601 – Bil Dwyer

Release date: 10/21/2009

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Time stamps are approximate and taken from the audio version of the show.

Introduction: Jimmy is recovering from 2 weeks of swine flu, Matt is just getting it, but with no nah-see-ah.

2:00 New equipment! Help or hinderence?

3:00 Bil Dwyer: testing the limits of the new mics

4:00 Crisp audio and a new desk

4:30 Bet wetters are good runners!

8:30 Fighting over fortnight

9:30 Dark Side of the Moon, overrated?

11:00 Bil’s mood shirt matches the wall

12:30 Bozo went to clown college

15:30 Bil is angry about Jimmy’s old girlfriend

16:30 Sing along with Bil and Jimmy  (Ricky Nelson, Garden Party)

18:00 Neil Peart and his 29 skins

19:30 Beginning sax player vs. beginning magician

20:00 Dwyer’s musical talent

21:00 The pennies on the crocodile

21:30 Dwyer: Banned from karaoke

25:00 The Kate Hudson Brothers

26:30 Bewitch

27:00 Jim Jimmy John Johnny Bil Billy

28:00 BOOM BOOM Out Go the Lights (Pat Travers)

29:00 Snortin’ whiskey, drinkin’ cocaine

31:15 Bil insults children, Jimmy uses business cards as a tool of contempt

33:00 Dealing with radio

36:30 Matt has no furnace no wait yes he does

37:45 The Little Match Girl: the world’s most horrific story

39:00 Dr. Suess, overrated?

40:00 Of course Jim Carrey is playing Scrooge

42:00 Obvious Trivia, Buster Poindexter (Part 1, Part 2)

44:00 Comics impersonate other comics impersonating people they don’t know

46:00 Lost and found: sunglasses in Vancouver

50:00 Hollywood Squares / Match Game with the “soft three”

51:00 Funny funny erection jokes

52:00 Widescreen video

53:00 Old King Kong vs. new King Kong

55:00 Interspecies relations

57:00 Break, wherein Matt cuts off Bil’s long-winded plugs

58:00 McDonald’s and Monte Cristo

1:03:00 Jimmy’s wah wah pedal

1:03:30 Sunscreen

1:05:00 Good fences make good neighbors

1:06:00 Childhood baseball memories

1:10:00 The 2012 trailer

1:11:00 Over Niagra Falls

1:14:00 Return of The Little Match Girl: Match Girlier

1:15:00 Judge Jimmy! Charles Jousma: Is it OK to dress as Jimmy Pardo for Halloween?

1:24:00 Jimmy wants a follow-up

1:27:30 Matt wants Jousma to add a dolphin to the costume

1:29:00 Audio search technology

Ooonnn the podcast!