Episode 60 – The Schmidtless End of Season One

Season 1 intro: From the corner of movie star and dicey…

Episode 60 takes place on an appropriately gloomy day. Even though this is a “fourth episode” there is no guest, nor is there a Mike Schmidt. Mike is not on the show and won’t be back “for a while.” It’s awkward to put into words, but Jimmy’s relationship with Mike has become strained.

Mike did not quit Never Not Funny, so don’t be mad at him. This was Jimmy’s decision. Even though the hour together on the podcast was always fun, and genuine, the rest of the time Jimmy and Mike have not been seeing eye-to-eye, so they needed some time apart. The issues with Jimmy and Mike are private, and between them, and don’t involve Matt at all.

Jimmy makes it clear that Mike is a great, funny guy, a phenomenal talent, and was very helpful to him in his one-man show, and in preparing for numerous auditions. Jimmy is blessed to have been involved with Mike. Jimmy encourages listeners to visit Mike’s website, and to email him, and let him know they miss him, and to certainly see him perform. Mike is one of the funniest guys Jimmy knows.

Jimmy and Matt decided this episode would be a full episode, despite the awkwardness of the situation, so they segue into other areas.

This episode might be like episodes 1 and 2, which vanished because they were clunkers

How the podcast started

Original idea was to rotate guests each week, but Mike clicked so well they decided to have him every week

The real elephant in the room: Mike’s #1 worst gym story was supposed to be told on this episode! (He told it on Episode 24 of Jordan Jesse Go!)

Matt imagines Mike coming back someday, to tie up the ultimate cliffhanger

Comparing Never Not Funny to Three’s Company

Jimmy decides his own top 3 worst gym stories

Jimmy’s extended-length jeans-wearing habit

Jimmy and Pat saw Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak last night at the Greek, and Jimmy ate like an asshole

Matt breaks out his Chris Isaak voice

Please, musicians, don’t cross over into comedy! Leave comedy alone! This includes John Mayer

Jimmy tries to recreate his killer impersonation of Chris Isaak singing Blue Motel… and it’s horrible

Jimmy should start a rockabilly band

Jimmy hosted the Music Video Production Awards, with Pat in the Bruce  Villanch role

More speculation about Mike’s #1 gym story, and discussing Mike’s website

Jimmy and Matt had a horrible lunch today

Matt’s undercooked bacon story almost makes Jimmy puke on-mic

Describing Los Feliz, and an awesome sandwich shop there

Matt’s Lunch Corner

Sliced pear on a sandwich!

Jimmy likes a sandwich place at LAX

Not every sandwich has to have lettuce and tomato

Jimmy likes relish on a burger

Matt’s 5th grade Miami Vice knockoff jacket. In New England in February.

Matt’s school dress code

School lunches

Matt’s parents drag him to an adult dinner party

Nothing for breakfast at a sleepover

Matt was freaked out and scarred for life by the movie Tommy

Do you shower at a sleepover?

Matt’s childhood friends, Taj and Whit

Whit’s Silver-Spoons-like existence, including a satellite dish and a “robot”

The lameness of Whit’s robot

Whit and Matt would mock Taj’s habit of showering at the sleepovers

Jimmy wants the Gaiam exercise ball and chair

It’s Jimmy and Danielle’s 3rd anniversary so maybe they should go to that sandwich shop

Matt praises cave-aged gruyere cheese

This has been awkward, yet a delight

Jimmy hopes the listeners stick with them

Jimmy wants listeners to flood Mike with emails to let him know he is missed

Season 2 starts next episode!