. They don’t like colors. Jimmy talks about how they like to see them dance.

Jimmy gets serious for a second. A friend of his from high school, Brian Hildabrand (SP?). He gets a bit choked up about it. Brian and his lady friend came to every show of Jimmy’s in town. It’s heartbreaking. Our thoughts and wishes to go to Brian’s family, and his lady friend Dee. He learned about it literally just a couple hours ago. He called Danielle and cried on the phone to her about the situation. There are five people from high school that Jimmy gives a shit about and he was one of them.

Jimmy’s thinking about Brian, thinking about Oak Forest High and the great friendships and people he knew.

10 – Mark Whiten

More 4 home run talk!

15 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the Blue Jays game they saw. They had some huge group of frat guys taking over an entire row. Jimmy and Matt hated them all.

They talk about the fat jovial type guy near them. He was a major nuisance. Matt calls him a fat bully.

20 – Jimmy is ready to fight Ben Folds.

color blindLarry Miller is here!!! Jimmy talks to him about his suit from one of the greatest sets of comedy Jimmy has ever seen. Green Vs Brown.

It’s green.

Thanks for coming out to Toronto! It was nice to go north of the border. Terrific shows, great comedy scene.

25 – More green versus brown. Jimmy asks larry what he thinks of my brown shirt.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

We talk movies I’ve watched.

Liv Warfield, the opener for Heart, saw Jimmy’s compliment of her and RTd it.

30 – Larry’s wife loves the bowl. He doesn’t. His wife saw Heart that weekend also and she loved the opening act. He talks about going ot the Bugs Bunny show at the Bowl and the orchestra not wearing their white jackets, just white shirts and black pants.

Larry’s kids are 16 and 19.

35 – Jimmy asks how uncomfortable his v-neck is making Larry. He says nevermind what he thinks and talks about what kind of shirts he wears.

Neckline on Wikipedia (Despite Jimmy’s ribbing, Garon looks up EVERYTHING!)

Larry tells a great story about a photographer cutting off his forehead in the photos so no one would know he was bald.

Larry talks about how he isn’t a fashion guy.

40 – Larry talks more about photographs and one he had taken of him.

The photographer Larry is talking about appears to be Sid Avery
(C’mon Garon, those are candids, not portraits! Head in the game! – Darryl)


Larry talks about Brits kidnapping people and making them sailors. This happened to Bud Abbot. 

“With show business in his blood, Abbott dropped out of school in 1909 to work with his father at Coney Island. However, his career was interrupted one year later when, at the age of 15, Abbott was drugged and shanghaied onto a ship bound for Norway.”

45 – Jimmy talks about reading a book about Abbot and Costello. He’s only 7 pages into it but he is fascinated by them. They talk about the Buddy Hackett forward to that book.

Jimmy asks if Larry knew Buddy Hackett. He did not.

Jimmy and Larry talk more about Abbot and Costello.

50 – Larry Miller’s book Spoiled Rotten America – 

Larry calls Stand Up Comedy as American as the Banjo. He talks about more about it.

Larry’s grandfather, “I only drink when I’m happy. ”


55 – New opening at the Familiare! A single, guy lived there for 10 years with a fridge that would throw the breaker. Probably around $1400.

Jimmy and Danielle apparently lived in the same apartment as Larry Miller. Larry apologizes for the stain.

The apartment shared an alley with Cantors. Larry would eat there at least two meals a day every day. He’d get the same thing every day. One day he changed the order to sour dough bread. No less than four waitresses came over to him to comment on it.

They invited Larry to the reopening of the restaurant after a big renovation that
turned out to look exactly the same. Everything was the same, just new.
60 – Cathy Ladman lived in that building also. She and Larry had been friends forever.

Jimmy still got mail for Larry when he lived there. Larry says he never had a TV in that apartment. If he was on the tonight show or anything he’d go to the improv, have a drink and watch the show. People around would watch with him.

Larry thought he heard a fart but it was Eliot’s chair.

Jimmy says if any of us did that in here we’d be fired immediately.

65 – Larry talks about finally getting a TV but wanting an old style wooden set. He got one that didn’t even have a remote.

He talks about just watching movies on Turner Classic Movies and watching Robin Hood with Eroll Flynn with an old girlfriend.

Larry also visited old Abbot and Costello films with his kids also. He talks about his “five more minutes of tv” with his kids that had to be something that he liked, like something on TCM. “Five minutes of something great makes you want more of it.”

70 – Larry talks more about Abbott and Costello and watching it with his kids. “The Twain on Twack Twee!”

Abbot and Costello

Larry talks about comedy and watching it with family after Jimmy brings up Stir Crazy.

Jimmy talks about his brother he and his dad going to lunch/dinner anda movie on Saturdays.

Same thing with me and my brother.

75 – Hawmps! 

James Hampton – 

Buy it on Amazon

80 – Larry talks about his grandmother giving birth to his father on the kitchen table of their apartment and it being no big deal at all.

They came home and had dinner on that same table. Just wiped it down.

Larry wonders what it was like 500 years ago when you had to get up and go LOOK for food.

85 – We’ll be back!

We’re back! Jimmy went to the restroom. It went well.

In the break, we talked about the photographer we were trying to think of.

George Hurrell looks to be the correct photographer 
(Good job Garon! You never fail us. – Darryl)

Jimmy asks about Larry’s beginnings and if he was part of the Bill Maher crowd that he mentions in his book, True Story.

90 – Jimmy asks Larry if he has any crazy stories. He just so happened to have one pop into his head. He tells us about a disco around the time of Studio 54. He also went to Studio 54, well the girls he was with went in, Larry got stopped at the door. His girlfriend came back and told the bouncer that Larry was with her.

He tells the story of the disco called New York New York. He said the music was so loud, it was so loud (matt asks How loud was it?), the bass would visually thump your shirt off your body.

He had a show in another room of this place. Two shows 8PM and 3AM. He was supposed to do 45 minutes. 8PM show, 20-30 people in a place that should seat a thousand. Larry did his set and it went well, despite the small crowd. They were very nice!

He talks about the manager bringing him to the kitchen and it being full of boys in sparkly shorts and nothing else and the manager showing him the soda guns, etc. He went to walk out but turned back to ask a question and the manager was making
out with one of the bus boys. It was shocking.
He came back for the 3AM show and a bus boy comes by with a tray of coffee. He looks into the room and sees that it is empty except for two people screwing.

New York New York – 

The bus boy and Larry look at each other, shrug, and keep watching. Larry is then introduced by the off stage MC.

Larry and the Bus Boy shrug at each other again, and larry walks on stage to do his job. The audience was empty still save for the screwing couple. He did about five minutes, and they just kept going. They didn’t even acknowledge him.

Larry finishes up the story just wanting to get back to the strip.

100 – Jimmy has one more thing to talk to Larry about before we get out. He talks about seeing Larry doing The Comic and being brilliant at it. Jimmy loved it and thought Larry was great. He calls him one of his heroes.

They talk about Pretty Woman. Larry says it has terrific scenes.

He’ll tell us more next time!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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