Episode 59 – The #2 Gym Story and Samantha Fox Beatboxing

Jimmy Pardo, your friend from the internet

Hello Caracas!

Mike is purged and clear after a 2 episode illness

Mike got an email about the wonders of bananas, which are much better than apples

There’s a rumble in the produce section?

Rush should do a song about fruit learning to get along

Mike eats 4 bananas a day, while Jimmy is allergic to them

Mike thinks the allergy is somehow related to phallic shape of the banana

Obvious Trivia: The mask in the movie Halloween is of William Shatner

Rob Zombie, movie director

Is The Exorcist the best horror film?

Zuzu’s Petals, a band featuring Graham Elwood’s sister

Mike wonders if Graham is still in Afghani-ston

The guys all wore sombreros for their meal today

Jimmy wants to start a sombrero fad

Pat Francis’ Carrot Top joke

The Hollywood Hills fires are not affecting Jimmy, Matt, and Mike

An arsonist may have started the fires in hopes of destroying theaters and studios in revenge for Spiderman 3

Mike’s Spiderman 3 Arclight experience, featuring Toby Maguire in person

The many ways in which Spiderman 3 was horrible

Samantha Fox’s website looks like she did it herself

I-M-G   S-R-C = you and me

Samantha’s new hook: HTML based nerd music

The guys break into beatboxing the future Samantha Fox nerd song

How many Foxes will be involved?

Jimmy’s brother jumped 15 shopping carts on his BMX bike. Or maybe it was 4.

Breaking Away made Jimmy prefer the 10-speed

Matt wants to talk about Without Limits, the Steve Prefontaine Story

Who saw Days of Thunder?

Seeing movies just for the songs

Matt’s dad saw Mannequin just for the Starship song

Back to beat-boxing the Fox nerd song

Matt shuts down the beatbox project, and Jimmy is thinking of shutting down the entire podcast

The elephant in the room: Mike’s #2 gym story

Mike adds story 3a: guy swallows a mouthful of hot tub water, nauseating Jimmy

Shatner is fun and unique!

Mike thinks Shatner should be known as the guy who killed his wife

Phil Hartman’s murder

Jimmy does Quincy; It’s muuurderrrrrrr!

John Candy’s last movie Wagons East

Chris Farley’s last movie Almost Heroes

Matt almost left LA after seeing Joe Dirt

Matt uses an incredible amount of F-words to describe his hatred of Joe Dirt

The guys debate My Name is Earl

Matt’s dislike for Forrest Gump and the charming dullard

The guys love a fictional pub called The Charming Dullard, and talk about it in elaborate, nearly psychotic detail

After his break-up with Jenny, Graham Elwood suggested Jimmy see Forrest Gump, to get his mind off Jenny

Mike breaks out the c-word

Hamburger Helper and other suburban family meals

Did Mouthful of Water open for Puddle of Mudd?

Would you use a co-ed locker room?

Mike’s #2 gym story, finally: Blow drying balls with the wall-mounted hand dryer

Nobody goes batwings on ball sack!

Jimmy Pardo: the F. Lee Bailey of the ball holder

Matt can’t wait to hear the #1 story next week!

The ongoing debating regarding whether ball blow-drying should be in the top 3

Let’s revisit Jimmy close encounter with a health club masturbator

Jimmy looks forward to hearing the #1 story next week!

Let’s agree to disagree

Shoutout to Erin Johansen, cancer patient and fan of NNF

Thanks to Phil DeFalco for the live show photography

Tee shirt availability update

Thanks to Brian Soma for Mike’s website, where Jimmy and Matt seem to get shot at whenever they visit it

Outro: Beatboxing the Samantha Fox nerd song