Episode 30 – Live from UCB

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Years-after-the-fact-notes by Darryl Asher

Live from UCB Theater in Hollywood

(I’m disappointed that not once does Jimmy refer to the theater as the “Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater.”)


First use of new intro:

I don’t know how to talk to real human beings anymore
Now wait a minute!
I don’t know where he went, and he had a gun!
You are a haunted house
Oh my god!
Live on tape from the corner of Movie Star and Dicey, it’s the fastest hour in podcasting. This is Never Not Funny.

Brand new intro is already wrong, Jimmy says, since they are at the UCB Theater in Hollywood

Matt thinks it’s still accurate

Jimmy thinks this is weird and awkward

11:00 pm show – Dracula is here

Intro: Michael Schmidt

Intro: Producer Matt Belknap

Late start due to tech

More feedback than the dining room

Jimmy’s wedding band was a 22 piece


Shiela E and her musical family

Water spill!!!! Audience Panics!!!!!

Mike brings too much water to every show

Danielle will be on episode 32

Matt decided windscreen colors – PRODUCER POWER!

TJ Markwalter, show fan, told Jimmy Funny Money was an adequate game show, and he did an OK job hosting

Mike’s Spalding Gray reference gets no response

Jimmy: “Live in the now… Ellis Paul, I wish he was my friend”

Sammy Hagar confetti gun


37, 38 people here

Mike loves the word “lanyard”

Callback to Jimmy giving his fax machine to the gardener

Jimmy reminds Matt he’s not a performer

Jimmy goes to Office Depot for his paper goods

Jimmy’s G-Force pen lets him do crosswords in bed

Jimmy only does easy crosswords


Celebrity Fit Club with Ant and Tina Yothers

Studio 60 train wreck

Jimmy’s Craig Ferguson set airs the same night as this show, but you can see it right here:

Jimmy’s Penn and Teller Sin City Spectacular didn’t air

Jimmy followed Monique “I’m in the Shields and Yarnell Suite”

Alan Arkin was on the same Ferguson


Jimmy is anti Glengarry Glen Ross now that everyone likes it

Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night

Styx references

Matt and Jimmy have been listening to old episodes

The fake band name bit is “comedy gold”

Back to the Office Depot story


Jimmy went to buy an easel for his Match Game show

Weasel / easel / holocaust talk

Mike had a Diary of Ann Frank pop-up book

Nazi hunter!

Buttafouco face

Paul Goebel is laughing on mic

Another shot at the Office Depot story, but another detour too


Mike and Karen went to TGIFriday’s in Woodland Hills and saw roaches on the table

Matt agrees that TGIFriday’s is going downhill

Cacophany of Flair – opened for Yes in 84

Back to Office Depot easel story

Wooden easel has no price in computer


Mike buys clothes at “the fat guy store” Casual Male

More Jimmy’s gardener talk

Mike refused to buy stuff because they wouldn’t spell his name right in the computer


Jimmy and Danielle were at Macy’s – it’s the legendary shoe throwing story!

Jimmy throws his shoes because he got ignored

Matt’s wife is usually the one involved in retail drama

Mike Schmidt: The Assassin!


Mike didn’t know they called him The Assassin

Matt: “You guys having fun?” to audience

Matt is not a performer, as Jimmy keeps reminding him

Matt sets it and forgets it

Ron Popeil and infomercials

More talk about Jimmy’s Ferguson appearance


Mike has a new haircut from Floyd’s – play pool while you wait! Mike apparently wanted a stripper to cut his hair

Jimmy was in a band called Mind’s Eye after Rainbow Bridge – very briefly


Rush lyrics – pretentious and inscrutable

Long time listener, number one fan, never been on the podcast yet, please welcome Paul Goebel, the King of TV

Paul has been wanting to be a guest from day one

Paul has his own podcast, on the Handheld Comedy Network

Talking about Paul’s family

Paul and kids saw Monster House in 3D while hired hands moved him into a new house


Paul’s podcast is much lower tech than Never Not Funny

Goebel’s take on Studio 60 and Sports Night

Goebel loves every one of Never Not Funny’s six jokes


Goebel likes the fake band name jokes

Thanks Paul Goebel!

Next guest: Scott Aukerman!

Scott is the first returning guest, but not really

Jimmy describes Scott’s clothes


Jimmy vomited on Scott’s Never Not Funny appearance

Scott is seeing She Wants Revenge because her sister bought four tickets

Scott is still on the hook for two tickets even though Kulap is in Laos

Scott invited the rest of the world before thinking of Jimmy

Scott ended up not going, and neither did his sister

Scott didn’t have to pay his sister back

Mike went to Sammy Hagar with Pat Francis

Jon Lovitz opened for Sammy Hagar – 45 minute set!


After 20 minutes, the audience was antsy, booing, and yelling for Sammy Hagar

Lovitz just started yelling his Subway ad catch-phrase EAT FRESH!

Then Lovitz did bad song parodies on the piano about Bob Saget being gay

Thanks Scott!

Giving away a Never Not Funny and Special Thing Fun Pack for the person who came longest

Two winners: Christopher from San Luis Obispo


Christopher is a music writer and architect assistant

Christopher’s brother is Timothy aka T-Bone

Timothy is an oceanographer

Next winner: Mike (and Robin) who quit is job helping underprivileged children because his boss was a jerk who didn’t know Lincoln was murdered

Mike is in a Bakersfield improv group called Black List

Robin is a radio DJ

Might have to do another live show!
Thanks for coming!
Next time, onnnnnnnn the podcast!

-Notes published 04/12/17 by Darryl Asher, Podcast Show Notes Pioneer, Official Curator of Never Not Funny Show Notes, Former Magician, Shout-out Recipient