Episode 58 – Starting Mike’s Top 3 Gym Stories

gymComing to you from a new location, the swank Never Not Funny studio, above the 7-11

Matt has chair trouble

Mike says Hello India!

Mike is getting Indian food today, since the new place is above a 7-11 and an Indian restaurant

Mike’s wrester name: Dusty Desk

Mike was ahead of the curve on pro wrestler names

The horrible phoniness of Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels

Does Mike feel ok? He sounds horrible

A limo-driving friend of Daver’s got shut down by Peter Frampton

In the Valley

Jimmy celebrity sightings (Jason Bateman; and Don Rickles on a plane)

How Jimmy got fake-kicked-out of the Don Rickles show

Jimmy meets his hero

Samantha Fox – YES!!!!!

Paula Abdul vs. Samantha Fox

Thank God for the Bomb – Ozzy

Mike does Nugent

Jimmy in Detroit

Jime Croce

The Cat Stevens Father and Son video

Hasselhoff’s drunken burger-eating video

Alec Baldwin’s daughter-rage on voicemail

Mike had a tough mom who raised five boys

Matt gets deservedly slapped by his mom

Matt gives a head-butt o the gut

Why Matt was held back for a year in school

Matt’s girlfriend and dad

The confusion of 2 Elises

Heathcliff Slokum

Mike’s 3 worst gym experiences

Dropping your junk in the hot tub

Jimmy suggests saving the other 2 stories for episodes 59 and 60

3rd place story is banana-sling / side holster / Enola Gay

Jimmy as Nipsey Russell

Mike’s new website

There’s a video of Jimmy taking down a Heckler at The World Stands Up in England

Tee shirt sales

OOoooonnnnnnn the podcast