Episode 56 – Scott Aukerman, Man of a Thousand Voices (that all sound kinda like Bryan Ferry but not really)

Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

It’s a guest episode, being recorded in Jimmy’s dining room

Matt has had a cold since the live show (Episode 55)

Jimmy and Matt agree that they should seal themselves off from humanity

Mike says hi to Italy, and has gotten email from a fan there

Jimmy is half-Italian, so he knows half as much as real Italians

Scott Aukerman is here in a lips with fangs hoodie

Jimmy once dressed in a ridiculous amount of White Sox related layers, on stage, then shed them one by one as the show progressed. He also once rolled his shirts sleeves up higher after every joke. Comedy!

The word Jimmy used really WAS “dunce”

Scott’s yearly non-vacation: Comic-Con!

Jimmy astutely observes that there are things to do on vacations

Kulap wanted to buy Scott airline tickets to Minnesota, home of her old job Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania

Jimmy talks about his anti-vacations

Obsessive scheduling on vacation is exhausting

All about Jackie Kashian in Venice

Introduction music at comedy clubs, including, but not limited to The Curley Shuffle, Whatsamatta U, that Y’all Ready for This song, and The Fly

Attention comedy club MCs: please do not harass the audience by telling them they are not doing a good enough job at being an audience

Mike makes a Tex Avery reference that only Matt gets

Scott went to school to be a texaverist

Scotts favorite stores: Pets & Music; Video Luggage; Beads & Things (the “Things” being pool tables)

Sewing machines cost, like, $10,000 or something!

Having a baby gives you extra time so you can sew all the clothes for it

Playing the Clearlake room where Buddy Holly was scheduled to appear before… well… you know

Never Not Funny: a room full of mumble-mouths

Mike wants a retroactive dead pool

Scott as inside info on Courtney Love, his dead pool pick

Scott has something called “MySpace pages” for himself and Comedy Death Ray

Mike’s dead pool choice: Mike Tyson

Scott now realizes that he does impressions of English pop stars from the 80s

Brian Ferry, Julio Iglesias, Martin Fry, and Carol Channing are all perfectly impersonated

Scott got to sit onstage when Morrisey performed on Jimmy Kimmel. BONUS: shirt-throwing

Jimmy and Pat were onstage when Neil Diamond was on Kimmel

A fan was too nervous to meet the guys after the live show

Never Not Funny: The most accessible jackasses on the planet

Never Not Funny Volume I CD is now on sale [I can’t wait to hear Volume II!]

The NNF CD is a good way to introduce people to podcasting and CDs

Learning about new technology

Mike loves the NBC tour

Jimmy’s dead pool pick: Scott

Jimmy has never felt more ALIVE!

Do things still taste good to anosmia sufferers?

Career advice for comics

Dressing in costumes for auditions

Matt dressed as an iPod to audition for his role on Never Not Funny

Childhood Scott was in a Christian gymnastics team, due to his great athleticism


Jimmy’s paper route and baseball playing conundrums

Jimmy’s KFC audition, which he lost to Jason Alexander

Scott’s “What are you doing here?” audition

Jimmy’s audition for the WB

Scott’s sabotaged audition for a pilot: “He’s a writer, not an actor!”

Scott’s worst audition: for Garry Shandling’s What Planet are You From? One line: No

Milke’s Mexican sports-drink gross-fat-guy audition

Mike turned down a thong-wearing part in a sequel commercial

Jimmy’s dead pool pick: Estelle Getty

Matt’s pick: Andy Griffith

Jon Cryer on Mister Show

Scott, producer of a monks vs. fat kids sketch, screams at the fat kids

Child actors

Scott’s shy audition for the kid’s version of The Joker’s Wild

Dealing with kids

Scott thanks Jimmy for having him as the first return guest, even though he wasn’t

Scott’s dead-on Popeye impression leaves everyone stunned

Dick Van Dyke and drunken performing

At the Avacado Grill, be sure and order The Pardo

Ohhhh! An update on the tee shirt inventory!

On…. The podcast