Episode 28 – Roommates, Cookies, and Dag with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

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Episode released 10/13/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/17/15)


Double-N F

Matt’s in a CDR shirt (Comedy Death Ray)

Mike says hi to Ireland

Mike talks about shirt sizes

Jimmy pries into why Mike has plateaued

In a pinstripe jacket, Paul F. Tompkins

Paul is a big fan, and is almost nervous being here

Paul was on Mr. Show, and played Sullivan Pope on DAG

The First ran for less than one month on Broadway in 1981

The First ran for less than one month on Broadway in 1981

David Alan Greer

Jimmy puts Mike on the spot to come up with the name for the Jackie Robinson musical

Sliding in to the Back of the Bus


A couple songs from the Jackie Robinson musical

More about Dag

It’s always a double entendre with these shows!

Paul is currently on Best Week Ever on VH1

Paul at the Bumbershoot festival

Paul gained a little weight due to stopping smoking

Paul is going to the gym, but showers at home

All about Paul’s apartment

Paul likes the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but not to the point of insanity



Walter Koenig

Jimmy’s father-in-law (Walter Koenig) has his hand and feet prints in cement at the Chinese Theater

Paul would like to buy a house, but no roommate nonsense

Jimmy is the oldest at the table

Mike wants to know about Paul’s roommates

Jimmy lived with Pat Francis until Pat moved in with Pilar

Paul’s first apartment had a murphy bed

Mike has never lived alone


Matty, walk us through it!

Jimmy’s dad worked for a company that made sausage casings and batteries (Viskase)

Cindy Lauper’s greatest hits, acoustic style

Jimmy saw Cindy Lauper in concert with Daver, who got yelled at for putting in ear plugs


JAG TV show commerical featured the double-entendre “JAG Officer”

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

Matt had a TI-994A computer

Commodore 64 competitor

Matt explains about saving programs to cassette tapes, but the others have never heard of it

Matt is “that generation” that has had a computer his whole adult life

Jimmy wants to know when everyone had their computers

Jimmy had a WebTV for 2 years
(I had one; it actually worked pretty good for its time! -Darryl)




Viral forwarded emails

Jimmy likes a cat in a shoe, just not animals in clothes

Jimmy uses these cute pictures as his computer wallpaper

Hitler Cat

Paul talks about KittenWar.com (It’s still live!)

Jew / Hitler jokes and Jimmy’s wife Danielle

Jimmy likes the Law & Order spinoff Trial By Jury


Mike and Jimmy saw Roger Waters

Jimmy needs to see the acts before they retire or die

Cover songs

Paul talks about a song writer who retired a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A&E’s Beyond Bizarre

Pre Halloween night parties


Matt’s doing a lot of mix-tape creating, without any tape

iPod FM tuners suck

Paul and Jimmy’s old Snip and Snap routine

Paul was on Real Time with Bill Mahr, what happened?

HBO wanted the show to be all Bill


Delta Burke was a sweetheart

Gerald McRaney showed off his hunting photo book

Remember Paul and Jimmy’s old act Sneak and Snack?

Also: Cough and Creep


Mother’s Cookies – Paul thinks they are terrible, Jimmy DIS! A! GREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hard or soft cookie?

Almond Joy vs. Mounds

Paul was surprised to see a TV ad for Mother’s Cookies


Jimmy continues to defend the quality of Mother’s Cookies

aspergumMike remembers Aspergum

Jimmy tries to set up Paul for his jet-pack bit

Matt wonders if anyone else heard of Freihofer’s cookies

Philly cheesesteak authenticity

Cathy Moriarty’s Mulberry Street Pizza


What is Paul’s take on the Philadelphia crowds booing people (See ep 25)

Comping friends and family to your shows has all hassle and no payoff

On this show speed trumps humor

Paul at Helium

Freihofer_LogoComedy in Houston


Houston audiences have become too chatty

Free admission breeds disrespect

Talking in the movies

Wrapping it up, Paul thinks he stunk it up


October 24, 2006 – Never Not Funny Live at UCB


Jimmy nags Matt about his haircut

Paul’s website is under construction so go to his MySpace page


aspecialthing.com for Matt

Onnnn the podcast!