424 – It’s Nice to Have Him Up Here: Paul Gilmartin

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Notes by Special Guest Note Taker Darryl-for-a-Day Michael Webb
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Released: March 18, 2009

1:00 Jimmy laughs through his intro, walks you through what’s happening: Pat is not here, busy buying a new house “in this economy.” “Probably packing something, probably caulking something.”

No weather, no health

1:25 Pilar told Matt “he’s on enough, don’t you think?”

1:40 Jimmy alleges there was a poll of the top five guests, and while Pat was number one, Paul was in the top five

1:45 “And by saying that, you know you’re number five.”

2:00 Paul brings up his Cable Ace Award nomination

Paul and Annabelle

2:10 “Both dinner…AND a movie?”

2:30 Pat is probably fantasizing where his dolls are going to go

2:50 The line between action figure and doll

3:10 “Boys play with action figures, girls play with dolls.”

3:20 Matt tries to make a point about sizes, which immediately, and unsurprisingly, becomes a dick joke.

3:25: “You’re telling me I’ve got a doll in my pants?”

3:55: Jimmy uses the two inch cock measurement system

4:30: Andrew is brought in to the action figure talk

4:55: “Either way, it feels good on your balls.”

5:10: Paul tells a story about being shown Walter’s action figures

6:25: Paul confesses he would have been more excited had he been shown Ron Palillo’s Horshack figures

7:00: Paul likes watching other people get excited about things

7:10: Maple is an unforgiving wood

7:30: Curly Maple is the worst of the Three Stooges

7:50: Sing Along with Jimmy (sort of) Rush: The Trees

8:40: Ebony and Ivory is mentioned as Wood Talk continues

9:00: Flashback to hack comic (probably) doing a song parody about NFL running back Eddie Lee Ivory

9:25: One of the benefits of being friends with Jimmy is remembering horrible comedy bits

10:00: Story about Paul saying “it’s so great to have you guys up here at the festival” at the San Francisco Comedy Festival he has nothing to do with

12:30: Story about poker where Paul says “I was at that concert” and Pat replies “we went together!”

12:50: Sound issues that we can’t hear

13:00: Sing along with Jimmy: Power Station, “Some Like It Hot”

13:20: Discussing the lineup of Power Station

14:00: Bad back talk

14:40: “The Heat is On” is just a shitty song

15:15: 80s Music is underrated

15:30: “Amanda” by Boston is a horrible good song

15:45: Sing along with Jimmy: Boston, “Amanda”

16:10: Tom Scholz of Boston recorded the whole first album in his basement

16:45: Boston was a boring concert

17:00: Nickelback gets a bad rap, and rightfully so.

17:30 Jimmy doesn’t understand the anger at Nickelback.

17:50 The anger isn’t at the band, it’s at the idiots that like them

18:10: Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, and a jackass, and a drug abuser

18:20: Andrew is warned not to get on the microphone

18:50: Discussion about Tom Leykis

19:30: Terminator talk

20:20: We’re not protecting Dan Conner on “Roseanne.” Let him die.

20:45: “The Cookout” is the worst movie of all time

21:00: Tyler Perry movies have no subtext

21:50: Paul admits he sometimes fast forwards through the movies on “Dinner and a Movie”

22:15: Paul talks “Dinner and A Movie” backstage antics

23:30: Jimmy learns he doesn’t have to watch “Dinner and a Movie” just to get the recipe

24:00: “Why won’t they fire you?”

25:00: Jimmy compliments Paul’s fitness

25:30: Paul takes steroids to make his hemorrhoids really big

25:55: The person who always has to top whatever story you have

26:30: Monkey Go Lucky reference about the Andy Richter “You Bet Your Life” episode

26:55: Reference to Paul’s adventures in buying domain names

27:40: “That’s what we do on this program: we have a good time”

28:30: Paul got free pots and pans

29:15: House size talk

30:20: That person who says they will sleep on the couch

30:30: Jimmy went to see “Rent” and Tom Jones

30:50: Jimmy’s Love/Hate relationship with “Rent”

32:00: Paul brings up “Grease” as a combination of everything he hates in the universe

33:20: “Lords of Flatbush” talk

34:00: Sha Na Na stinks

34:10: Would You Rather: Sha Na Na, or Tony Orlando and Dawn?

34:20: Andrew chimes in on the debate

34:40: Jimmy votes Tony O

34:55: Grease: hate the musical, love the movie

35:30: Jimmy’s not a fan of the R Word voice

35:55: Andrew makes fun of Jimmy for hating the word “fart”

36:15: Jimmy reminds us whose show it is

36:30: “Rent” story resumes

37:10: Paul says you do not go to County Seat to vote.

