Episode 57 – Cake-sitting and Forgotten Guacamole

cakeJimmy welcomes Matt Belknap and Mike Schmidt

Mike says hello to Palestine (not Palatine, the suburb of Chicago)

The Flipside: a not at all shady or sketchy record store chain in Chicago

Drunken, high Ozzy at The Flipside

Comatoast is a great band name. Not death metal, but very under-the-weather metal. (Matt)

Mike caught Matt’s cold

Do you need a tooth valet?

Food-price roulette drinking game, and Jimmy’s carpet-vomit

The podcast is in a studio in the valley; no longer on the corner of movie star and dicey

Jimmy’s Asian clerk experience: Dollar ninety eight……………………………………buddy.

Should a stranger show you a picture of a monkey and tell you it’s a picture of you?

Sesame Street memories, and Jimmy as Big Bird in his back yard

Matt’s dad finally felt loved by children when he wore a Big Bird costume

Pat Francis wore costumes for two years of his life. (I hope it was for paying gigs.)

Mike, the teenage Santa

Matt says his dad’s Big Bird costume was shitty and wrong

Jimmy’s make-believe Sesame Street manufacturing company

My Dinner with Beaker

Grover: Did you like him near? Or far?

Grover is the ONE VOICE Jimmy can do, except he can’t do it now

Jimmy is like Rich Little: awful and untalented

Don’t overdo gifts for friends’ kids

Discussing gift-buying for Jimmy’s soon-to-be-born daughter

Matt’s celebrity sighting at Trader Joe’s

Jimmy says Monster drinks are deeeee-licious!

More sidelining : Trader Joe’s vs. Whole Foods

Another sideline: Has Frank Oz made a movie you liked?

Little Shop of Horrors, Indian in the Cupboard, Bowfinger

Mike’s take on all the Bradley Quinn drama

Jimmy’s experience with a couple making out at a White Sox game

Matt’s celebrity sighting made him forget the guacamole

Let the guessing game begin!

SPOILER: Henry Rollins

“Spoken word” vs. “comedy”

“Funny” non-comedian celebrities

Mike’s Book Corner: The Bad Guys Won

Sparky Lyle’s cake-sitting hobby (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparky_Lyle#Clubhouse_antics)

How much money would it take for Matt to sit naked on a cake at the UCB?

Bonus celebrity sighting with Henry Rollins: Janeane Garofalo

Mike’s Book Corner: Get in the Van by Henry Rollins

The book and bands of Dave Navarro

Mike met Tommy Lee. And by “met” I mean “molested.”

Karen needs to update her List

Jimmy’s rule: Don’t touch c’lebs!

The buffness or lack therof of Henry Rollins

Matt’s throws down some prison slang

Jimmy confrontation with a conversion-happy priest

Jimmy thanks the listeners who came out to his live show

Get this! Jimmy asks the listeners to email him if they are going to come to his upcoming shows, so he can be sure to meet them and give them an I Hate Jimmy Pardo bumper sticker! Wow!


Thanks to Handheld Comedy for including Never Not Funny in their plans, but they have failed and are no more

Tee shirt talk

The watchless wrists of Jimmy and Mike

57 over and out

Onnnnn podcast!