Episode 31 – Halloween, Burnt Fingers, and Clooney Sushi

Years-after-the-fact-notes by Darryl Asher


Hello everybody and indeed, back to the grind

Hello, Michael, hello The Producer Matt Balknap

Thanks to UCB for allowing use of the theater

Talking about cell phone video at shows which is HORRIBLE QUALITY

(We’ve come so far!)

We should have video recorded the live show

New intro surprised Mike

Watch it Burn song Mid July is the into music, right after Daver’s Mad at the World

New sharp snazzy opening!


Halloween talk

Matt and Elise went to her office party with awesome costumes

One guy was dressed as George Lucas, his girlfriend was an Ewock

Matt was Johnny Cash, Elise was NOT June Carter Cash (but who was she?)

One guy was in a stilt-based costume including fake long arms

Stilts creep Jimmy out

Jimmy hates stilt guy

Last year, someone came as 10 foot tall Incredible Hulk


Which costume: Village People cop vs. left leg of Hulk

How much for a “Harry Potter” in West Hollywood?

Street Muggle: $5

Full Muggle vs. Standup Muggle vs. Silver Owl

Jackie Kashian is the only one enjoying this

Schmitty did not go to a party, but saw Devo, Flock of Seagulls, and Bow Wow Wow

Mike ended up eating tickets

The Greek Theater has good kettle corn

Mike has visibly injured fingers


Karen was making turkey/beef chili

Fake band: Lotions and Linaments

Too cold for outdoor concerts even though it’s Los Angeles

Chili: two meat, two bean, two pots

Matt and Jimmy fight over chili in a sourdough breadbowl credit

Matt and Jimmy fight over Karen’s order of errands

Jimmy: “We used to call you Wheels, now we call you Speedbump.”


To clarify: in the live show, Matt spilled water on the mixer/power cord area

“When the timer goes off, take the lids off” – Mike’s task

In this instance “lids” = “dinner plates”

Mike’s fingers got steam blasted taking a “lid” off


Pizza mouth-burns, THE WORST, AMIRIGHT?

Matt and wife made apple sauce after apple-picking

Matt’s “supermarket decorated as disco-bowling” idea gets no love

Mike remembers we don’t know how Matt’s wife dressed: 60s mod hippie

Matt party food details

Another party costume: The Red States, a dress made of shapes of states


Mike: A friend went to the Magic Castle party a few years back, dressed as Roy from Sigfried and Roy, with a tiger attached to his face

Awkward when Sigfried showed up

Dressing as George W. Bush (with lump in suit back)

Matt dressed as Steve Prefontaine once

Matt: “I love that movie, you know I love that movie!”

Jimmy at 13 dressed as The Pope, non-ironically

Jimmy saw the Pope live at Quigley University

Matt doesn’t remember him mentioning it before

Jimmy and friends skipped school to see the Pope

They accepted a ride from a stranger

It was “neat”

It was 1979


Mike: Tri-chem sweatshirt paint was the pre-Bedazzler

Mike and brothers lip-synching to KISS

Five year old brother was the “keyboard player” via bookshelf

Halloween costume covered by parka

Mike is not a parent (that he knows of!)

Robert Klein Halloween costume

Fake band: Coats, Inc.


Kids, Incorporated TV show

Mike has a celebrity Sighting

Mike saw Tom Cruise at UCLA at an event

Cruise was super nice, since he is a robot (not the celebrity sighting, this is in the past)

Jimmy hit his nose on the microphone, harder than you would ever imagine

Mike and Karen went into a small sushi place

Mike recognized his voice: George Clooney (no guessing game)

It looked like he was on a date but was talking non-stop politics


This is a “serious sushi joint”

Mike wanted to buy Clooney’s dinner, but the owners didn’t speak English

Clooney was being interviewed, not on a date

Pat Francis once bought drinks for Drew Barrymore

Mike met Nicholson in 1992

Jimmy went to the movies with Paul Riser in 1991 and insisted on paying for it

Jimmy opened for Paul in Chicago


Very gracious for Paul to go to the movies with him

They saw L.A. Story – “I’m hot from running now”

Paul throws popcorn at Jimmy during the movie

“Paul Riser, star of stage and screen” to the parking attendant

Second show, Riser bombed

Riser was very nice and even took Jimmy’s calls for quite a while after

Jimmy opened for Robert Klein and Klein graciously chatted with him for quite a while


Jimmy saw Klein later, who fake-remembered him

Jimmy was on a date with “Pam”

Everyone has a Pam, but not Matt

Mike’s Pam was a nurse

The Prestige is an awesome movie

Don’t say that over the phone!

Matt’s celebrity sighting at a Halloween party

Matt and Elise dressed in Futurama themed costumes

Matt Groening saw them and was so impressed he took a photo


Good show! We’re back guys, three guys in a dining room

Mike is going to see Guns ‘n’ Roses twice, once with Pat Francis

Jimmy met Heart the night he did the Ferguson show


Podcast Alley! Handheld Comedy!

Oooonnnnnn the podcast!

-Notes published 04/13/17 by Darryl Asher, Podcast Show Notes Pioneer, Official Curator of Never Not Funny Show Notes, Former Magician, Shout-out Recipient