38:10: Jimmy tries to interact with strangers and gets shivved.

39:00: The women might have thought Jimmy was hitting on them

39:30: Andrew does a spit take

40:10: Discussion of Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want”

40:30: The deep pride of the spit take

41:15: “Either way, the balls are involved.”

41:20: Paul Gilmartin is here, we are lucky to have him

41:25: “Grease” talk resumes

42:10: “Chicago” isn’t great when you’re 12

42:40: Sing Along With Jimmy, “You’re The One That I Want” from “Grease”

43:00: Paul’s mother wanted daughters

43:40: “The Heat Is On”/“Beverly Hills Cop” talk.

44:40: “Beverly Hills Cop 4?”

45:10: “Blues Brothers 2000” talk

46:15: Why won’t they fire Paul? “They keep cutting my money and hoping I’ll leave.”

47:00: Why didn’t Jim Belushi do “Blues Brothers 2000?”

47:40: Let’s go back to Andrew not talking

48:10: The fourth Murray brother

48:45: “Mad Men” talk

49:15: Why didn’t Jimmy get the comedian role on “Mad Men?”

51:00: Do comedians want to be liked?

52:30: “Breaking Bad” and more “Mad Men” talk

54:30: Reference to the Christian Bale rant

55:00: Break

55:30: It would be weird if we came back without Jimmy

55:50: Opening the window and letting the fresh breeze in

56:30: Sing Along With Jimmy, Aldo Nova, “Fantasy”

57:00: Sing Along With Jimmy, Daryl Hall, “Dream Time”

57:30: Nirvana and Beck are overrated

58:30: Dimitri Martin’s new show

59:10: Jimmy resets

60:00: There’s only so many hours in the day, I can’t watch everything

1:00:30: I don’t need to know what people think

1:01:15: Paul’s letters about his poofy hair

1:02:50: Paul tells a story about seeing at the airport the t shirt that says “I’m not a gynecologist…”

1:04:10: Written in the dust on a car, “I wish my wife was this dirty.”

1:04:40: Jimmy’s road is being resurfaced

1:05:20: Paul loves making Jimmy squirm

1:05:45: “24” and “Lost” talk

1:07:10: Sam Anderson, who played the principal on “Growing Pains”, is on “Lost.”

1:07:45: “Big Love” talk/ Bill Paxton talk

1:09:00: Shitting on things that other people love is wrong…or is it?

1:09:50: “Benjamin Button” talk

1:10:40: Should comic book characters compete against real people for awards?

1:11:30: Paul didn’t get “Doubt” as a screener, instead they sent “Mrs. Doubtfire”

1:12:00: Queen Latifah’s “The Holiday” talk

1:13:30: More bad movie talk

1:14:00: Jim Belushi’s obsession with the Cubs

1:14:45: Is Belushi a listener?

1:15:00: How did Jon Hamm find Never Not Funny?

1:15:30: Andrew makes a sharp Schroeder/Peanuts joke

1:16:30: Matt takes movies seriously

1:17:30: QOTW

1:17:50: (Andrew makes a nice QBert joke)

1:19:30: Jeremy Siebert-Post apocalypse, you and Jon Hamm or you and Tonya Harding?

1:21:20: Jimmy goes Harding

1:21:30: “Bang puss or tag her in the can?”

1:22:00: “What are you asking?”

1:23:30: Andrew goes Hamm

1:24:00: The Japanese are leading the charge on sexbots

1:26:00: “How would we have answered this question if Jon Hamm was here?” “Awkwardly.”

1:27:00: Keith Collins- When you hand someone money, do you go coins first or bills first ?

1:29:30: Coins on top of bills is sloppy.

1:30:10: Jimmy loves the Coinstar

1:30:40: Sing along with Jimmy: Poison, “Fallen Angel”

1:31:00: Jimmy starts the wrap up

1:31:10: It’s the 150th episode!

1:31:30: Jimmy thanks the listener

1:32:00: The podcast keeps Jimmy off the road and home taking care of Oliver and Oliver off of drugs

1:33:00: Season 5 promotion

1:34:20: Bonus footage?

1:35:00: What did Jimmy say off camera?

1:36:40: A Pat only spin off?

1:37:30: Could there have been a Boner spin off?

1:38:20: Monkey Go Lucky Facebook group

1:38:50: We’ll have Paul back in Season 5

1:39:10: On the podcast…