Episode 29 – Pilfering, Movies, and Roger Waters Live


Released 10/20/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher (10/01/15)


Next episode is LIVE at UCB; whomever travels furthest gets a Never Not Funny Fun Pack

Jimmy has questions about Mike’s clothes and pockets

Matt is wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers hat with the wrong font

Matt wants to know why it says 1939 on the back of his hat

Jimmy and Mike are no help

Matt is wearing a Rough Draft Studios 10th anniversary t-shirt

More details about what Matt is wearing, including that he is wearing boxers

Jimmy is in AC/DC baseball style jersey

Confusion over the pronounciation of Saucony


Jimmy is wearing a ONE wrist band and a copper wrist band for carpal tunnel

Mike is seeing Sammy Hagar, Matt gets to guess the opening act
Mike is going with Pat Francis


Jon will not know how to handle the white trash there to see Sammy Hagar

lovitz subwayMatt suggests Mike throw a Subway footlong at Lovitz


Jimmy auditioned with Lovitz

Evening at the Improv’s awkward opening

Jimmy’s Glenn Scarpelli cassette tape record store story


Jimmy stole a cassette one time: Iron Maiden, Alive After Death, and he felt bad about it

Mike was part of music cassette stealing ring when he worked at record store, but he won’t say which one

Mike has not seen Bourne movies or Italian Job

Jimmy has only seen one James Bond movie, which he saw with Pat


Matt’s wife won Batman Forever posters by selling movie theater concessions


Various thefts from employers

An Asian gangster with a Lexus worked at the movie theater where Matt worked

machfivespeedracer“What’s he driving, the Mach Five?” (Jimmy just stole that from Mike, who said it 30 seconds ago)


Phoney Steve Irwin “death photos”

Jimmy’s “getting AIDS from a Hyndai” joke got booed

Car fucking preferences

Further stupidity: kitchen appliance fucking preferences


Jimmy loves taking lint off of the dyer trap

The Steve Lyons firing story

Racist comments by sports announcers


Jimmy and Mike saw Roger Waters last week

Jimmy bought tickets for two nights, thinking he can sell the second night ones for more than face value; he got face value but lots the service charge

The second half of the show was the entire Dark Side of the Moon

Jimmy decided to see it a second night with Danielle; couldn’t find a ticket for less than $200 a seat

Concert bathroom jokes


Roger-WatersJimmy LOVED the Roger Waters show despite being a jaded asshole

Sammy Hagar is a fan-pleaser

Mike saw Journey and Def Leppard in the rain


Pronouncing “dirigible”

Jimmy loved the movie Rent

Mike’s wife borrowed Rent from the library but it didn’t work

Jeff Scott Soto, lead singer of Journey, fell on stage during the rain, so he performed the rest of the show socks-only


Jimmy’s favorite Janis Joplin line: “Here’s a song of great political import”

Matt asks: Cool or not cool? Wet down the stage and knee-slide.

Matt reveals the culprit was Eddie Vedder

Jimmy says they have to figure out how to get Steve Iott on the podcast


Parents bringing children to inappropriate movies

The movie habits of Pat Francis


For Jimmy: movie = popcorn

Mike and other comedians’ favorite sushi place

The Human Giant guys tried to prank Mike’s wife


Plugging the live show on October 24 at the UCB

Episode 30 LIVE ding-aling-aling!!!!

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