Episode 27 – Hay Rides, Lazy Baker, and the Great Lakes Naval Base

Onion AV Club animated the Naval Base story

Onion AV Club animated the Naval Base story

Episode released 10/06/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher 09/30/15


Introductions and Partridge Family / Danny Bonaduce

Sign up for the Laugh Bank, despite Jimmy giving the wrong URL

Mike has lots of Laugh Bank puns

Weekend plans

Jimmy has never been on a hay ride


Matt has been on lots of hay rides, having been raised in a rural area

Matt takes offense at Jimmy disrespecting children’s rides

Outsiders chat

Matt Dillon movies

Matt knows how frustrating it is for the listener to hear them not know about things

Pat Francis pays his gambling debts by check with inappropriate things in the memo field



Jimmy is surprised that Matt and wife have only a joint checking account

Jimmy’s mom had to call in to quit a job for him

Jimmy’s dad saw The Godfather of Green Bay, directed by Pete Schwaba

Matt over-explains a callback

Comedians who wear wacky ties and shirts

Jimmy Pardo's ill-advised publicity shot wardrobe

Jimmy Pardo’s ill-advised publicity shot wardrobe

Jimmy confesses to wearing a Saturday Night Live shirt for his headshot


Matt circles back to how long he has been with his wife

Matt’s movie theater co-worker shortened Buncha Crunch to “Buncha”

Jimmy’s dad shortened Intellivision’s Astro Smash game to “the smash”

Matt’s dad embarassed him at Universal Studios at the KITT from Knight Rider


Jimmy takes an off-ramp to Ruby Dee / Ozzy Osbourne

Back to Matt’s dad-embarassment

Matt wants an expression similar to “Baker’s Dozen” that means one less a dozen

Jimmy comes up with Lazy Baker

Mike: “That sticks!”

Matt feels “a step short” tonight so he is tired and cranky


Eddie Van Halen’s porn music party

Mike admits Eddie is now out of his mind

Eddie Van Halen’s mouth cancer

Opinions about Michael Jackson and children

Matt explains that it turns out he is the only one who calls his wife’s co-worker “Johnny Ocean” (see episode 26)

Speaking of last week’s show, Jimmy clarifies that he never said Chico was a shitty town, but that the one-nighter bar gig reminded him if his old shit gigs


Chico has a nice record store

More Weasel Dog talk: every man’s got a horn, man!

Jimmy says he will now tell the naval base story, because it got usurped by last week’s Jet Li vs. Chuck Norris topic, which the listeners loved

This story was part of Jimmy’s one man show

The naval base story takes place in 1991

navalbaseReturn engagement to the Great Lakes Naval Base as a headliner

But it’s no longer on the AVClub site.
Thanks to fan Shane McWilliams, you can watch on this Google Drive link. 

Jimmy had no business headlining, plus the opener was pandering with blue material


The previous week’s headliner bailed after 12 minutes of her 45 due to being booed off stage

The crowd LOVED the pandering opening act

The crowd also LOVED Jimmy… for the first five minutes

“If you see a dick, suck it!”


Mike had a bad show at 4th and B, a 1500 seat venue, following Chris “The Zoo Man”

Mike thought he might have to fight people


Jimmy played 4th and B the next week with Danielle

The crowd booed and was rude to Danielle

Jimmy headlined and did… OK

Mike did a show in South Dakota at an Indian Reservation, and had a shot gun pulled on him


Jimmy was in lovely lovely Saginaw, Michigan working with Mike Green from Detroit

Jimmy saw Meat Loaf with Jennifer in Detroit the day before the show


Meeting Meat Loaf

Mike did short time, so Jimmy had to do 74 minutes

The crowd did not enjoy him

Jimmy’s story gets interrupted by car horn honking from the dicey part of the neighborhood


Matt explains “whistle tips”

Shoe trees

Jimmy talks about “cider inserts” but means “cedar inserts”

Matt and the horn are sabotaging Jimmy’s story


An audience member in Saginaw wanted to fight Jimmy during the show

Jimmy finds out the horror movie trope of not being able to put keys in a car is true


We lost Chico!

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